How Many C-Sections Can A French Bulldog Have? Thef Answer Might Suprise You!

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I love my french bulldogs. They are lovable, cute, and adorable, and I wouldn’t change anyth ing. When it was time for my french bulldog to give birth, I was surprised that natural births are very uncommon.

This discovery led me to the question of “How Many C-sections Can a French Bulldog Have.” Having a C-section every time your french bulldog gives birth is a complicated problem, even for someone who isn’t looking for puppies.

Through some relearned to learn more about french bulldog C-sections and what the proper steps to take for my french bulldog’s birth problems were.

Do French Bulldogs Need C-Sections?

French bulldogs will typically need c-sections.

20% of bulldogs can give birth naturally without a c-section, but it is essential to talk to a health professional to see if your dog will have to have one.

Some french bulldogs have to have c-sections, and others may not. Most french bulldogs ended up having them, so you should expect your french bulldog to have one.

Why is a French Bulldog C-section Commonly Done?

French bulldogs commonly have c-sections done because they are pure-bred dogs created by human breeding practices.

These breeding practices were selected for traits that gave french bulldogs slim hips and larger heads and shoulders.

These traits make it difficult for both mothers and puppies. Mothers have trouble passing puppies through their slim hips, and puppies have difficulty squeezing through them because of their more oversized heads and broader shoulders.

How many C-sections can a French Bulldog Have?

A french bulldog should only have 2 or 3 c-sections in its lifetime. 

Having more c-sections than that presents a health risk to the dog because the surgery’s rate of success is high; repeated c-sections increase the likelihood of developing a complication that can be potentially life-threatening.

The Warning Signs of a French Bulldog Needing a C-Sections

Even if your dog is cleared for a natural birth, there may still be some warning signs that your frenchie will need a c-section anyway.

Be on the lookout if your dog’s temperature starts dropping below 98 degrees Fahrenheit; that can be a warning sign that she will not do well during a natural pregnancy.

Your dog might also exhibit symptoms of not eating or acting depressed, which means that your dog senses something terrible may happen during the natural birth.

French Bulldog C-Section Cost

The cost to get your french bulldog a c-section will vary depending on where you live.

In the United States, the price of a c-section can cost between $600 and $2000. In the Uk, the cost is between £490 and £1,500.

This cost will rise depending on how complicated the procedure is and if the c-section is emergency surgery.

Make sure you plan a french bulldog c-section ahead of time, so you are not paying more for it if it is a spur of the moment thing.

You will also want to plan the surgery ahead of time for health and safety reasons too. 

If the vet has time to prepare for the surgery, there is a lower chance of complications happening, and if the time is set aside, the vet can have all hands on deck if a complication occurs.

One of the most expensive parts of the surgery that drives the price higher is paying for the required anesthesia. The vet will have to administer a drug capable of putting your pet out long enough for the procedure that presents long-term health risks.

These drugs can be costly compared to other kinds of anesthesia commonly available.

How To Take Care of Your French Bulldog After a C-section

It is essential to take the proper steps to ensure your dog successfully recovers after a c-section. Let’s look at some of the most vital tips.

Monitor Your Dog Closely

When your french bulldog is under anesthesia, you will want to make sure that there are no complications from the anesthesia that you can detect. 

Typically, the anesthesia should wear off shortly after the surgery is over, but you should always be on the lookout for abnormal signs of the anesthesia affecting your dog.

Anesthesia takes between 2-6 hours to wear off, depending on your dog’s physical condition, age, and how long the labor lasts.

Don’t leave your dog alone until she is fully awake, able to stand and walk normally, and seems interesting in protecting and caring for her new puppies.

Make Sure Your Dog Doesn’t Fall or Roll Over in Her Sleep

During the start of your french bulldog’s recovery, there is a chance that she can be too mentally out of it to be aware of her surroundings.

During this period, it is your job to make sure she doesn’t fall and hurt herself while in this state.

You will also want to make sure your frenchie doesn’t accidentally roll over in her sleep because she can accidentally crush or suffocate her newborn puppies.

Make Sure She Doesn’t Eat too Quickly

Your new mother should start to crave food within a few hours of taking her home. Make sure you only offer her small amounts of food and water but do so frequently.

If your french bulldog starts to eat or drink too quickly, she may begin to vomit.

Her body tells her she needs more food than usual because she needs those extra nutrients to feed her puppies. The problem is this desire manifests as excess hunger, and her body isn’t ready to take in that much food all at once.

Build up her food intake gradually; aim to feed her more often during the day but in fewer amounts than you usually do. Eventually, her stomach and body will be able to catch up to her need to feed her puppies.

New mothers should typically eat 1.5 times what they usually eat to ensure they have enough nutrients for both them and their new puppies.


Before you go, I wanted to address a few commonly asked questions about french bulldog c- sections.

Can my french bulldog give birth naturally?

Technically yes, french bulldogs can birth naturally, but it is a rare occurrence. Only 20% of Frenchie pregnancies are natural births.

Because humans have bred french bulldogs to keep them as purebreds, there are many risks associated with natural births, like puppies getting stuck in the birth canal.

If you are thinking of having your french bulldog give birth, you should consult with a veterinary professional to see the risks, and they will most likely recommend a C-section in most cases.

How long does a french bulldog c-section take?

French bulldog cesarean sections take 45 minutes to an hour for the actual procedure.

The time can vary based on the amount of preparation needed for each individual case and how long it takes for the anesthesia to set it.

Some more oversized or overweight animals might require a more lengthy procedure and may even need to have two separate surgeries to conclude the operation successfully.

Are french bulldog c-sections safe?

French bulldog c-sections are safe for the most part. Over 75% of puppies born from a cesarean section make it through the procedure, and the surgery itself has a 99% survival rate for the mother.

As with any surgery, there can be risks and complications. Common complications for c-sections include hemorrhaging blood that can lead to an oxytocin administration. If the mother doesn’t take the oxytocin treatment, there is a risk of injury or even death in the affected areas.

Is an ovariohysterectomy procedure always required?

Sometimes the ovariohysterectomy procedure is required to ensure the mother cannot breed again. If this procedure is not done, the owner must be careful not to let the dog get pregnant again; otherwise, another birth can prove extremely dangerous.

Any procedure where you are opening the body will also present a risk of infection, so precautions will need to be taken, such as administering antibiotics if contamination occurs during surgery.

How do I know my french bulldog is in labor?

A frenchie in labor will display visible symptoms of labor. These symptoms include panting, refusing food, upset stomach, vomiting, and nervous pacing. You might also see nesting behavior in preparation for the birth.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed learning about french bulldogs as much as I have enjoyed writing about them.

Whether you are a new frenchie owner or are thinking of breeding one, it is good to know all the relevant things to look out for during a french bulldog pregnancy.

If you are ever unsure about something related to your dog’s health, always be sure to bring them to the vet and get a professional’s opinion on the matter.

You can never be too careful in preventing harm to your loveable furry friends!

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