15 Summer No-Nos for Pets: Are You Guilty of These?

Ah, the British summer. Picnics in the park, seaside trips, and the inevitable rain showers. But while you’re enjoying the sunshine, are you unwittingly putting your pet at risk? Let’s see if you’re guilty of these summer pet care blunders.

1. Leaving Pets in Hot Cars

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We’ve all seen the headlines, yet some people still leave their pets in the car. Even in a ‘quick pop to Tesco,’ temperatures can skyrocket. Don’t be that person whose negligence makes the evening news.

2. Skipping Flea and Tick Prevention

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Yes, it’s another expense, but skipping flea and tick treatments during summer is asking for trouble. Your dog scratching furiously or your cat bringing in unwanted guests? Preventative care is a must.

3. Forgetting Fresh Water

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It’s not just you who needs to stay hydrated. Your pets need constant access to fresh water, especially during the scorching British heatwaves (however rare they might be).

4. Overdoing Exercise

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Taking your dog for a midday run sounds like a great idea until you realise they’re struggling in the heat. Stick to early mornings or late evenings when it’s cooler. Your dog isn’t training for the London Marathon.

5. Ignoring Hot Pavements

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Imagine walking barefoot on hot tarmac. That’s what your dog feels if you take them out during the hottest part of the day. If it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for their paws.

6. Allowing Access to Toxic Plants

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Your garden might be in full bloom, but some plants can be toxic to pets. Foxgloves and lilies, common in many British gardens, are highly poisonous. Keep an eye on your curious pets.

7. Overlooking Parasite Control

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Warmer weather means more parasites. Don’t wait until your cat starts scratching like mad. Regular vet check-ups and treatments are non-negotiable.

8. Forgetting Pet-Friendly Sun Cream

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Yes, pets can get sunburnt too, especially those with light fur or exposed skin. Dog-friendly sun cream is a thing. Use it, especially if your pet loves lounging in the sun.

9. Feeding Unsafe Picnic Foods

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Chicken bones, grapes, and chocolate – all common picnic fare and all dangerous for pets. Keep a close eye on your food and make sure your furry friend sticks to their usual diet.

10. Letting Pets Near Barbecues

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Barbecues are a staple of British summer. But those sizzling sausages are dangerous for pets. Hot grills, skewers, and cooked bones are all hazards you need to manage.

11. Leaving Pets Unattended Near Water

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Whether it’s a pond in the park or your kiddie pool in the garden, never leave pets unattended near water. Even if your dog thinks they’re the next Olympic swimmer, accidents can happen.

12. Taking Pets Paddleboarding

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Taking your dog on a paddleboard sounds fun, right? Until they leap off in the middle of a lake. Always use a pet life jacket and keep them on a lead if they’re prone to excitement.

13. Fireworks and Loud Noises

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British summer nights often end with fireworks. While you’re enjoying the display, your pet might be terrified. Ensure they have a safe, quiet place to retreat.

14. Leaving Pets Alone During Holidays

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Jetting off to Spain? Don’t assume your pet will be fine with the neighbour checking in. Arrange for a proper pet sitter or boarding. Your pet deserves more than a quick visit.

15. Ignoring Seasonal Allergies

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Pets can suffer from hay fever too. If your dog or cat is sneezing or has itchy skin, it might be time for a vet visit. Don’t dismiss their discomfort as just a quirk.

Stop Being Clueless: Protect Your Pet This Summer

Image Credit: Pexel / Karolina Kaboompics

Your pet’s well-being is in your hands, especially during the unpredictable British summer. It’s time to step up and ensure they’re safe, happy, and healthy. Are you ready to ditch the careless habits and give your pet the care they deserve?

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