What Are the Most Popular Cat Names in the UK? Find Out Here!

So, you’ve got a new feline friend and you’re eager to name them something special. But wait—have you fallen into the trap of the same tired names as everyone else? It’s time to shake things up and give your moggy mate a name as unique as their personality.

1. Luna

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Yes, Luna again. It’s the go-to for people who think they’re being celestial and mystical. Newsflash: it’s as common as cat fur on your favourite jumper.

2. Bella

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Bella, really? It’s as if we’re all naming our cats after a certain sparkly vampire franchise. Let’s aim for something a bit more original, shall we?

3. Milo

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Milo might sound quirky, but it’s everywhere. Your cat deserves a name that stands out, not one that blends into the crowd of Milos at the vet.

4. Simba

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Unless your cat is planning on reclaiming Pride Rock, Simba is a bit overdone. There are plenty of other regal names to consider.

5. Nala

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Nala pairs with Simba like a cliché in a cheesy rom-com. Your cat isn’t a sidekick; they’re the star of their own show.

6. Coco

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Coco sounds sweet until you realise every other brown tabby has the same name. How about something with a bit more bite?

7. Loki

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Loki, the god of mischief. How original. It’s almost like we’re all reading from the same Norse mythology book. Let’s diversify.

8. Oscar

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Oscar is a classic, but classics are, well, classic for a reason—they’re boring. Your cat isn’t boring, are they?

9. Tigger

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Unless your cat literally bounces on their tail, Tigger is a bit of a stretch. Time to bounce to a new idea.

10. Jasper

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Jasper sounds posh until you realise it’s the feline equivalent of “John.” Let’s raise the bar a bit higher.

11. Daisy

Image Credit: Shutterstock / evrymmnt

Daisy for a cat? It’s cute, but let’s not pretend it’s groundbreaking. Your cat’s name should be as unique as their purr-sonality.

12. Felix

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Szatkowski Patryk

Felix, like the cat food mascot? Way to go for originality. Your cat deserves better than to be named after a brand.

13. Charlie

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Charlie is as common as a cold. Your cat is unique; their name should be too.

14. Alfie

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Angel House Studio

Alfie might sound friendly, but it’s as run-of-the-mill as they come. Let’s think outside the litter box.

15. Rosie

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Rosie is sweet, but it’s been done to death. Your feline deserves something fresh, not recycled.

16. Smudge

Image Credit: Shutterstock / slidesly

Smudge might seem unique, but every other cat with a bit of white on their face gets this name. Time to clean up your act.

17. George

Image Credit: Shutterstock / RJ22

George is solid, but isn’t your cat a bit more dynamic than a name that belongs in an office?

18. Bella

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Sheila Fitzgerald

Yes, it’s here twice. Because people really need to stop naming their pets Bella. Seriously.

19. Willow

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Nynke van Holten

Willow sounds whimsical, but it’s so common it’s practically pedestrian. Your cat deserves to be the only Willow in the village.

20. Misty

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Misty sounds mysterious, but when every foggy grey cat has the same name, it loses its charm. Let’s find something with more substance.

Break Free From The Naming Norms

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Kichigin

Before you settle on a name that everyone and their grandmother has used, think about what makes your cat unique. Your moggy deserves a name that’s as distinctive as their personality. Don’t let them be just another Luna or Milo—make their name stand out in the crowd.

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