The Best Extra-Large Dog Houses for Great Danes in 2024

🦴 Updated on July 15th, 2023

dog house for great dane

As a life-long dog parent, I know how important it is to choose the right outdoor shelter for your pup’s unique needs. My dogs, Attila and Petunia Sugarbiscuts, both have very different preferences and requirements, so I have spent a lot of time testing and looking into the best options to keep them both comfortable. 

At almost 30 inches tall, Attila needs a good bit of space to get cozy. After an in-depth search, I’ve found these excellent selections for a Great Dane dog house so she has room to stretch.

Great Dane Dog Houses Reviewed

If you are struggling to find an appropriate outdoor shelter for your larger canine, the following information can help you narrow down your options and find the features your pup needs.

While there are a ton of great options on the market, our top choice is the Confidence Pet XXL. This well-rounded, traditional dog house has all the requirements for keeping our dogs comfortable, with solid weatherproofing and plenty of space to move around. 

Because we want the best for our furry friends, we’ve done some research and put together this list of top large dog houses for Great Danes. Our favorite picks include:

Confidence Pet XXL 

We’ll start with my personal favorite: the Confidence Pet XXL. This rugged, sturdy dog house has plenty of room for my Standard Poodle-Old English Sheepdog mix, Attila, and her favorite bed. She’s got lots of room to get comfy, good airflow due to the built-in vents, and it even has an elevated floor to keep her blanket dry.

The durable plastic is waterproof and designed to keep your pet comfy in the elements, and because it comes in a variety of colors, you can easily match the style to your current outdoor space. 

Our Top Pick
Confidence Pet XXL

This doghouse is equipped to provide a comfortable amount of space for a large-sized dog– or even two medium pups who don’t mind getting cozy.

Our Rating:
We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Not to mention, it can be assembled quickly– I was able to set mine up during a rainstorm within 15 minutes and get myself (and Attila) warm and dry in no time.

Once she was inside her new weatherproof doggy mansion, she settled down and fell asleep almost immediately. There was even enough room for Petunia Sugarbiscuts to get comfy next to her big sister. 

While this dog house is on the more expensive side of the list, if you need to shelter a large to extra-extra-large-sized dog comfortably, it’s well worth the money. The entrance size alone is 18” by 28” with overall dimensions of 44”x 43”x 49”, making this an extra large dog house for Great Danes– or a very small shed.

I could almost camp in this dog house, and with how happy Attila looks in there, I just might give it a try.


  • Lots of space for one dog (or two!)
  • Durable
  • Easy set up
  • Weatherproof


  • On the pricier side

TRIXIE Classic

This particular model is designed for easy cleaning– and as someone with two dirt-digging, mud-loving canine companions, I truly appreciate the convenience of a dog house that you can keep clean.

The floor is removable, so you can pop it out and hose it down without much trouble. The roof is also hinged and can be propped open, which gives you more space to work and improves the airflow.

As a New York native, I really love that the TRIXIE Classic has adjustable, extra-long legs and plastic-tipped feet, which helps to keep little Petunia Sugarbiscuts out of the snow. And because the floor can be removed, it’s easy to get the muddy snow out after Attila makes a mess.

The legs also help to keep the dog house cool during the summer, and it gives the girls a cool, shady place to nap away from the heat. 

Outdoor Wooden Dog House
Trixie Classic

This is a great option for keeping your puppy off the ground and out of the weather in their stylish bungalow.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The major downside to this dog house is the price tag for the XXL model. It also takes some effort to put together, but the assembly can be accomplished by just one person.

One of the biggest advantages of the TRIXIE Classic is its timeless design and attractive solid glazed pine materials, making it an excellent addition to your property whether it’s beside a modern house or log cabin.

This may be the most stylish of our selection, and with composite asphalt shingles and weatherproof finishing, this dog house isn’t just pretty– it’s a comfy, all-weather option with style and durability. 


  • Attractive styling and classic wood design
  • Weatherproof 
  • Easy to clean


  • Expensive
  • Potentially a bit small for Great Dane-sized dogs

Ware Premium Dog House for a Great Dane 

As a big fan of the classic dog house design, I personally love the styling of this attractive A-frame canine condominium. This handsome fir wood dog house will make for a fitting addition to any dog-friendly property as well as a comfy clubhouse for your pup.

With strong durability and looks, this is an excellent all-around shelter for the style-inclined dog parent.

This is a fantastic all-weather option for dogs in snowy climates because of the slanted peak, shingled roof, and adjustable water-proof legs– that means little to no shoveling! The off-the-ground design will also keep your buddy from getting too hot in warm weather.

A-Frame Fir Wood XL Dog House
Ware Manufacturing Premium

This durable building can be both an excellent dog house and a small doggy ski lodge. The choice is yours!

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

This dog house’s stylish fir wood exterior is coated with a water-based, non-toxic stain. This helps if you have a dog like Attila, who loves to chew on anything she can fit in her mouth. The simplicity of the design also allows lots of room for customization.

Add a little porch, awning, canine comfort elements, or any other dog house additions and they’ll look right at home. There’s even space for a “Wipe Your Paws” doormat between the adjustable legs. 

Unlike some other models, this dog house does not have removable elements for easy cleaning, so upkeep takes some work. The living space for the X-Large option is also on the smaller side at 28”x 31”x 35.5”.

The door opening is 15” by 21.5”, so it’s a tight squeeze for dogs around Attila’s size– but Petunia Sugarbiscuts can fit with lots of room to spare. I would recommend this house for more compact dogs who don’t need a lot of room.


  • Easy assembly
  • Weatherproof
  • Classic, timeless design


  • Difficult to clean
  • On the smaller side

Petmate Giant Dog House

If you (or your dog) prefer a more modern style, I recommend the Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin for your Great Dane dog house. That cool off-center entrance isn’t just for show– it also helps keep your pooch warm, dry, and sheltered from the elements.

The slanted roof and stainless-steel hardware help this shelter drain excess water and resist adverse weather conditions, rust, and rot. 

While this is a sizable dog house at 45” x 49” x 40”, it might not have the interior space for an extra-large dog to turn around and get comfortable. The opening is also about 20” tall, so we recommend this one for puppies or Great Danes on the shorter side. Sugarbiscuts would definitely appreciate the interior design, but it would be a tight squeeze for Attila. 

Outback Log Cabin Dog House
Petmate Precision Extreme

The brand name says everything about their product - Precision. Product made of nice smelling, bug resistant, lightweight cedar.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

One of my favorite things about this dog house is all the options provided by the extra accessories. The shelter is designed to keep your puppy comfy in any season, but if you live in an exceptionally rainy area, you can also get a rain-flap-style doggy door to attach.

For dog parents living in cold weather conditions, there are insulation panels available too. Of course, the add-ons build on top of an already hefty price tag, and this is not one of the cheaper options on the list. 

If you’re like me and you get frustrated when your DIY projects don’t always go according to plan, this dog house is a good option for you. The three-step assembly process makes it easy to get your dog’s new digs set up and ready for use in under half an hour. The additions are also generally easy to install, making this our most modular recommendation. 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Accessories and add-ons available
  • Modern styling


  • Expensive
  • On the smaller side

Confidence Pet Extra Large Dog House for Great Dane

The Confidence Pet XL is a hardy, waterproof, and comfortable dog house at an excellent price, making this kennel a strong contender for the best extra large dog house for Great Danes.

Some of its strongest features include built-in air vents, durable plastic materials, and a good amount of internal space– while still being affordable! 

One of the advantages of this model is the large door size at over 24” tall and 14” wide. The dog house itself is almost 40” tall and 41” wide, so this is an excellent choice for your big dog. Even Attila would have plenty of space to move around and get comfortable in this puppy mansion.

Waterproof Plastic Dog Outdoor House
Confidence Pet XL

This dog house was clearly designed with internal volume in mind and should provide a comfy environment for your dog.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

My personal favorite thing about the Confidence Pet XL is the entrance ramp. Even Petunia Sugarbiscut-sized dogs can get in and out of the dog house with ease, which makes this a perfect outdoor playroom for clumsy puppies or a comfy, easy-to-access spot for the older, less mobile dog.

The ramp also allows the dog house to be lifted four inches off the ground for better insulation against excessive hot and cold temperatures. 

This dog house even has multiple style options so you can match it with your outdoor furniture or color scheme. The roof comes in rustic shades of brown, green, and gray. The downside to this Great Dane outdoor kennel is the longevity– while the plastic is durable, the components will most likely not last as long as wooden dog houses.

The good news is that tough plastic makes the dog house easy to clean, simple to install, and light enough to move around. 


  • Affordable 
  • Weatherproof and waterproof
  • Easy entrance for small or low-mobility dogs
  • Multiple color options


  • Plastic materials are less durable than wooden dog houses

Selecting your Great Dane Dog House

Now that we’ve gone over our favorite dog house options, let’s look at some of the finer details to consider when purchasing your canine condo.

In order to make sure that your new dog house fits all your pup’s needs, it’s important to factor in information about the local climate, your dog, and what their breed needs to keep safe and comfortable.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before making your final dog house decision:

What Kind of Dog House do I Need?

Before you pick an outdoor doghouse, I highly recommend researching your weather patterns across all seasons. If you face heavy rainfall, selecting a weather-resistant option is a must unless you want to replace your dog house every few years.

For dog owners living in very cold areas, I recommend a dog house with a peaked roof, as clearing built-up snow so your friend can use their new shelter is not fun. 

One of the most essential aspects to consider when choosing a dog house is temperature. Even though dogs have multiple methods for dissipating heat, they can be at high risk for overheating if they don’t have access to shade and cool air. Dogs with short snouts and thick coats are especially susceptible to heat exhaustion.

Selecting a dog house with a good ventilation system will help keep your pup cool with a nice airflow. Wooden dog houses will often help keep your dog cooler than the plastic or metal shelters, but plastic dog houses can often be easily relocated to a shady spot.

If you do select a wood dog house, a layer of enamel or epoxy paint can help reduce the structure’s heat absorption and weather resistance. 

Cleaning is also an important consideration, especially if your Great Dane likes to get muddy – I know Attila loves a good, wet dirt bath. While the plastic options are typically the simplest to hose off, any dog houses with removable components also make for easy cleaning.

I find it a lot easier to get dirty paw prints off when I can take out pieces of the shelter for a good scrubbing. 

What Kind of Dog House Is Best for My Great Dane?

Let’s move on to the specifics of selecting an extra large dog house for a Great Dane. The most obvious factor to consider is space– we’ll need a decent-sized shelter to have room for all that dog! If you’ve just brought a new puppy home, it’s important to consider how big they will become when purchasing a dog house, unless you’re prepared to upgrade them often. 

According to the American Kennel Club, Great Danes are one of the largest breeds of dog you can buy as a pet, with average heights of up to 30 inches for females and 32 inches for males. Males can also weigh around 175 pounds, while females are a little bit smaller at around 140 pounds max. 

With this in mind, it’s important to ensure that your pup has the space they need both inside and outside of the dog house. To provide a sheltered environment out of the elements while still making sure your dog feels safe and comfortable, the inside of the dog house should provide just enough space for your dog to make a complete turn without leaving the shelter.

This will ensure that they have the room to get cozy within a comforting enclosed environment. 

Attila’s dog house is just big enough that she can curl up without getting squished and keep all four paws out of the cold. It’s also small enough that it helps to retain her body heat during the winter, so she is comfy during her mid-morning naps. Don’t worry– she always comes inside when it gets too cold!

Since Sugarbiscuts is too small for her own full-sized dog house, she often enjoys sharing Attila’s shelter, but only when the other dog is there for company.


What is the best dog house for a Great Dane?

The Confidence Pet XXL has the unique advantage of providing all the required features for an effective dog house while still making an attractive addition to any yard or outdoor space with color options that can match your decor.

Do Great Danes make good house dogs?

Yes, Great Danes can make good house dogs. They are typically gentle and calm, and are often affectionate and loyal to their owners.

Can a Great Dane be housed outside?

Great Danes are not well-suited to living outside. Although they may be able to withstand short periods of time outdoors, they are not designed to live outside and should not be kept outside for extended periods of time.

Dog Houses for Great Danes: Conclusion

While there are a lot of great options to choose from, our overall top pick has to be the Confidence Pet XXL. This outdoor shelter has all the necessities for my big dog, from the extra interior space to the dependable weatherproofed exterior.

Our Top Pick
Confidence Pet XXL

This doghouse is equipped to provide a comfortable amount of space for a large-sized dog– or even two medium pups who don’t mind getting cozy.

Our Rating:
We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The built-in vents help with airflow during the summer, and the elevated floor keeps her comfy during the cold seasons, so this is the perfect option for someone who lives in volatile climates like me. 

The Confidence Pet XXL has the unique advantage of providing all the required features for an effective dog house while still making an attractive addition to any yard or outdoor space with color options that can match your decor. It is also lightweight enough to move around the yard while still being durable and rugged. 

This unique model combines the flawless design of the TRIXIE Classic with the durability of the Ware Manufacturing A-Frame, and at less than the price of the Petmate Precision Extreme XL. Attila seems to like it too, and I always trust her recommendation.

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