20 Ways Your Cat DOES Think It’s Better Than to You

Cats have long been considered the aristocrats of the pet world, often appearing aloof and mysteriously proud. Here are 20 signs that not only confirm your cat’s self-appointed superiority but also might give you a slight existential crisis.

1. The Judging Stare

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Your cat’s stare can sometimes feel like it’s piercing through your soul, silently judging your life choices—including the cheap cat food you bought last week.

2. Ignoring Your Existence

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Ever had a deep, emotional conversation with your cat only to realize they’ve been ignoring you the entire time? It’s not that they didn’t hear you; they just had more pressing matters to attend to, like staring at a wall.

3. Taking Over Your Space

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Your laptop, your bed, your freshly laundered clothes—according to your cat, these are now prime real estate for lounging, especially when you need them most.

4. The Gift of Prey

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Ever found a dead mouse or bird by your bed? That’s not a gift; it’s a warning. Your cat is subtly hinting that you’re next on the hit list if dinner is late again.

5. Unimpressed by Affection

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Your attempts at affection are often met with an unamused gaze or a swift exit. Your cat tolerates your adoration only when it suits them, preferably when it’s feeding time.

6. Master of the House

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Your cat doesn’t live with you. You live with your cat. And don’t you forget it—every item in your home has been marked and cataloged as their territory.

7. The Early Morning Wake-Up

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Who needs an alarm when you have a cat? Those early morning wake-ups are not a sign of affection; your cat is training you to adhere to their schedule.

8. Selective Hearing

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Call their name, and they might glance your way, opting to blatantly ignore you. However, the crinkle of a treat bag has them coming at full speed.

9. The Unreachable Itch

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When your cat sits just out of reach and starts cleaning themselves, it’s a performance designed to show you what peak flexibility and independence look like.

10. The Cold Shoulder

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Ever tried to cuddle your cat only to receive the cold shoulder? They’re not being shy; they’re showing you that they choose when and how affection will be dispensed.

11. Litter Box Regime

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Your cat’s litter box isn’t just for their convenience. It’s a daily reminder that you are tasked with managing their waste, a job they watch you perform with great disdain.

12. Indifference to Your Return

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When you come home, your dog may leap with joy, but your cat? They barely acknowledge your return, perhaps offering a mere twitch of the tail as if to say, “Oh, it’s you again.”

13. Furniture Destruction

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Your furniture is not yours anymore. Those claw marks are your cat’s way of redecorating the place to their superior aesthetic standards.

14. Window Seat Monopoly

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Ever noticed how your cat always claims the sunny window seat? That’s not just for warmth; it’s a strategic spot to monitor and judge both you and the outside world.

15. Night-Time Antics

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The night is not for sleep; it’s the perfect time for your cat to practice their sprinting, hunting, and surprise attacks on your unsuspecting, sleeping form.

16. Food Critic

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Your cat’s finicky eating habits aren’t just pickiness; they’re a critique of your culinary skills—or lack thereof.

17. Disdain for Closed Doors

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A closed door is an affront to a cat’s noble status. How dare you restrict access to any part of their kingdom?

18. Occupying High Ground

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Cats love high places because it allows them to look down on you—literally. Every shelf and bookcase is a throne from which they reign.

19. The Silent Treatment

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Your cat’s silence is not golden; it’s a tactical use of the cold shoulder to manipulate your behaviour and elicit guilt about that subpar catnip you dared bring home.

20. Complete Autonomy

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Your cat’s independent nature isn’t just an admirable trait; it’s their way of showing that, unlike dogs, they’ve never forgotten their ancestors were worshipped as gods.

A Reign of Regal Indifference

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Remember, every sign of indifference or mysterious behaviour from your cat is a reminder of their regal bloodline. They’re not just pets; they’re the rulers of your home, graciously allowing you to be their humble servant. Enjoy the benevolence of their rule!

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