15 Decor Trends Cats Hate

Think your home is stylish? Your cat might disagree. Here are 15 decor trends that cats absolutely despise.

1. Minimalist Interiors

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Cats love to explore and hide, but minimalist spaces offer few opportunities. They prefer cluttered environments where they can climb and hide.

2. Open Shelving

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Open shelves are an invitation for disaster. Cats can’t resist the urge to knock things off, and it leaves them exposed with nowhere to hide.

3. Glass Furniture

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Glass tables and shelves are not cat-friendly. They’re slippery, and your cat’s claws can’t get a good grip, making them feel insecure.

4. Sleek, Modern Designs

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Modern, sleek furniture often lacks the texture cats love to scratch. They prefer materials like sisal or carpet that they can dig their claws into.

5. White Upholstery

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White furniture shows every bit of fur and dirt. It’s a nightmare for cat owners and a playground for cats who love to make a mess.

6. Hardwood Floors

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While stylish, hardwood floors can be slippery and hard on a cat’s joints. Cats prefer carpet or rugs for traction and comfort.

7. Fragrance Diffusers

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Strong scents can be overwhelming and unpleasant for cats. Opt for neutral or pet-safe scents to keep your feline friend happy.

8. Fragile Decor

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Delicate vases and fragile ornaments are just waiting to be knocked over. Cats love to explore with their paws, making these items risky.

9. Leather Furniture

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Leather can be easily scratched and damaged by cats. It’s not forgiving to claws and can be punctured easily.

10. Large Open Spaces

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Cats love cozy corners and enclosed spaces. Large open areas can make them feel exposed and insecure.

11. High Gloss Finishes

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High gloss surfaces show every paw print and scratch. Cats’ natural oils and dirt from their paws can quickly ruin the sleek look.

12. Patterned Rugs

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Busy patterns can be visually overstimulating for cats. They prefer solid colours that don’t confuse their vision.

13. Metallic Accents

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Metal furniture and decor can be cold and uninviting. Cats prefer warm, soft surfaces where they can curl up and relax.

14. Bare Windows

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Cats love to look outside, but bare windows offer no perches or resting spots. Install window perches or shelves to make your windows cat-friendly.

15. Tall Furniture Without Climbing Access

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Tall bookcases or cabinets without a way to climb up are frustrating for cats. They love to perch high up, so provide some accessible pathways.

Decor With Your Cat in Mind

Image Credit: Pexel / cottonbro studio

While trendy decor might look great to you, consider your cat’s preferences to create a harmonious living space. Balancing style and pet-friendliness ensures everyone in the home is happy.

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