Preventing Flare-Ups, Sniffles, and Shedding: Are Miniature Australian Shepherds Hypoallergenic?

🦴 Updated on July 8th, 2023

Miniature American Shepherd dog among large wooden boxes

Miniature Australian Shepherds are stunning. Lovable goofballs who would gladly spend their days herding cattle or helping around the home. These dogs love having a job, but they may not be suitable for every home.

They are similar to their standard Aussie cousins but have some key differences, including size. Miniature Australian Shepherds are only around 18 inches tall, some being as short as 13 inches. 

These dogs also weigh anywhere from 20 to 40 pounds, making them ideal lightweight dogs for family homes, ranches, and farms.

My daughter really wanted to have a Mini Aussie. But my main concern was that she suffers from several allergies. So, before committing, I had to investigate if Miniature Australian Shepards are hypoallergenic. I didn’t want her to go through the disappointment of having to return our pet. 

Read on to learn what I discovered and if they might be a suitable match for your home.

What Are Miniature Australian Shepherds?

Miniature Australian Shepherds are a smaller type of Australian Shepherds. These dogs have the same goofy personalities and share many traits with Australian Shepherds. 

Mini Aussie Shepherds are fun-loving dogs who thrive in the presence of children and other dogs. However, these dogs need a job to occupy their time and ensure they don’t get bored or develop canine depression.

Do Mini Australian Shepherds Shed?

Mini Aussie shedding can be a concern to a family that suffers from allergies. Miniature Australian Shepherds shed the same amount as Australian Shepherds do and will need the same amount of coat care and grooming attention. 

These dogs may also drool, which can be an area of concern for those prone to allergies.

Mini Aussie Grooming Needs

It can be easy for your Miniature Australian Shepherd to get dirty, and they may need plenty of assistance keeping their hair, nails, and body clean.

Daily Brushing

Miniature Aussie Shepherds will likely need plenty of brushing to ensure their coat stays clear of tangles and knots. Brushing can be challenging for busy families since this duty can be a mountain of a task, especially if your Aussie Shepherd wants to play and won’t sit still.

Train your Miniature Australian Shepherd to sit still so you can brush out its coat and ensure they are comfortable at all times. If you don’t brush your Miniature Australian Shepherd’s coat consistently, they may suffer from discomfort, or their hair might begin to form locks that may need to be cut out of their hair.

Frequent Haircuts

Your Miniature Australian Shepherd will need frequent hair trimming to be comfortable. Without proper hair trimming, your precious pup will likely get overwhelmed by the amount of hair they have and suffer from an obstructed view.

Your Mini Aussie Shepherd will likely need a haircut once every five or six weeks on average. Monitor how quickly the hair on your Mini Aussie Shepherd grows to get an idea of how often they need to see the groomer for a trim. Some dogs may grow hair slowly and may not need to see the groomer as often.

Nail Trimming and Filing

Your Miniature Australian Shepherd will need to have its nails trimmed and filed every few weeks to prevent damage to property and injury to its family. Although this had little to do with allergies, it’s a vital part of their overall grooming and healthcare needs.

Miniature Australian Shepherd lying on shore

If your Mini Aussie Shepherd maintains long nails, they can cause your dog pain and suffering. Take note of whether you can hear your dog’s nails on the floor as they walk or any whimpering they might make while strolling the home. 

These signs may be indicators that they need to visit a groomer to have their nails trimmed and filed.

Are Mini Aussies Hypoallergenic?

Miniature Australian Shepherds are not hypoallergenic. These dogs shed a lot and can easily have your home covered in dog hair and dander. Additionally, Mini Aussie Shepherd’s drool and saliva contain proteins that cause allergies to flare up and make their human families uncomfortable.

No dog is hypoallergenic, meaning all dogs will produce some level of allergy-inducing bacteria or dander. However, some dogs are safe for allergy-prone people to invite into their homes. 

Designer doodle dogs and Poodles are among a few allergy-safe options. Basenjis are another hypoallergenic pick for families who want to avoid frequent cleaning and bathing to keep allergies away.

Mini Australian Shepherds Allergies—What’s the Impact?

Miniature Aussie Shepherds have a lot of hair and they shed often, meaning their hair can easily invade your home and make it challenging to clean. This hair may have proteins on it that your dog releases and these proteins will likely cause an allergy flare-up.

The saliva your dog produces, along with any dander and urine they release in the home, can contribute to a kick-up in allergies and have you and your family sneezing. Potty training a puppy Shepherd might contribute to allergies in the home, too.

How To Handle Allergy Flare-Ups In Your Home

Allergies can flare up at a moment’s notice, but families can easily combat these flare-ups with routine bathing, cleaning, and the use of chemicals that combat proteins in your dog’s hair, saliva, and dander.

Vacuum Often

To keep allergies at bay, vacuum common areas frequently. This means passing over the areas in your home that your Miniature Australian Shepherd enjoys staying in the most. These areas are likely to have the most hair, dander, and saliva, making them ideal places for allergy-causing bacteria to reside.

Vacuuming once weekly in the winter and twice weekly in the summer can help keep allergies away.

Use an Enzyme Cleaner

Enzyme cleaners can break up odor-causing bacteria that cause dogs to pee in the same spots over and over again. 

If your Mini Aussie Shepherd is still learning to potty outside, an enzyme cleaner can discourage them from peeing in the home and thus prevent allergies from flaring up due to the proteins in your precious pup’s urine.

This cleaner will also have your home smelling fresh without a funky after-odor.

Bathe Your Mini Aussie Shepherd Weekly

Your Miniature Australian Shepherd may not like it, but weekly bathing can help keep any allergy-producing proteins away and ensure that the family is living peacefully and happily. Invest in a powerful blow-dryer and pet-friendly shampoo to help maintain the pH balance of your dog’s skin.

Usually, pets won’t need frequent bathing as it can be detrimental to the oils in their skin and make them uncomfortable, especially since the pH balance of dog skin is more alkaline than human skin. However, allergies can be avoided and your pet can be happy when you use a pH-balance-safe shampoo.

Are Miniature Australian Shepherds Hypoallergenic? Final Thoughts

Are Mini Australian Shepherds hypoallergenic? Miniature Aussie Shepherds may not be a perfect match for every family since they are not hypoallergenic. Although no dogs are truly hypoallergenic, some dogs come close, including doodle dogs and designer hybrids.

However, Miniature Australian Shepherds can cause allergy flare-ups and make their family members uncomfortable when they have a buildup of allergens in their saliva, dander, and hair. These allergy flare-ups can be combated, but it implicates using special chemicals, routine cleaning, and frequent bathing.

Although a stunning dog breed, consider your family’s allergies before adopting one of these lovable dogs into your home.

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