Why Do Huskies Howl? What You Need to Learn Now to Make Your Husky Happy

🦴 Updated on July 7th, 2023

huskies are howling

Huskies are one of the most popular dog breeds out there. Not only are they beautiful with their light coats and blue eyes, but they are also friendly, loyal, and intelligent companions for any home.

Huskies love to make their voices heard. If you have a husky, you know how vocal they can be. But why do huskies howl so often? Read on to learn more about your best bud and his infamous vocals.

All About Huskies

Before we get into the howling, there is a lot to learn about this incredible breed. Huskies have been delighting their owners for centuries, from their Siberian origins to their current popularity as house pets.


Huskies originated in northern Russia, hence the name “Siberian Husky.” Siberian peoples bred the ancestors of modern huskies to pull their sleds through the frigid environment. As a result, huskies are strong, cold weather-loving dogs who need a ton of exercise.

Huskies came to the Americas in the early 1900s, arriving in Alaska to pull sleds and later participate in dog sled races in the region. Today they are one of the most popular breeds, commonly found in homes throughout North America and worldwide.

A Wolfish Dog

Your husky is more closely related to wolves than nearly any other dog breed. Huskies are genetically related to the North Asian Taimyr wolf, an ancient wolf and ancestor to modern dogs. You can see this close relationship just by looking at a husky, as their long faces and lean bodies look more wolf-like than nearly any other dog breed.

Some scientists believe that the link to the Taimyr wolf gives huskies their proclivity to howling, the primary form of communication for wolves. Like their ancestors, huskies howl frequently and with a wide variety of sounds to communicate. 

They instinctively communicate in this way, which is why huskies are so much more likely than other breeds to howl.

Husky Personalities

Like all dog breeds, personalities will vary from dog to dog, but generally, huskies are known for being friendly and social dogs who are an excellent fit for families. The American Kennel Club characterizes these pack dogs as affectionate, playful, and great with children, strangers, and other dogs.

Although not exactly known for being excellent watchdogs, they are bright and somewhat easy to train. Huskies are very high energy and thrive with large amounts of exercise. They are also characterized as highly vocal, which brings us to the central topic of this article: the famous husky howl.

Why Do Huskies Howl?

Asking “why do huskies howl?” is like asking “why do humans speak?” – there are many reasons your husky is howling at you. In general, your husky is howling to communicate. Here are some of the most common reasons that your husky is howling.

To Help You Find Them

As descendants of wolves, huskies seem to have inherited howling as their instinctual way to let others know their location. So, your husky might be howling to make sure that you know exactly how to find them.

To Express Discomfort

Huskies howl when they are uncomfortable or in distress. A quick physical exam should either identify the cause of your husky’s discomfort or put your mind at ease by confirming that all is well. If your pup is howling and you cannot figure out why you might consider consulting your vet.

To Respond To Another Howl

As a husky owner, you probably already figured this one out. If your husky hears a howl, they are likely to howl back in response. Remember, a husky’s howl is his voice and primary method of communication with other animals and people.

To Alert You To Danger

Dog breeds come in all shapes and sizes – protectors, herders, finders – the list goes on and on. Huskies are alert dogs, ready to let you know whenever they sense danger. How do they alert you? They howl, of course.

To Respond To “Cries for Help”

Huskies howl when they think that they hear another animal in pain. Huskies can confuse any high-pitched sounds with the whine of another dog in distress, such as alarms or sirens nearby. Howling is your husky’s natural response to these noises.


Nobody wants to think of their dog as anxious, but man’s best friend is prone to separation anxiety when away from their owners. Huskies often express this anxiety and loneliness by howling out their feelings of abandonment.


I know, we just told you that your husky howls because they are upset, scared, or sensing danger – so how can happiness also be on this list? Well, just like you, your husky uses their voice to communicate a wide range of emotions. So, your pup could be howling to express their joy and excitement.

The Husky Howl: What Does It Sound Like?

One of the fascinating aspects of the husky howl is its uniqueness to each dog. Like human voices, each husky has a unique howl, and none will sound exactly like the next. Their voices will change from their tiny puppy howls to a more powerful roar as they reach adulthood.

A husky’s howl sounds more intentional than the howls of other dog breeds, likely because they try to communicate different ideas with different sounds. Over time, you will be able to recognize a “happy” howl from an “anxious” one, and so on.

Why Are Huskies So Vocal?

Huskies are an extremely vocal breed because of their genetic ties to wolves that we mentioned earlier. They are a friendly and communicative bunch that wants to let you know how they are feeling. They do this with their howl, making them a very vocal breed.

Huskies have a reputation for being a more vocal breed because they tend to howl. Most dog breeds are more likely to bark than howl, so people are more accustomed to a barking dog than a howling one. A husky’s frequent howls catch more attention, contributing to their reputation as one of the most vocal dog breeds.

Why Are Huskies So Loud?

Huskies are loud because they are genetically predisposed to being loud. Asking why a husky is loud is like asking why a dalmatian is black and white or why a chihuahua is small. It is just the way that they are!

It’s good to know that huskies are a loud breed before you welcome one into your home. When we say loud, we mean LOUD – a husky’s howl can be heard from up to 10 miles away!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Husky Howl

Do All Huskies Howl?

Pretty much. Most huskies will howl throughout their lives, although some will do so more than others. Huskies will usually begin howling as young puppies, around eight weeks old, and will continue to develop their voice as they age. 

Multi-husky households report that young huskies seem to learn how to howl better and faster from older huskies in their homes.

Why Does My Husky Howl More Than Others?

Some huskies will naturally howl more than others due to differences in personality or environment. If your dog is more communicative than another husky, you will likely hear more howling from them. Just like with any other breed, different individuals will have different personalities and habits.

Situation: Triggers, Loneliness, & Lack Of Exercise
Situational differences can also account for how often your husky howls. Frequent exposure to the triggers we discussed earlier will probably result in a husky howling more than others. For example, a husky living in an urban area with sirens frequently wailing will howl more than one who lives removed from those sounds.

Some huskies howl more than others because they are left alone more frequently. As an amiable and social breed, huskies do not love to be alone, which can trigger many of them to howl. If your husky is howling a lot more than others, consider reducing the time they are spending on their own.

You husky might need more exercise. Huskies are very energetic dogs and require large amounts of activity to keep them happy. If a husky is not getting enough exercise, they are likely to howl more and get into all sorts of trouble as they find other ways to tire themselves out.

Why Doesn’t My Husky Howl?

Just as some wonder why their husky howls so much, others can’t figure out why their dog does not howl at all. Your husky might not feel like howling. They could be bored, depressed, not feeling well, or otherwise uninterested in howling. 

If you are concerned that something bad is stopping your dog from howling, plan a visit to your vet to make sure that your husky is healthy.

In addition to the present situation, past experiences can make a husky less likely to howl. Some huskies will stop howling after a traumatic incident or previous training. If you rescue a husky that does not howl, this might be the reason why they are not as vocal as others.

Age is also a factor. If you have a husky puppy, they might not have learned how to howl yet. You can help them along by exposing them to the howls of other huskies, either in person or using a recording. On the other side, older huskies might stop noticing sounds that trigger howling, resulting in reduced howling from them in general.

Should The Howling Stop Me From Getting A Husky?

Before you bring home a husky, know that they will probably howl regularly. If this will be a problem in your specific living situation, consider waiting until your situation has changed before welcoming a husky into your family.

While your dog’s personality impacts howling frequency, there are other clues that you can use to predict if your husky will howl too often. If your new buddy is likely to be exposed to the triggers that we discussed earlier, such as being left alone or loud high-pitched noises, you can expect them to howl more often.

Can I Train My Husky Not To Howl?

Maybe – some husky enthusiasts have had success in reducing howling in their pets. Remember that huskies are naturally inclined to howl, so you might need help from a professional trainer to address this issue.

In addition to training your husky to quiet down, you can reduce howling by addressing the needs that your dog is trying to communicate to you. For example, if your husky is barking because he is hungry, consider changing your feeding schedule to satisfy your dog.

You can decipher what your dog is trying to communicate to you by paying close attention to when they are howling and their tone. Over time, you will become better at figuring out precisely what your husky is trying to tell you so that you can better meet their needs.

How Can I Make My Husky Howl?

You can make your husky howl by exposing your dog to the triggers that we mentioned above. Many husky owners will howl at their dogs to hear them howl back, communicating with them in their own way. Huskies are also known to howl in response to videos or recordings of other dogs or wolves howling.

Many huskies will also howl if you play music or whistle to them. Many musicians enjoy the sensation of hearing their huskies “sing-along” to their music. If you aren’t musically inclined yourself, playing a melodic video or audio recording can have the same effect on your husky.

The Low Down On Husky Howling

Huskies have a reputation for being an intelligent and loving breed and their loud and frequent howling.

Remember, a husky’s howl is their voice, and they are simply communicating in the best way that they know how! Before you bring home one of these wonderful dogs, learn about why they howl and how you can best meet their needs.

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