French Bulldog Dry Nose: The Best Home Remedies To Keep Your Pooch’s Nose Happy!

🦴 Updated on July 12th, 2023


Meta: A French Bulldog dry nose can be concerning for many dog owners. Here are all the details on why they may have a dry nose and how to provide relief. 

If you have a French Bulldog or are considering one for your next four-legged pet, knowing some attributes can help you better prepare for their daily care. The French Bulldog dry nose dilemma is one common issue for this breed’s owners. 

At first, I wondered why is Frenchie’s nose dry all the time? After some research, my worries were put at ease, as I found out a dry nose on a French Bulldog is fairly commonplace.

Here are the answers to your questions about French Bulldog dry nose concerns and what you can do to help your best friend. 

Is Your French Bulldog Sick If They Constantly Have a Dry Nose?

Because dogs cannot tell us how they feel, owners will often examine their health for any signs or symptoms of illness. One common misconception surrounding sickness is a warm, dry nose. 

You can rest easy knowing that if your Frenchie is eating and drinking and acting normally and has no other visible symptoms, their dry French Bulldog nose is not a reason to be worried. 

Therefore, if your French Bulldog has a dry nose, you do not have to make an immediate appointment with your local vet. There are many other causes for this trait, many of which are entirely normal. 

Causes for a Dry Nose on a Frenchie 

Although many dogs will have a cold, wet nose when they are healthy, an animal with a dry nose may not necessarily be sick. Many situations can cause a Bulldog dry nose, including: 

  • Overexertion and slight dehydration
  • Napping 
  • Overexposure to sun and wind 
  • Brachycephalic breeds 
  • Health conditions

Overexertion and Slight Dehydration

Dogs who are highly active and love to play may sometimes have a dry nose. Noses can dry out when an animal does not drink enough water during exercise. If your Frenchie’s nose is dry after playing at the dog park, it may need a nice long drink of water. 


Does your French Bulldog love to snuggle in with you on the couch for a nap? If your furry best friend burrows his face while napping, they will often have a dry nose. Although a dog’s nose will secrete moisture throughout the day, nap time may slow this down or keep your pet’s face dry while snuggled into you. 

Overexposure to Sun and Wind 

Like our skin, a dog’s nose can suffer damage from overexposure to the sun and wind. One possible reason your Frenchie’s nose is dry and cracked is because of the sun or wind. It may be the underlying cause for a dry nose in French Bulldogs if you live in an area with a hot, dry climate. 

Brachycephalic Breeds 

However, one of the most common reasons your French Bulldog’s nose is continually dry is its genetics. This dog belongs to a brachycephalic breed, exhibiting a truncated muzzle with a wide, short head and flat face. 

Because a Frenchie’s nose sits high up on their muzzle, it is harder for their tongue to reach it, making it challenging to lick their nose. 

Health Conditions 

Some French Bulldogs will suffer from allergies or other health conditions affecting their nose. In addition, skin or food allergies may appear on your pet’s face before you notice them elsewhere. 

Other circumstances, such as excessive licking or autoimmune disorders, can dry out a dog’s nose, giving it a chapped or cracked appearance. 

Why Does Your Frenchie Always Have a Dry Nose? 

Even after examining the reasons for common French Bulldog nose problems, you may not be successful in pinpointing the cause for your pet’s issues. If you have any pressing concerns about your dog’s health, a trip to your local veterinarian is in order. 

This way, you can ensure your animal is healthy and rule out any serious issues, such as medical conditions. 

If your French Bulldog snout continuously has a dry nose but is otherwise healthy, there are steps you can take to help. They do not have to suffer from cracks, and you can quickly help relieve some discomfort with supplies from your house. 

How To Help Your French Bulldog Dry Nose Problems

Many products in the market cater to dogs who have dry noses and feet. So whether you purchase a balm or nose butter from a retailer or make your own, there are several ways to relieve a dry Bulldog nose. 

Nose Butter for French Bulldogs

Nose butter is an excellent product for your French Bulldog’s crusty nose. You can purchase popular brands at your local pet store or through online retailers. Many nose butter for French Bulldogs will combine natural oils with other ingredients such as beeswax and shea butter. 

These components are completely healthy for your dog and will not harm him, even if he tries to lick it off his nose after application. 

Frenchie Nose Balm

Like nose butter, French Bulldog nose balm can relieve dry, cracked noses. However, balm products are generally thicker in consistency than the butter alternative. In addition, many balms will come in a stick-like applicator rather than a tin for manual application. 

Of course, all Frenchie nose balm products will be 100% safe for them to use and have no risk of concerns if they lick it after applying it. However, different brands will carry scents, so one kind may seem more enticing than another to your best friend. 

When Not to Apply Products to Their Nose 

It is not always in your dog’s best interest to put products on their nose, even if you think it’s too dry. Some creams, lotions, and oils are unsafe for animals, so checking ingredients and ensuring it is for dogs is a must. 

Do not use any body butters, lotions, creams, or natural oil products that you use on your skin. These items often contain ingredients that can cause skin irritation or harm your pet. 

French Bulldog Dry Nose Problems Solved

Thankfully, even if your Frenchie has a chronic dry nose, you can provide some relief by offering regular nose balm or nose butter. These natural products can reintroduce moisture into the nose to keep it from drying out and prevent it from further cracking. 

Taking care of your French Bulldog’s nose is just part of keeping them healthy and happy through the years. If your pet experiences a dry nose, they may just need a little nose balm or oil to help provide some extra moisture and give them some much-needed relief. 


Take a look at some common questions below regarding French Bulldog dry nose problems. 

Can I make my own French Bulldog nose cream? 

Yes, you can use many natural products to help your pet’s dry nose.

Avoid perfumes, petroleum oil, and other manufactured products. Instead, stick to items including coconut oil, olive, or almond oil.

These natural components are safe for your dog’s nose and skin and will not cause health issues if ingested. 

Is it safe to use oil on a French Bulldog crusty nose? 

As long as you choose a pet-safe product for your Frenchie, such as almond, olive, castor, or coconut oil, it is completely safe to apply to their nose.

Even dogs with extremely dry, cracked, or crusty noses can benefit from a regular oil application. 


If you’ve been wondering, “why is my French Bulldog’s nose dry?” You now know there’s nothing to be concerned about when your pup is otherwise healthy.

Remember to always consult a veterinarian when assessing your French Bulldog’s dry nose, as they could have an acute or underlying medical condition.

If you’ve ruled out the common medical issues associated with dry Frenchie noses, you can help keep your pooch more comfortable by using nose balms or butters. This will ensure your best friend is happy and free from irritation.

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