Mini Australian Shepherd Price Guide: How To Find a Good Breeder, And When To Adopt

🦴 Updated on July 8th, 2023

Miniature Australian Shepherd lying on shore

If you’re considering a mini Australian Shepherd puppy, you’re considering purchasing a smart, loyal, and playful dog with lots of energy. This breed is an excellent family dog and can be a great companion when trained properly. 

However, it is a purebred dog, like its larger cousin, the Australian Shepherd. So you might wonder how much do mini Australian Shepherds cost to adopt and take care of for the rest of its life. Here is the definitive guide to mini Australian Shepherd prices and how to find the best breeder for your new pup. 

How Much Does a Mini Australian Shepherd Cost?

So, how much is a miniature Australian Shepherd? On average, the mini Australian Shepherd puppy price is between $1,000 and $3,000. You might see lower prices from certain breeders, but these breeders should probably be avoided (more on unethical breeding in a bit). 

Although it seems like a higher price for a dog, this is average for a purebred dog. More expensive breeds, such as Samoyeds or French Bulldogs, can have an average price of $2,500-$5,000. Relating to these breeds, a mini Australian Shepherd is a relatively inexpensive purebred dog. 

The cost of a mini Australian Shepherd is so steep because they must be bred from other miniature Australian Shepherds to be considered true mini Australian Shepherds. The breed has been selectively bred for generations to become different from Australian Shepherds, which is why mini Aussies are rare. 

Mini Aussie Price Range Explained

Although you won’t find many mini Aussies below the $1,000 mark, you might wonder why the price range is so wide. Why pay $3,000 for a pup when you could only spend $1,000? Well, the answer depends a little bit on economics and breeding. 

Sometimes, dogs are more expensive just because of their location. For example, buying a puppy from the only mini Aussie breeder in your state might be more expensive than a dog from a state with multiple breeders. This is a simple rule of supply and demand. 

However, some breeders have breed lines of higher quality. Their breeder dogs have great bloodlines and compete nationally and internationally in dog shows. If you plan to show your dog, you might want to spend more money to ensure that you get a dog from one of the best breeders in the country. 

Miniature Australian Shepherd Price: Shelter vs. Breeder

Of course, it’s much less expensive to adopt a dog from a shelter or humane society. These dogs can be free for only a few hundred dollars. However, you aren’t guaranteed the dog’s breed and breeding background. A purebred mini Aussie at a shelter is rare, but if you find one, you can save money and help out a dog in need. 

Most Aussie owners buy their dogs from breeders. However, knowing the difference between breeders and puppy mills is crucial. Puppy mills use unethical breeding techniques to produce as many dogs as possible, wearing out the parent dogs and making unhealthy puppies.  

How To Find a Good Breeder (And Why It’s Important)

To avoid puppy mills and find a good breeder, there are a few signs you should look for. When searching for mini Aussie puppies in your area, ensure they have genetics and health testing for their parent dogs and puppies. This will ensure you don’t get a dog with lasting health issues. 

If a breeder offers more than four litters from the same mother or doesn’t have a full list of breeder dogs (with age and breed information) on the website, you might want to look elsewhere. Female dogs shouldn’t give birth more than four times, especially if they’re smaller dogs

Once you’ve found an ethical breeder, they will likely ask you to visit or fill out an application. A breeder that doesn’t require a visit or some sort of meet and greet probably doesn’t have the best interest of the dogs in mind, so don’t feel bad about asking to see the dogs before committing. 

What Is the Ownership Cost of a Mini Aussie?

Once you’ve found the right breeder and the perfect pup for your family, you will pay the adoption fee and get to take your new dog home. However, this isn’t the only cost of raising a dog. There are vet fees, supplies, and other costs to consider. 

You will likely agree with the breeder to spay or neuter your pup when they are old enough. This procedure can cost anywhere from $100 to $500, depending on where you get it done. You will also need to purchase the dog’s regular vaccinations, heartworm medication, food, and supplies. 

Are Mini Australian Shepherds Low-Maintenance?

However, a mini Aussie doesn’t require monthly groomer visits, so you won’t need to set aside your budget for hair care. Australian Shepherds have double coats, which shed lightly throughout the year and heavily in spring and fall. During these two seasons, you will have to brush your dog’s fur every day to keep it from matting. 

Other than shedding season, weekly brushes, and daily exercise, a mini Australian Shepherd is a low-maintenance dog. 

Once trained, they are intelligent and loyal. As long as these pups get the right amount of exercise and mental stimulation every day, they will be the best companions you could ask for. 

Final Thoughts

Mini Australian Shepherd prices might seem like a lot when considering adopting, but the breed’s intelligence, loyalty, and energy make it one of the best family dogs possible. If you decide to purchase one of these lovable little dogs, you’ll have a family companion for as long as your pup lives.

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