18 Horrifying Truths About Abandoning Your Dog for a Holiday

Leaving your dog behind while you go on holiday might seem like a harmless decision, but have you ever thought about what truly happens in your absence? The horror stories from boarding kennels, pet sitters, and even friends and family can be unsettling, not to mention the emotional toll on your dog. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Separation Anxiety

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Your dog doesn’t understand why you’ve suddenly disappeared. This can trigger severe separation anxiety, causing them to become destructive or even harm themselves.

2. Poor Conditions in Boarding Kennels

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Not all boarding kennels are created equal. Some lack proper hygiene and care, leading to your dog living in unsanitary and uncomfortable conditions.

3. Emotional Distress

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Your dog might think you’ve abandoned them forever. This emotional turmoil can lead to long-term psychological issues, making them anxious and fearful even after you return.

4. Inadequate Supervision

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Pet sitters may not always give your dog the attention they need. Busy schedules and multiple pets can lead to neglect, leaving your dog lonely and distressed.

5. Health Risks

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Boarding kennels can be breeding grounds for diseases. Your dog is at risk of contracting illnesses like kennel cough, which can be severe and require costly vet treatments.

6. Lack of Familiarity

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Staying with friends or family might seem like a good option, but unfamiliar environments and routines can be incredibly stressful for your dog, leading to behavioural issues.

7. Missed Medication

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If your dog requires medication, there’s a risk that pet sitters or boarding kennels might forget or administer it incorrectly, putting your dog’s health at serious risk.

8. Dietary Changes

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Sudden changes in diet, common in boarding kennels or with friends, can upset your dog’s stomach. This can lead to digestive issues and unnecessary discomfort.

9. Limited Exercise

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Many boarding facilities do not provide enough exercise. Your dog could be confined to small spaces for long periods, leading to physical and mental health problems.

10. Inadequate Comfort

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Your dog’s favourite bed, toys, and routine are missing. The lack of familiar comforts can make their stay stressful and anxiety-inducing.

11. Accidental Injuries

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In poorly managed facilities, dogs can get into fights or injure themselves. These injuries can be serious and require immediate medical attention.

12. Lack of Human Interaction

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Dogs crave human interaction. Being left alone for extended periods can lead to depression and severe anxiety, affecting their overall wellbeing.

13. Misinterpreted Behaviour

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Pet sitters or kennel staff might misinterpret your dog’s behaviour, thinking they are being aggressive when they are actually scared, leading to improper handling.

14. Escape Attempts

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Dogs may attempt to escape from boarding kennels or unfamiliar homes due to stress and confusion. This can result in them getting lost or injured.

15. Overcrowded Facilities

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Some kennels take in more dogs than they can handle. Overcrowding can lead to fights, insufficient care, and heightened stress levels for your dog.

16. Emotional Trauma

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Your dog might feel betrayed by your absence. This emotional trauma can lead to long-term behavioural changes, making them less trusting and more anxious.

17. Financial Costs

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The cost of dealing with the aftermath of a bad boarding experience, including vet bills and behavioural therapy, can be substantial, adding financial stress to your holiday expenses.

18. Loss of Trust

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Repeatedly leaving your dog behind can erode their trust in you. They might become clingier or more distant, fearing abandonment every time you leave the house.

The Hidden Nightmare

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Leaving your dog behind for a holiday can have serious, lasting effects on their health and wellbeing. Are you prepared to face the potential horrors and emotional damage this decision can cause? Think twice before you pack your bags, and consider alternatives that ensure your dog feels safe, loved, and cared for in your absence.

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