Do French Bulldogs Shed a Lot? Info, Tips, and Tricks to Keep it Under Control 

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If this is your first time owning a French Bulldog, or maybe you are considering adding one to your home, you may wonder, do French Bulldogs shed? Dog hair and grooming needs are vital aspects of owning a pet, so knowing the characteristics of a breed will help you prepare for bringing home your new best friend. 

Thankfully, this guide discusses this breed’s shedding attributes, when it may seem excessive, and what you can do to minimize continuous dog hair in your home. Then, you can focus on enjoying your pet more than spending time cleaning up their hair. 

Why Do Dogs Shed Anyway?

Dogs will shed their coat for various reasons. While shedding is a natural trait, many owners do not like to deal with the hair they leave behind. Animals are similar to humans, where their old hair will fall out as new hair growth comes in, leaving behind a mess to clean up. 

Some popular reasons why a dog loses its hair more than usual are: 

  • The breed and age
  • The time of year or environment 
  • Health conditions 
  • Stress
  • Improper diet 
  • The wrong type of dog shampoo 
  • Parasites or allergies 

If you’re still wondering, “Do French bulldogs shed a lot?” then you need to keep reading.

The Breed and Age

Some dog breeds will shed more than others. Consequently, double-coated dogs are more prone to shedding twice a year as the seasons change. 

Alternatively, older dogs will tend to lose their hair more often as they live out their senior years. Many female Frenchie owners attest to more shedding when their beloved pet enters her breeding cycle. In a nutshell, the French bulldog shedding level will depend on multiple factors.

The Time of Year or Environment 

Generally, dogs will naturally shed their coat as the hair grows through the seasons. Dog owners should expect more hair around their home during the springtime as their pup adjusts to warmer temperatures. More shedding will occur during the late fall as a dog’s coat prepares for a colder environment. 

If your local climate changes drastically, this can kick-start shedding in your four-legged friend, even though it may not be spring or fall. 

Health Conditions

Many health conditions can affect the volume of shedding a dog exhibits. For example, if your pet is suffering from a severe illness, such as cancer, thyroid conditions, liver or kidney disease, or others, it will likely shed more than usual. 

Additionally, pregnant dogs will shed more as their bodies grow new life and may require additional supplements for proper nutrition for this duration.


Some dogs will shed more when they become stressed. For example, staying in a kennel over holidays, having new visitors in the home, or not being comfortable with a situation can jumpstart shedding in your pet. 

Improper Diet 

Your dog’s daily diet is vital for proper health and nutrition. When your pet does not receive the right amount of vitamins and nutrients, it may show more shedding than average. If your dog lacks something in its diet, its coat will suffer. 

In addition, your pet’s hair may look dull, feel coarse, or have excessive dander, all because of an improper diet. 

The Wrong Type of Shampoo

A common cause of excessive shedding is using the wrong type of shampoo on your pet. Owners should never use their shampoo but select a kind that will work especially for their dog. 

In addition, you must be sure to rinse their coat out well during a bath to ensure there is no soap residue on their skin which can irritate them. 

Parasites or Allergies 

Another reason why dogs will shed includes unwelcome parasites or allergies. For example, ticks, fleas, or mites can create itchiness, making your dog scratch, irritating their skin, and releasing more hair than usual. 

If your dog suffers from genetic, food, or environmental allergies, its shedding could be excessive. For those who notice their French Bulldog shedding a lot, this could be why.

Do French Bulldogs Shed a Lot? 

Owners looking at the French Bulldog should know that this breed sheds all year long. As a result, they only have a single coat that consists of fine and smooth, short hair. 

Even though it is not long, and they only have one coat, they will continually shed no matter what season it is. However, owners will see more evidence of Frenchie shedding during the spring and fall months. 

Why Does My Frenchie Shed so Much Hair?

Still wondering, “why is my French Bulldog shedding so much?” If you have a Frenchie in your home, you may be seeing more hair than usual lately. Or maybe your pet always leaves hair everywhere, leaving you confused about the distinctions between normal and excessive shedding. 

French Bulldog Shedding Level 

So, do French Bulldogs shed more than others? Comparing them to some similar breeds, like the Pug, will give you a better idea of their shedding level. Frenchies are moderate shedders, so owners can expect stray hairs around the home, making regular cleaning essential. 

What Are Causes for Excessive Shedding in French Bulldogs?

So, how much do French Bulldogs shed? Although shedding is a standard occurrence in French Bulldogs, there may be times when your beloved pet is shedding excessively, making you wonder why. Several factors can cause your Frenchie to shed more than expected. 


One of these contributing factors is their genes. Dogs who contain a particular variant of the MC5R gene can significantly impact the degree of shedding. If you suspect your pet sheds more than it should, you can order a test to determine if this is the cause. 

Skin Issues 

French Bulldogs have loose, wrinkly skin, which will create folds and crevices. Proper grooming is vital to keep your pet’s skin folds clean to prevent skin issues. If your dog is suddenly losing too much hair, has bald patches, or irritated red skin, this could be the reason for excessive shedding. 


If your French Bulldog losing hair concerns you, it may be due to maturity. Female French Bulldogs that are intact will often experience excessive shedding when they reach the age of maturity and begin the breeding stage. 

Therefore, if your Frenchie is in heat, you should expect to see more hair around your home for this short time. 

How Can I Keep a French Bulldog’s Shedding Under Control?

If you’re wondering how to stop Frenchies from shedding, you may feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle. No one wants to spend time cleaning up hair constantly from their pet. Too much dog hair can make you self-conscious about inviting people to your home. 

Thankfully, there are ways to help keep this unfavorable side effect of owning a French Bulldog to a minimum. 

Tips to Prevent Excessive Shedding

You may be asking how to stop a French Bulldog from shedding, but that shouldn’t be your biggest concern. Before you start focusing on keeping your house clean and free of dog hair effectively, the first step should be talking to your veterinarian. 

This way, you can rule out any genetic causes, potential allergies, or health conditions that contribute to excessive shedding. 

If your French Bulldog is entirely healthy, you can try one or more of these helpful tips as an answer to how to stop Frenchie from shedding. 

  • Brush your dog regularly to remove any loose hair and distribute natural oils throughout their coat and skin
  • Bathe your pet only every 4 to 6 weeks with proper shampoo –  any more frequent than that may induce more shedding
  • Feed your pet a high-quality diet with enough vitamins and nutrients for a healthy coat
  • Introduce an Omega supplement or other shedding supplements with cod liver oil or an assortment of quality fish oils
  • Encourage your dog to drink water and offer water-filled treats for more hydration options 

If you follow a proper diet and grooming routine for your pet, including supplements, and still find excessive hair, you must talk to your vet. 

Your Frenchie shed problem may be due to an underlying condition you do not know of, or they may be one of the lucky ones to possess high variations of the MC5R gene that makes them shed a lot. 


Check out these common questions that can help you understand your French Bulldog’s shedding habits. 

Are French Bulldogs hypo-allergenic? 

No, these dogs are not hypoallergenic. Although this dog breed has one coat of short, fine hair, they are not ideal for owners with allergies. 

Do Frenchies shed a lot?

The French Bulldog breed is a moderate shedding dog. However, you may find that your pet’s hair is not as excessive compared to long-haired breeds. Alternatively, if your pet has health problems, improper diet, or skin conditions, it may shed more than you want. 

Do French Bulldogs smell bad? 

Your Frenchie should not be overly smelly, especially if you are following a regular grooming routine. Pet owners should remember to clean their skin folds, though, as these small crevices can collect hair, dander, and natural oils, which can cause more smells.

The Takeaway 

Every dog will shed to some degree. Unfortunately, French Bulldogs are one of the more moderate shedding breeds. If you are adding a Frenchie to your home, you must provide them with a proper diet, find a terrific grooming brush, and keep them clean and healthy. 

This way, your pet’s shedding will be easier to handle. However, their lovable nature and adorableness make up for the extra vacuuming they have to do around the home for many pet owners. 

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