Winning Over Woofs: Steps to Becoming Your Dog’s Favorite

Hello from the dog side! Want to be the favourite in your pup’s eyes? Here’s how you can win the top spot!

1. Feed Me Well

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I love food! Regular, tasty meals and healthy treats make me wag my tail. Remember, the way to a dog’s heart is often through their stomach.

2. Let’s Play

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Throw my favourite ball, tug on a rope, or run around with me. Playtime is the best time!

3. Keep Me Cozy

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A comfy bed and a warm spot to snooze make me feel safe and loved. I enjoy having a special place in the house just for me.

4. Talk to Me

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I may not understand all your words, but I love the sound of your voice. It makes me feel connected to you.

5. Learn My Language

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Understand my barks, tail wags, and other ways I talk to you. When you get what I’m saying, we bond better.

6. Train Me Gently

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Teach me new tricks and how to behave. I like to please you, and treats make learning fun!

7. Walkies Please

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I need exercise and sniffing adventures. Walks keep me healthy and happy, and doing it with you is the best!

8. Cuddle Time

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I love cuddles and gentle strokes. Quiet time together strengthens our bond.

9. Respect My Quirks

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Sometimes I get scared or anxious. Please be patient and help me through my fears without getting mad.

10. Keep Me Healthy

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Regular check-ups at the vet keep me in tip-top shape. I rely on you to help me stay healthy and strong.

11. Be Consistent

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I feel secure when I know what to expect from you. Consistency in how you treat me and what you expect from me helps a lot.

12. Give Me Space

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Just like you, sometimes I need a little time alone. Respect my space when I retreat to my bed or a quiet corner.

13. Protect Me

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Keep me safe from harm. I trust you to look out for me, whether it’s keeping me away from dangerous foods or on a leash near busy roads.

14. Love Me Unconditionally

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Even on my bad days, love me. I always love you, no matter what.

How to Be the Leader of the Pack

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Maria Moroz

Follow these tips, and I promise, you’ll not just be my owner—you’ll be my hero, my safe place, and my favourite human!

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