Rising Lyme Disease in the UK: 12 Signs Your Dog May Be Infected

Lyme disease is on the rise in the UK, posing a serious threat to both pets and humans. Are you vigilant enough to spot the early signs of infection in your beloved dog?

1. Lameness

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One of the earliest signs of Lyme disease in dogs is recurrent lameness due to inflammation of the joints. If your dog starts limping or shows reluctance to move, it could be a red flag.

2. Swollen Joints

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Inflammation caused by Lyme disease often results in visibly swollen joints. This can cause significant pain and discomfort for your dog, making movement difficult.

3. Fever

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An unexplained fever is a common symptom of Lyme disease. If your dog’s temperature rises above 39.2°C (102.5°F), it’s essential to consult a vet.

4. Fatigue

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Lyme disease can cause your dog to become unusually tired and lethargic. This drop in energy levels can affect their usual activities and playtime.

5. Loss of Appetite

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A sudden lack of interest in food can indicate Lyme disease. If your dog starts eating less or refuses food, it’s a cause for concern.

6. Difficulty Breathing

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Some dogs with Lyme disease may experience respiratory issues. Watch out for laboured or rapid breathing as a potential symptom.

7. Sensitivity to Touch

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Dogs infected with Lyme disease might become sensitive to touch due to joint and muscle pain. They may flinch or react aggressively when petted.

8. Depression

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Behavioural changes such as depression and decreased interaction can be a sign. Your normally playful dog might become withdrawn and disinterested.

9. Heart Abnormalities

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Though rare, Lyme disease can affect the heart, leading to irregular heartbeats. If your dog shows signs of cardiac distress, seek veterinary help immediately.

10. Neurological Issues

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In severe cases, Lyme disease can cause neurological problems such as seizures or changes in behaviour. These symptoms require urgent medical attention.

11. Eye Inflammation

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Lyme disease can cause inflammation in the eyes, leading to redness, discharge, or swelling. Regularly check your dog’s eyes for any abnormalities.

12. Kidney Problems

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Lyme disease can also affect your dog’s kidneys, potentially leading to kidney failure. Symptoms include vomiting, increased thirst, and urination.

Are You Protecting Your Dog from Ticks?

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Lyme disease is a growing threat, not just for pets but for humans too. Are you doing enough to safeguard your pet from tick bites? Regular checks and preventive measures are crucial to ensure your dog’s health and happiness.

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