Was Your Cat an Aristocrat in a Past Life?

Ever wondered if your cat was royalty in a previous life? Answer these questions to uncover the truth about your feline friend’s regal past.

1. Does Your Cat Have Refined Tastes?

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If your cat insists on gourmet food and turns their nose up at anything less, they might have royal tastes. Only the best for a former aristocrat!

2. Does Your Cat Sit Like Royalty?

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A cat that sits with perfect posture, head held high, and an air of superiority might be exhibiting their noble roots.

3. Is Your Cat Extremely Picky About Their Living Arrangements?

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Does your cat require the finest bedding and prime sleeping spots? Aristocrats wouldn’t settle for anything less.

4. Does Your Cat Demand Attention with Elegance?

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A gentle nudge or a soft meow instead of loud, persistent demands indicates a refined approach to getting attention.

5. Does Your Cat Enjoy Being Groomed?

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Cats that love being brushed and pampered might be remembering their luxurious past where grooming was a regular part of their royal routine.

6. Does Your Cat Prefer High Perches?

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Royalty always seeks the best vantage points. If your cat loves high places, they might be continuing their habit of surveying their kingdom.

7. Does Your Cat React Calmly to New People?

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Aristocratic cats meet new people with dignified grace, not fear or aggression. A calm reaction suggests a noble disposition.

8. Is Your Cat Picky About Food?

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If your cat turns down food that doesn’t meet their standards, they’re likely used to a diet of the finest quality.

9. Does Your Cat Have a Favorite Human?

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Aristocrats often had a trusted confidant. If your cat is especially attached to one person, it might reflect a bond from a past life.

10. Does Your Cat Handle Conflict with Grace?

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Yes or No? Cats that avoid unnecessary fights and handle disputes with poise are showing their aristocratic elegance.

11. Is Your Cat Independent but Loving?

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A blend of independence with affectionate moments indicates a balanced, noble personality, appreciating both solitude and companionship.

12. Does Your Cat Use a Litter Box with Precision?

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A cat that meticulously covers their business and keeps the litter area clean might be exhibiting their refined habits from a life of luxury.

13. Does Your Cat Walk with a Noble Stature?

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Observe how your cat moves. A confident, dignified walk could be a sign of their aristocratic heritage.

14. Does Your Cat Show Interest in Fine Things?

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If your cat shows a preference for soft, luxurious fabrics or ornate items, they might be drawn to things that remind them of their noble past.

15. Does Your Cat Sleep in Luxurious Positions?

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Cats that sleep sprawled out in comfortable, regal poses might be dreaming of their royal chambers.

16. Does Your Cat Have a Regal Stare?

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A cat that gazes at you with a penetrating, knowing look might be trying to communicate their aristocratic wisdom.

Your Cat’s Aristocratic Score

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Count your “Yes” answers to see if your cat was an aristocrat in a past life. A high number suggests a noble lineage, while fewer yeses indicate a more humble but equally lovable past.

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