Is Your German Shepherd Whining Too Much? Here Is How to Keep Him from Crying

🦴 Updated on July 8th, 2023


Why do German shepherds whine? If you have a dog of this breed who cries and whines too much, you might have started getting sick of it and looking to fix the issue. 

For me, the dog’s whining was getting unbearable whenever I was trying to fall asleep or enjoy dinner with my family. My German shepherd whining a lot led me to look for reasons behind the crying and solutions to the problem. 

I had to solve the problem ever since I started working from home and the canine’s crying was making it impossible to hold a conversation on a conference call. So, why do German shepherds whine a lot? 

To find out the answer to this question and find out ways to keep yours from crying, keep reading to learn all about it. 

Why Do Canines Whine?

Whining is one of the most common ways that dogs vocalize and communicate with others. This type of crying or whining can happen when a dog is anxious, excited, or seeking attention. 

Further, sometimes, when a dog owner gets upset with the canine and has scolded the pup, the canine may start whining. The dogs whine in a way as to appease or make peace with their owners. 

They may have their tail tucked between their legs and their head lowered with their eyes looking elsewhere while crying or howling.

Is there another reason why you might find a German shepherd whining a lot? Well, the dog can make a high-pitched noise when greeting someone. You should also pay attention to whether a pup got hurt or has a disease. Injured dogs are more likely to cry. 

If your dog has whined too much, you should take her to the vet to rule out any medical problems. 

Why Is My German Shepherd Whining So Much?

Why do German shepherds whine all the time? You’ll see that there are multiple reasons why you’ll find German shepherds whine too much. One of the possible reasons that these canines are more likely to howl, cry, or make noise is due to their herding roots. 

Back in the day, this breed had to find a way to get the dog owner’s attention, which is why they make so much noise.

Another common reason why your pup may whine is due to it wanting something. Does your dog want to go outside? Then you’ll see him crying and running back and forth between you and the front door or at least staring at the door.

If it’s been a while since you’ve played with your German shepherd, you’ll find him seeking your attention by howling and whining. Also, if you haven’t given your dog enough physical activity or mental stimulation, she might start crying out of boredom.

Are German Shepherds Affectionate?

Have you been wondering, are German Shepherds affectionate? If you’ve only recently brought a German shepherd home, you might not have noticed exactly how affectionate this breed is. However, over time, you’ll see all the different ways a German shepherd shows affection. 

For example, a German shepherd is more likely to lean against you and try to touch you in some way to show affection. If your dog also shows you plenty of eye contact, this means your pup trusts you. Lots of eye contact is the dog’s way of showing you some love.

You might also see your dog following you around as you’re going about the house. When your pup follows you, he’s showing his love and affection.

Furthermore, if you see your German shepherd wagging its tail in excitement whenever you enter the room, then she’s showing how much love and care she has for you.

Are German Shepherds Vocal?

So, why are German shepherds vocal? Due to the herding background and breeding of the typical German Shepherd, these dogs tend to bark much more around their dog owners to get their attention. This used to be the way the breed got the attention of its owner to keep the herd safe and protected.

German shepherds start to make small, whiny noises as early as two weeks of age. Then, these dogs start barking at around seven or eight weeks of age. The bark starts to mature into a more adult dog voice when they start puberty at five or six months old. 

German shepherds also make a growling noise, which can seem aggressive. However, these dogs can bark or growl when they’re having fun or getting excited as well as when they’re trying to get their owners’ attention. A sad German shepherd may also start whining.

Are German Shepherds Louder and More Vocal Than Other Breeds?

You’ll find that German Shepherds due tend to be louder and more vocal than other dog breeds. Once again, this is due to their herding background, which other dog breeds tend to lack.

These dogs tend to bark more than other large dog breeds. Even when these dogs are socialized and trained, German shepherds still tend to act more vocal than other breeds.

In fact, one study shows that the bark of a German Shepherd is louder than a moving truck’s sounds, which emits 86 decibels. Some typical noises that a German Shepherd vocalizes includes:

  • Barking
  • Howling
  • Moaning 
  • Whining
  • Making strange sounds

Now that I’ve answered why some German Shepherds might whine nonstop, it’s important to find out how to stop this behavior. Luckily, you can encourage your dog to stay quieter and it may work. We go into more detail below.

Why Do German Shepherds Whine a Lot?

Do German shepherds whine a lot? It is possibly not that every German shepherd whines a ton, but many do. You may see that this breed of dog gets overly excited and emotional, which leads to lots of crying and howling.

But why do German shepherds whine so much? Sometimes, they may get worried and anxious or very sad, which leads to the German shepherd crying. They’re very vocal dogs and they tend to make a high-pitched whine when they’re either excited, scared, or upset.

Much like barking, this is another form of their communication. If someone is yelling in their presence or they see strangers walking by the house, German shepherds tend to make a howling or crying noise. 

This is also an empathetic dog who may cry alongside you if he senses that you’re upset. If this dog has made a mistake or done something wrong, she may whine as a way to say “sorry” and apologize.

Ways to Stop German Shepherd Crying

So, in particular, why does your German shepherd whine? You’ll need to figure out why your particular dog is crying so much. Does your pup miss you when you’re not around and is he feeling lonely? If so, you can stop the crying by getting him used to being alone.

Isolate your dog for short bouts of time in a different room or a crate. Increase the length of time your dog spends alone to get him used to it and stop whining as much.

Also, if your dog is whining due to excitement, you may want to create a structured routine for your pup. For instance, train your pup to sit in a particular area of the house when you come home and provide the dog with plenty of attention, cuddles, and belly rubs when you do get back.

German Shepherd Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do German shepherds have high amounts of anxiety?

If you’re still wondering why your German shepherd whines and you haven’t pinpointed a specific reason, then you might find that anxiety is the culprit. Sometimes, German shepherds may have a high amount of anxiety.

In fact, many of these dogs show anxiety and a soft side. They may get more scared of people, especially if they’re a rescue. Further, based on an evolutionary perspective, more fearful dogs tend to act more vigilant and careful. This behavior protects them from danger.

Much like humans, dogs can suffer from trauma, which causes them to become more anxious. Experts advise dog owners to use classical conditioning to train their dogs and alleviate their fears.

This means changing your dog’s reaction to the scary factor(s). Teach your dog to remain confident and calm. The process includes exposing your pup to the item that scares him and rewarding your dog for as long as he stays calm.

Why is my German shepherd crying so much?

Do you have a new German Shepherd puppy and you find that she cries a lot? If so, her cries may occur due to hunger, boredom, fear, anxiety, or even excitement. She may also cry as a way to seek attention from you.

You may also find out that your dog is injured or ill. If your pup is crying, this may occur due to a medical condition. As such, make sure to see your veterinarian regularly, especially if your puppy starts crying more than usual.

If you’re still not sure why your pup is crying so much, then try to take notice when the cries get more frequent or the first time the canine began crying. Once you’ve pinpointed why your dog whines so much, you can take steps to rectify the issue.

What are German shepherds afraid of?

German Shepherds tend to scare easily and are afraid of multiple things, like:

  • Being left alone
  • Other animals 
  • The vacuum cleaner
  • Strangers or certain people
  • Everything!

Your German Shepherd may act scared of tons of different things and there are common reasons why this is so. For example, if your dog is a rescue, she may have been mistreated by the prior owners. It’s also possible that a current person in the dog’s life, such as a dog walker, is mistreating him or her.

Also, when dogs aren’t socialized as puppies (don’t spend time with kids, people, or animals), they tend to act timider and become much more scared than usual.

If you recently moved to a new place, then the dog might act more scared of its brand-new location. 

How do I calm my anxious German shepherd?

A great way to calm your worried and anxious German Shepherd is to desensitize him to the cause of his fears. Bring out the triggering item or activity and then immediately reverse the fearful action. 

For instance, if your pup hates it when you leave, grab your keys and go out the door. Then, turn around and come back inside a few seconds later. Repeat this action until your dog is desensitized and doesn’t get triggered.

Also, if your dog hates loud noises and gets very scared of fireworks and thunderstorms, try playing some loud music and isolating them in the room with the music. Over time, the pup will get less triggered by blaring noises.

In addition, you could try using a compression wrap for your dog. The gentle pressure of this wrap will help calm your pup, including during storms or fireworks.

Wrap Up

Now that you’ve read through this guide, you should have a better idea why your German Shepherd is whining so much. Now that you know the reasons behind the crying, you can take the steps outlined above to mitigate the problem, such as through classical conditioning and desensitizing your pup from his fears. 

You’ll also want to take your dog to the vet to rule out any illnesses or injuries that may cause the crying. Soon enough, your hound will become quieter and calmer. You’ll love playing and spending time with your canine now that he’s less loud and whiny. You’ll finally get a good night’s rest!

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