Need Help Finding The Best Dog Houses for Pitbulls? Read Our Ultimate (2024) Review

🦴 Updated on July 17th, 2023


If you’re a proud dog owner of a pitbull, you know they need a dog house sturdy enough to protect them from the elements. A dog house provides your pitbull with the perfect relaxing spot. After thorough analysis, we’ve found the top eight dog houses for pitbulls.

If you are short on time, our top pick is the Extreme Log Cabin Pitbull Dog House from Precision Pet. It provides the required shelter and offers a heavy-duty solution that will stand up to the test of time. 

If you’re not sure if this is the best fit for you and your pitbull, we’ve reviewed seven other dog houses. Plus, we’ll give you a buyer’s guide so you know what to look for when choosing the right dog house for your pitbull.

The Best Dog Houses for Pitbulls Reviewed

After undergoing extensive research, we’ve honed all available dog houses for pit bulls down to a list of the top eight selections. 

Precision Pet – Our Top Pick

Your rambunctious pitbull isn’t always going to treat their dog house with care. That’s why you should strongly consider Precision Pet’s Extreme Log Cabin. Your dog will appreciate the heavy-duty aspect of this doghouse. You’ll love the way the structure stands up to use as well as the aesthetic appeal. 

Do you live in an area that fluctuates in temperature? If so, this is a pitbull dog house made with weather-resistant materials. You will feel good knowing your pitbull remains comfortable no matter the weather outside. 

Our Top Pick
Precision Pet

Although the roof doesn't open, you can easily modify this pitbull dog house by installing inexpensive hinges on its back. It can make it easier when it comes to cleaning time.

Our Rating:
We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Getting into and out of the Log Cabin is easy for your feisty friend. It provides an off-center entrance, a slanted asphalt roof, and a raised floor. You can combine the adjustable feet with the raised floor to place it on any terrain while keeping your pitbull from sleeping too close to the ground. 

The simple assembly makes this Precision Pet product one of the best dog houses for pitbulls. You can put it together in only three steps. You’ll start the set-up process and watch your dog happily enter a new home within only a few minutes. 

Note that you will receive all required nuts, bolts, and screws. You will need to own the proper tools. A crescent wrench and Phillips screwdriver are all you need to put the dog house together. 


  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Middle support not provided

TRIXIE Natura – Easiest to Construct

If you’ve previously used TRIXIE dog products, you know the company offers quality and durability. That’s why it should be no surprise that they make one of the best dog houses for pitbulls. 

The dog house features a waterproof finish, making it an ideal option for dog owners in all climates. It offers natural insulation to keep your dog warm and dry during winter months. 

Premium Quality

TRIXIE dog houses come with sturdy tongue-and-groove panels that fit together perfectly. It requires no tools except a screwdriver to construct, making the set-up process a breeze. 

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Similar to our Precision Pet Log Cabin review above, this TRIXIE Natura dog house provides another log cabin appearance. It has a faux-wooden façade, a basking area on the rooftop, and small windows. 

The dog house features adjustable feet that elevate it off the ground and make it even easier to assemble. 

Your pitbull will enjoy the off-center entrance and adjustable ventilation. The hinged roof lifts off easily, making it simple to clean. Opening the roof helps when it’s time to remove old bedding and add a replacement piece.


  • Easy construction 
  • Waterproof finish
  • Natural insulation for warmth and dryness 


  • Not as sturdy as other options

MidWest – Best for Transporting

Would you rather buy a pitbull dog house requiring no tools? Then, consider purchasing this folding dog house from MidWest Homes for Pets. Using its patent-pending no-tools assembly means you can unbox and unfold it and offer a new instant home to your pitbull. 

It is a wise choice if you plan to move the dog house frequently. The design helps you transport the dog house away from home and quickly set it up again when needed. You can fold it back for storage if you need to clear space. 

No Tools Assembly
Midwest Homes

The large opening allows your dog to enter and exit easily. Due to its spacious interior, your pup will never feel cramped.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The dog house is big enough for your furry pal to relax comfortably while remaining protected from outdoor elements. 

Its waterproof roof helps keep your dog dry and comfortable during wet days. The strong asphalt shingles and stainless steel hardware aid longevity no matter the weather this dog house must withstand.

The dog house includes a raised base and floor off the ground, making it an excellent fit for pitbulls of all sizes. The raised floor helps air to circulate for your pitbull. 

If you encounter bumpy ground where you want to place this outdoor pitbull dog house, create a level platform using the adjustable foot. 


  • No-tools assembly 
  • Folds for easy transportation and storage 
  • Waterproof roof 


  • Not as durable as dog houses

Rockever – Best Weather-proofing

The Rockever dog house works specifically for large dog breeds like pit bulls. It offers a spacious interior and all the necessary elements for comfortable dog living. 

Your pitbull will appreciate the spacious entrance for easy entry and exit. It includes a window for proper ventilation and air circulation. Your pitbull will enjoy the ability to lay comfortably inside the dog house while looking out into the yard for exciting things to chase after. 

Easy to Clean

The raised bottom floor and the vinyl door flap work together to keep your dog dry and warm inside the structure. 

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you’re particularly concerned about protecting your pitbull from the elements, consider the weatherproof properties offered by the Rockever product. The wooden dog house is leakproof and provides a dry shelter in heavy rain. 

Plus, the slanted roof prevents rainfall from sitting on top of the house. For hot summer days, remove the window for improved ventilation. The dog house comes with a removable vinyl flap.

Assembly is a breeze due to the pre-drilled holes. You will own a stable structure that remains intact for a long time after correctly putting the dog house together. You may need help when attaching the roof to prevent slipping. 

We noticed a few rough edges on a few sections. Get out some light sandpaper to sand those rough patches down.

When cleaning, you can lift open the roof. You can use the removable floor for easy access. 


  • Value for money
  • Weatherproof protection against rain 
  • Removable vinyl door flap for airflow  


  • Extremely cold climates may require extra insulation

Confidence Pet XXL – Best Waterproof Option

Made from durable and tough plastic, this dog house from Confidence Pet offers durability and protection for your pitbull. The product’s waterproofing capabilities keep your dog dry when it is wet outside. The raised floor provides a comfortable spot for your dog to relax.

The dog house comes with a large entrance. We measured a 28-inch height advantage, making it easy to enter and leave for any sized pitbull. 

Waterproof Plastic Dog Outdoor House
Confidence Pet XXL

This doghouse is equipped to provide a comfortable amount of space for a large-sized dog– or even two medium pups who don’t mind getting cozy.

Our Rating:
We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Due to the plastic structure, sturdiness isn’t an issue. Your pitbull can move around, lean against the sides, and become playful without moving the structure around your yard. It remains in place at all times. 

The Confidence Pet dog house offers a slanted roof that prevents rainwater from pooling on top of it. You can access the dog house quickly when cleaning or checking up on your pup. The product provides a portable option, allowing you to move the dog house to any area of your property.

Insulation is one thing you may need to invest in if you live in a colder area of the country. If you go the extra mile by adding a little heater, your pitbull may enter and never want to leave! 

Although it is one of the easiest pitbull dog houses to put together, we found the roof a bit tricky. Pay close attention to the instructions when finalizing the roof’s construction. 


  • Lightweight and portable 
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable plastic construction 
  • Waterproof roof  


  • The wide gap between the floor and walls

Petsfit Outdoor Pitbull Dog House – Best for Sturdiness

Are you looking for an extra sturdy dog house for your favorite pitbull? We enjoyed the 100% Finnish spruce panels offered by this Petsfit product. The panels are thicker than many other dog houses for pitbulls. 

The elevated platform provides excellent air circulation and a dry surface for your pitbull, keeping them safe and comfortable in harsh weather. An adjustable foot will help you keep the platform level and flat.

Upgrade Pick

The outdoor dog shelter offers high-quality asphalt shingles and stainless steel hardware to ensure lasting protection and durability.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The dog kennel has a convenient removable floor, which is easy to clean. The extra support rails on the bottom help to keep your pitbull inside the structure.

The log cabin design with a door flap and an angled asphalt roof will keep your dog sheltered from bad weather while they remain comfortable and dry. The open roof makes it easy to clean the structure. 

It lets fresh air in, maintaining a safe and hygienic home for your pitbull. Using the roof opening, we found it easy to add and remove bedding.

Due to the pre-drilled holes, this Petsfit dog house for pitbull is a simple structure to assemble. You should have it quickly put together and watch in joy as your pitbull hops in for an afternoon snooze.


  • Sturdy and durable Finnish spruce panels 
  • Angled asphalt roof for protection
  • Adjustable foot to keep the dog house level 
  • An elevated platform for air circulation  


  • Paint will easily become scratched

Large Elevated Pitbull Dog House by PawHut – Best Luxury Option

The PawHut dog house is the perfect dog shelter for pitbulls, especially when you want to provide them with a little luxury! It has a large porch deck and an elevated design that allows air to circulate freely. 

The elevated dog house platform keeps your pup away from the ground, keeping them warm and dry even in cold temperatures.

Most Comfortable

The dog house features a slanted roof to keep the rain out and a waterproof base that makes cleaning up after accidents much easier. It offers adjustable feet, making it suitable for uneven surfaces.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Providing a luxurious space for your pitbull is the name of the game with this PawHut dog house. It offers your pitbull two separate entrances. 

Inside, you’ll notice two rooms. Your dog can walk through its home’s two sections, enter and leave via the two openings, and sunbathe on the deck.

The porch deck spans the entire length of the home’s front area. No matter which door your pitbull exits from, they can flop down for a relaxing afternoon nap on the porch. Guardrails line the porch, keeping your pitbull from rolling over and falling off the surface.

Not only does the elevated floor keep your pet dry, but it protects them from moisture. Each door opening offers a vinyl curtain. Combined with the side window, the openings help keep drafts out and maintain quality airflow.

The PawHut house comes with easy-to-follow instructions, so assembly is simple. Overall, you will provide your pitbull with quite the home experience by investing in this pitbull dog house.


  • Two separate entrances 
  • Large porch deck for lounging 
  • Vinyl curtains to help keep drafts out  


  • May not be suitable in areas with high winds
  • Expensive compared to others on our list

Pets Imperial® Norfolk XL – Best for Insulation

Here is one of the best-insulated pitbull dog houses. You’ll notice that each panel offers insulation against the elements. Plywood board and Styrofoam combine to create the insulation. The extra insulation will keep your pitbull cooler during the summer months and warm in the winter.

Great Bang For Your Buck
Pets Imperial® Norfolk

The dog house comes with two support rails to handle a heavier pet. The removable floor makes it easier to maintain and clean. Using its two locking arms, you can open the roof to access bedding and food. 

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Pets Imperial provides you with rot-free plastic caps for the feet. When placing the structure in damp areas, you can use these to prevent decay. The adjustable legs allow you to level the dog house and keep it elevated away from water and other elements.

Assembling this insulated pitbull dog house isn’t hard to do. You will most likely need two people to make the job a bit easier to accomplish.


  • Insulated panels to protect against the weather 
  • Support rails 
  • The easy-access roof opening  


  • Moving it can cause breakage 

Choosing a Dog House for Pitbulls

When it comes to selecting your next pitbull dog house, there are a few key factors to consider. 

What Size Dog House Should I Get for My Pitbull?

Size is a crucial factor, as pitbulls tend to be larger dog breeds that need lots of room to move around and stay comfortable inside their dog house. 

Measure your dog’s length and width before purchasing a dog house. Doing so can ensure you won’t end up with a dog house that’s too small for your pitbull. 

The dog house’s interior must include the depth and width that allows your dog to fit well. Using measuring tape, measure your dog from its nose to its tail base. Don’t measure the tail’s length

Measure your pitbull’s height to prevent its head or back from touching the house’s ceiling. Get your dog to stand up straight. Then, measure from the top of its head to the ground.

Don’t forget to measure your pitbull’s chest and shoulder area. It will prevent your dog from having trouble entering and exiting its new home. You must ensure your pitbull can easily navigate the dog house’s door frame. 

Measure around your dog’s chest area to determine chest girth. Use the measuring tape to measure from the front shoulder area to the ground. Compare these numbers to the height and width of any dog house you’re considering. Make sure your pitbull has enough space to make it through the door. 

Does the Pitbull Dog House Offer Insulation?

Insulation is a must for dog owners living in colder climates. Not only does insulation help keep your pitbull warm during those cold winter nights, but it helps protect them from extreme weather conditions during the day. Look for dog houses made from insulating materials like Styrofoam and wood. 

If you decide to buy a non-insulated dog house because you love all the other features, ask yourself if you can easily insulate the house. For example, you might want to add extra insulation in the form of cardboard, rock wool, or rigid foam.

What Materials Should I Look For?

When it comes to dog houses, you’ll want to look for something durable and long-lasting. Look for structures made from wood, plastic, or metal. These are the best options for durability, and they should stand up to frequent use by your dog.

Which Design Elements Should I Look For?

The dog house you choose should have enough ventilation, so your pitbull can stay cool during the summer months. Ensure that any dog house you select includes an opening for a window or a door without any restrictions. 

Look for structures with slanted roofs for extra protection from rain and snow. Additionally, dog houses with removable floors or roofs make them easier to clean and maintain. 

How much do you value extra comfort or luxury options when buying a pitbull dog house? For instance, dog houses with ramps or porches can provide your dog with some extra space to hang out in the sun or just take a break. 

Where Will I Place My Pitbull’s Dog House?

The area you choose for your dog’s house is just as vital as the dog house itself. Select an area that’s sheltered from wind, rain, and snow. If possible, find a spot in partial shade where your dog can take refuge from the summer heat.

The structure’s placement can influence the type of dog house you buy. If you’re placing it on grass or soil, look for dog houses with adjustable legs that can help keep it level and off the ground. It will help keep your dog’s dog house stable on all sides, which is important for their safety.

Is It Safe To Buy a Pitbull Dog House Online?

Yes, it is safe to buy dog houses online as long as you do your due diligence and research the product. Read reviews from real customers. 

Look for sites that offer secure payment options with encryption technology and money-back guarantees. Purchase from reputable websites, such as Amazon. Avoid auction websites or Craigslist, where you don’t know who you buy from. It makes it difficult to send back returns or get questions answered.

You can successfully purchase a dog house online if you research well and buy from recognizable sources.

Should I Buy a Warranty?

Although dog houses are generally sturdy and durable, they might still require occasional repairs and replacements over time. 

Most dog house manufacturers offer warranties to protect against any accidental damages or defects. Looking into available warranties before buying your dog’s house is always beneficial.

Read the fine print on any warranty. Some warranties take away crucial protections that fail to make them worth the money. 

Think about the extra features you may get with the dog house. Does it come with a built-in heater or air conditioner? These parts can fail easily. A warranty can help you avoid expensive replacement costs on these parts. 

Will My Dog Remain Happy in My Selected Dog House?

Last but not least, ensure the dog house you choose allows your dog to feel comfortable and safe at all times. It should provide your dog with enough room to stretch out. it needs to withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. 

Will living in a new dog house cause any stress for your pitbull? Think about where they stay now. Aim to find a new pitbull dog house that upgrades living conditions. 

Factor in how comfortable your pitbull will feel, ensure they have plenty of space, and consider the environment you will place your dog in when they encounter their new home. 

Our Verdict

Your pitbull deserves a comfortable pitbull dog house to call its home. The best dog houses for pitbulls keep your best friend warm in the winter and cool during the summer. They circulate air for freshness and provide the most attractive spot for naps and restful nights. 

Extreme Log Cabin Pitbull Dog House from Precision Pet is our best overall selection for your pitbull. It offers everything your pitbull needs. 

Our Top Pick
Precision Pet

Although the roof doesn't open, you can easily modify this pitbull dog house by installing inexpensive hinges on its back. It can make it easier when it comes to cleaning time.

Our Rating:
We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The weather-resistant material, slanted asphalt roof, and raisable floor ensure your pit bull remains comfortable in any type of environment. It’s a heavy-duty option that also accounts for luxury at its finest for your pitbull!

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