The Best Great Dane Collars You and Your Dane Will Love (2024 Review & Comparison)

🦴 Updated on July 14th, 2023


So, you’re looking for the best Great Dane dog collars on the market? You’ll be happy to know you came to the right place. 

Great Dane dogs are known for a few different things: their sweet nature, their various coat colors and patterns, and their loyal attitude towards their owners.

They’re also pretty well known for their massive size.

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The Best Great Dane Collars Reviewed

Because Great Danes are so huge, buying a collar for them can seem like a daunting task. That’s why we went ahead and tested some of the top contenders on the market for you. 

All in all, we’ve found that the Carhartt Webbing Collar is the best choice for a Great Dane. It’s available in the perfect adjustable size, comes integrated with reflective stitching, and comes from a high-quality brand, making it ideal for this breed.

But every Dane owner is different, so let’s take a look at all of the collar options we loved. 

After sifting through hundreds of collars on the market, we’ve landed on ten favorites that we think you’ll love for your Great Dane. Learn more about each one below. 

Our Top Pick: Carhartt Webbing Collar

Carhartt is a trusted apparel brand among humans, but we love the company’s vision for dog accessories as well with its fully adjustable webbing collar.

This collar’s large size measures 18 to 26 adjustable inches and is available in seven different colors. It consists of super soft materials such as nylon webbing and a convenient buckle closure. 

Our Top Pick

Carhartt a high-quality brand with great name recognition, which also delivers well-made products that you can count on - for both yourself and your dog.

Our Rating:
We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Carhartt webbing collar is a fully adjustable dog collar that features nylon material and duck canvas interwoven into the construction. It features a strong weave for significant durability when you need it most. 

The collar includes a triple-needle reflective stitch, which delivers visibility in low-light situations. While collars need to be durable and look good, they should also offer safety features. 

The large size, which is likely the best choice for a Great Dane, adjusts from 18 inches to 26 inches. This gives you plenty of space to ensure your dog has a comfortable but snug fit. 

This collar offers a snap buckle closure, which is quick and easy to use. The buckle uses a half metal, half plastic construction, making it more durable than the average plastic buckle. The metal D-ring is the cherry on top, as it securely holds your dog’s tags and critical information. 

Best Leather Collar: Soft Touch Real Leather Collar

Style and quality – these are two elements you can expect from the Soft Touch real leather dog collar. 

Great Dane’s are gorgeous, majestic dogs. It makes sense that, as owners, we would want them to look their best. The Soft Touch real leather collar is an excellent and functional accessory for any Dane. 

Luxury Real Leather
Soft Touch

This collar has an array of size options ranging from 18 to 25 inches. Get this large or extra-large collar in six different shades to suit your dog’s personality, all with the same great quality.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Let’s talk about the construction first. This product uses genuine leather and features a soft sheepskin leather padding on the inside. With this collar, you get the best of both worlds: it looks fantastic for you, and it feels great for your dog. Comfort matters, too. 

The buckle on this collar is a real belt buckle rather than a snap, which has proven to be more durable and Great Dane proof. The buckle is made from lacquered solid brass, meant to resist rust and corrosion over time.  

The sealed leather is quite literally guaranteed to last a lifetime, so you can count on this collar to be durable and ready for anything. With naturally-tanned leather, you can feel confident putting this product on your pet’s neck. 

Best Personalized Collar: GoTags Dog Collar

What pet parent doesn’t love a personalized accessory? Check out some specs about the GoTags collars!

Every collar should have dog tags that include your dog’s information, just in case the worst happens and you lose your precious pet. Great Danes are no different, so it’s important to properly display this info. 

For Long Lasting Identification

Ordering is simple: choose your collar and thread color, and then input your dog’s name and your phone number. The information will appear large and bold for everyone to see.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

But the GoTags personalized dog collars take a different approach to make dog identification easier. Rather than dealing with noisy tags that are difficult to attach, your personalized collar displays your chosen information embroidered on the strap.

The nylon collar is pretty standard, but you can choose between five different colors. You then have 15 threat color options, and the opportunity for 75 different combinations, which give you endless customization opportunities.

These collars are fully adjustable and available in large sizes measuring between 18 to 26 inches. The plastic buckle is easy to operate, and the metal D-ring is perfect for hooking up your favorite leash. 

Most Comfortable Collar: Black Rhino

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of comfort and toughness, look no further than Black Rhino’s comfort collar. 

The Black Rhino Comfort Collar has a little bit of everything your Great Dane needs. Its neoprene construction has plenty of features on its own.

Soft Neoprene Padding
Black Rhino

The material is padded, so it’s highly comfortable for your dog. It provides you with the option of 10 different colors to help you decide which best suits your furry friend.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The material dries out quickly, so you don’t have to worry about bathing your Dane or letting him swim in the pool. It’s odor resistant for long-term wear and has none of the nastiness. 

This collar isn’t just comfy – it’s tough. While the collar is certainly lightweight, it features strong stitching and heavy-duty metal hardware. The hardware includes a belt buckle closure, a lead ring, and a small tag ring to hold your Dane’s information. 

The reflective stitching increases visibility and safety for your pup in low-light settings. With a wide range of sizing options measuring between 19 and 27 inches, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your furry friend. 

Best Electronic Training Collar: Educator E-Collar

E-collars can be controversial, but the Educator E-Collar is a humane way to train your dog and keep it safe. 

You’ve probably read about the effectiveness of e-collars when used properly but have been wary to use one on your dog. The Educator E-Collar is the perfect solution.

100 Levels of Safe Stimulation
Educator E-Collar

This collar was truly made with care. The set comes with four sets of contact points, so you can swap them out according to your dog’s coat thickness. You can purchase hypoallergenic points if your dog has sensitive skin.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

This e-collar gives you the option to deliver either a tone or a vibration stimulus – not a shock. The stimulation options are designed to help your dog learn quickly without hurting it. In addition, there are up to 100 levels, so you can choose which you and your pup are most comfortable with.

The Educator E-Collar measures a total of 29.5 inches, which makes it perfect for a large dog like the Great Dane. The biothane material is flexible, adjustable, and easy to trim if you have too much excess. It’s waterproof, making this design durable in different weather conditions.

Do you have more than one Great Dane? No worries – these remotes can control two collars at once, and you can purchase them as a set.

Choose your favorite from five different color options!

Best LED Collar: Blazin’ Safety

When it comes to our pets, safety is key. This Blazin’ collar provides just that. 

If you and your Great Dane spend a lot of time outdoors, it’s important to maintain certain safety standards. This is especially true at night, when visibility gets lower the darker it gets. 

Water Resistant Flashing Light
Blazin' Safety LED Collar

The large and comfortable nylon collar features a one-inch thickness of LED lights that shine through the night. Brighter is better with three light modes and 360 degrees of illumination.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar is the perfect solution for Great Dane who doubles as night owls.

With 11 fun color options to choose from, your dog will look great and stay safe. This collar is rechargeable and runs for more than eight hours at a time. It’s also water-resistant, so don’t worry about fun in the lake or the pool. 

All LED collars are adjustable, and measure between 19 to 27.6 inches, while using a plastic buckle closure for easy on-and-off when it’s time to charge. They have D-rings for tags and leashes. 

Best Everyday Collar: Roam Premium Dog Collar

This Roam collar is a buckle collar you can count on. 

The Roam Premium Dog Collar is durable, attractive, and reliable. Its double-layered nylon webbing is just the start.

Made To Last
Roam Premium

Available in nine metallic colors, each collar features a rust-proof D-ring and tag ring. It comes in three different widths to suit your dog’s needs.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

It features several lines of stitching, which makes the collar super tough against chewers, swimming, and adventurers. In addition, it comes in sizes 0 to 6 with half-sizes in between.

But the highlight of this collar is the special buckle. The buckle is all metal and features a unique buckle that’s easy to operate. It’s much stronger than traditional buckles, meaning your Great Dane won’t be able to break it. 

Best Escape-Proof Collar: Max & Neo

Martingale collars can make excellent training tools for large dogs like Great Danes, which is why we love this product. 

The Max and Neo Martingale Collar combines a standard, nylon collar with a stainless steel chain choke collar for a humane and easy way to train your Dane to walk. 

High-Quality Martingale Collar
Max & Neo

The Max and Neo brand presents high-quality products with stainless steel components that won’t rust or corrode. Take your pick from seven different color options!

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The majority of the collar is a nylon flat collar that looks and feels great. It has a plastic snap buckle closure and is adjustable with measurements from 19 to 24.5 inches, featuring a small loop for your Dane’s tags. 

The back of the collar has a chain section with a loop for your leash. It’s designed to tighten around your dog’s neck when it pulls, but it doesn’t choke them like slipknot collars. 

Most Stylish Collar: W/W Lifetime Gold Dog Chain

If your Great Dane is your prized possession, you want it to look its best at all times. This chain collar is a perfect choice. 

Although Great Danes have a reputation as gentle giants, it can be fun for owners to dress them up a little bit and give them a bit of an edge. The W/W Lifetime Gold Dog Chain is the best way to make your Dane look cool, tough, and like a million bucks. 

The chain itself is made from stainless steel, but it features stunning 18K gold plating. It comes together with a Cuban link chain for a stellar appearance. Plus, the product is lead and nickel-free, making it great for dogs with skin allergies. 

W/W Lifetime’s dog chain also features a gold loop on the front to hold tags and a leash. It snaps up with an attractive gold buckle for easy on and off pizzaz.

With an array of 16 different size options from 10 to 26 inches, you’re sure to find one that fits comfortably on your pup.

Budget Pick: Max & Neo Nylon Dog Collar

Sometimes all you need is a basic, affordable collar to hold your Dane’s tags and a loop for its daily walks. 

The Max and Neo Nylon Dog Collar isn’t anything fancy, but it’s a great choice for any Great Dane owner who just wants something simple and easy to use. 

Safe & Secure
Max and Neo Nylon Collar

The snap buckle is easy to use, and it features a locking mechanism to ensure it doesn’t accidentally come open. Keep your dog’s tags securely in the small loop, and use the large gunmetal D-ring for walks.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The nylon construction measures up to the high standards that the brand is known for. It uses a two-inch-thick layer of nylon along with sturdy stitching. The collar includes two lines of reflective stitching for safety and visibility at night. 

Be sure to measure your Dane’s neck before purchasing, as the max size may not be big enough. The large option measures 17 to 25 inches.

Great Dane Collars Buying Guide

What makes a collar good for a Great Dane? Use our buying guide below to find out!

Great Dane Collar Size

On average, a Great Dane can weigh anywhere from 110 to 175 pounds, depending on a dog’s lineage and gender. And they can grow as tall as 32 inches. 

But what we need to focus on here is the breed’s neck size, which will help us find its collar size. 

The typical Great Dane will have a neck that measures anywhere from 20 to 26 inches. As far as sizing goes, that generally places the breed in the large to extra-large collar range. 

However, every brand uses different sizing standards, so you must measure your Great Dane’s neck before you select a size. One brand’s large option may top out at just 19 inches, while another may reach 23 inches. 

Likewise, one Great Dane may have a 20-inch neck, while another has a 25-inch neck. 

Be sure to measure carefully to avoid purchasing the wrong Great Dane collar size. Keep in mind that the Humane Society recommends using the two-finger method as a rule of thumb. You should be able to slide two fingers under a properly-fitting collar. 

Great Dane Collar Types 

There are a few common types of collars on the market that you can use for your Great Dane:

  • Slip collars
  • Snap buckle collars
  • Belt buckle collars
  • Martingale collars

What are each of these collars, and why are they ideal for Great Danes? Let’s take a closer look.

Slip Collars

Slip collars come in several different styles, including leather slips, nylon ropes, and chains. They often get a bad reputation, especially chain collars, but they can be very safe and helpful when you’re dealing with a large and powerful dog such as a Great Dane.  

Slip collars automatically adjust without the use of a buckle or plastic fasteners. You can toss it over your dog’s head, and it will tighten around its neck when it pulls. 

The tightening of the slip is perfect for training Great Dane how to walk on a leash correctly and prevent them from pulling too hard. 

Snap Buckle Collars

Some folks would disagree that a snap buckle collar is not ideal for a large breed like the Great Dane. However, it all depends on your dog’s temperament and training. 

If you walk your Great Dane on a leash, a snap buckle can be a bit risky. Since the breed is so strong, they may be able to bust through a simple snap buckle – especially if it’s plastic. 

These gentle giants can have very calm and even temperaments, so if you train them well, they should do fine with a high-quality snap buckle. 

Belt Buckle Collars

If you’re concerned about a snap buckle collar on your Dane, try a belt buckle collar. These collars use a belt buckle closure rather than a snap buckle, which makes them more secure. Even a Great Dane won’t be able to bust out of it. 

Belt buckle collars are also easier to adjust to a large dog’s neck. They tend to be made of higher-quality material like leather or webbing and look great on your dog. 

Martingale Collars

Many owners consider martingale collars for Great Danes. These collars combine the design of a slip collar and a standard flat collar and make an excellent alternative for someone who needs to control their large dog but isn’t comfortable with a choke collar. 

The flat portion of the collar makes up most of it. It’s generally made of materials like nylon or leather and features an adjustable strap. At the back of the collar is a small chain portion. This section is just big enough to tighten when your dog pulls but won’t choke it. 

When you’re not walking your dog, the collar will have all the style and comfort of a standard flat collar. 

Great Dane Collars Must Be Tough

It’s no secret to anyone that Great Danes are massive dogs. They’re very athletic and strong, so any accessories they own must be equally as robust. 

We recommend sticking to durable materials such as nylon, leather, or stainless steel. Generally, these components are long-lasting and can handle a big dog’s strength. 

It’s a good idea to look for products that feature additional durability qualities, such as double or triple stitching, metal buckles, and waterproofing. Any features like these will only help to increase the lifespan of your dog’s collar. 

Be sure to check that all of the metal pieces on your dog’s collar are rust and corrosion-resistant. Corrosion can be harmful to your dog and may cause a reaction on its skin. 

Style Options

This last component is usually the least important part of a Great Dane collar, but it still matters to many pet owners. As dog parents, we want our pups to look their absolute best. It may be important for you to find a dog collar that has plenty of style and color options. 

There are several brands on our list above that provide buyers with multiple colors and design options for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking to match your Dane’s existing accessories or you just want your favorite color, be sure to use a brand that has enough options. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still unsure about buying a collar for your Great Dane? Check out our FAQ section to find the answers to some common questions about Great Dane collars. 

What is the best collar for a Great Dane?

Our top choice is the Carhartt Webbing Collar. It’s a great collar all-around with high-quality, durable construction. Plus, it looks great on a Dane. 

Do Great Danes need collars?

Most vets will agree that it’s very wise to keep a collar on your dog. Collars tend to serve one or more of three main purposes: Information, restraint, style.

Why are collars so important?

Collars and harnesses are important to have if you intend on walking your dog frequently. In the case of a Great Dane, this should happen at least once a day for 15 to 30 minutes. 

What information should I include on my Great Dane’s collar? 

There is some debate over what information you should and should not include on any dog’s collar, so it can be a bit confusing. Traditionally, most people put their dog’s name, phone number, and home address on a dog tag (if it’s big enough to fit all of that). 

Should I put my dog’s name on the collar?

Since about two million dogs are stolen each year, many people don’t feel comfortable including their dog’s name. If your dog’s name is on its collar, it’s much easier for someone to steal it. 

Is it ok to put my name on the collar?

You might choose to put your own name on the collar, followed by your phone number and the phone number of someone else you trust like your spouse or parent. 

Do I put the address on the collar?

Some folks are wary about putting their home address on their dog’s tags. If you don’t like the idea of your address getting out to the public, you can simply put your city and state. With the latter grouping of information provided, someone can contact you by name if they find your dog. 

Should I include the chip tag on the collar?

If your dog is microchipped, you should certainly include its chip tag on its collar. 

What type of collar is best for a Great Dane? 

There are several different types of collars on the pet market today, so it’s difficult to decide which is best for a Great Dane. A few things to consider before you decide include: your Dane’s temperament, your Dane’s training and your Dane’s leash behavior.

Should I invest in a puppy collar?

During the early stages of a Great Dane’s life, any puppy collar will do. Puppies grow very quickly, so it’s not worth it to spend tons of money on anything fancy. 

Are slip collar reliable?

Many Great Dane owners prefer slip collars because they’re easy to get over the breed’s large head and quickly adjust to strong pulling. These collars are great for training and are ideal if you intend on walking your Dane every day. 

Can I walk my dog with snap buckles?

Great Danes that get most of their exercise in the yard or off-leash do well with snap buckles or belt buckles. Because Great Danes are so large and strong, we don’t recommend snap buckles for walks. 

Are Great Dane collars more expensive than other breeds?

You can buy your Great Dane the same kind of collar that you would buy for any other breed, meaning there are no extra fees you pay for a special kind of collar unless you’re looking for shock collars for Great Danes.

Do XL collars cost more?

Because Great Danes have thicker necks than smaller breeds, you will have to purchase larger size options. Many dog collar brands will charge slightly more for larger collars due to the extra material necessary to make them. The cost difference usually isn’t significant, but your Great Dane’s collar will likely cost more than a collar for a Chihuahua. 

What is the most important part of the collar?

All of us want our dogs to look cute and fashionable in their collars, but the most important part of the collar is the information it carries. When a dog wears a collar with a personalized ID tag, it increases the chance of being returned to its owner should it get lost or run away. 

What size collars do Great Danes wear?

Most Great Danes wear standard 18″ dog collars. However, if your Dane is on the larger side, you may need to go up to a 20″ collar.

What size collar should I get for Great Dane puppy?

It depends on the circumference of the puppy’s neck. A good rule of thumb is to get a collar that is one inch larger than the circumference of the puppy’s neck.

Final Thoughts

While we talked about a lot of really great collars for Great Danes today, our top choice still has to be the Carhartt Webbing Collar. It’s a great collar all-around with high-quality, durable construction. Plus, it looks great on a Dane. 

Many of the other products on our list boast some fantastic features like gold plating, LED lights, and training assistance, but none of them have the same durability as the Carhartt option.

You may feel different, and that’s okay; be sure to check out all of the Great Dane collars on our list today to find the best collar for your gentle giant. 

Our Top Pick

Carhartt a high-quality brand with great name recognition, which also delivers well-made products that you can count on - for both yourself and your dog.

Our Rating:
We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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