Finding and Choosing the Best Bed For Your Dachshund (The Top 2024 Reviews)

🦴 Updated on July 16th, 2023


Anyone who has ever had the luxury of owning a dachshund can tell you several things about finding the best bed for these stubborn, sausage-shaped dogs.

They’re incurable diggers, love to burrow, and, left to their own devices, dachshunds will chew everything and anything, and we mean everything. 

We know. Two intrepid dachshunds own us, and they eat everything. After months of munched dachshund blankets, crushed dachshund pillows, and lovingly gnawed dachshund crates, we capitulated and bought a Kevlar thread bed. Our dachshunds teamed up and chewed their way through that, too. 

Clearly, Kevlar isn’t always the answer, and we – and the dachshunds – have sampled our share of blankets and dachshund beds since. 

What Is the Best Bed for My Dachshund?

If you’re in a hurry, we’ll just get straight to the point for our top selection.

Our favorite is the Sheri Calming Doughnut because of its orthopedic support, comfort, and affordability. Not only that, the mattress is made up of memory foam designed to keep your dachshund’s back and hips pressure and stress-free while sleeping.

The Sheri Calming Doughnut is not the only option. Here are some of the best beds for dachshunds.

Sheri Calming Doughnut Shag Bed 

The Sheri Calming Doughnut dachshund bed soothes neurotic dachshund-types by taking them back to the womb. When not digging, one of the favorite dachshund pastimes is cushion crushing.

The Sheri Calming Doughnut not only saves your cushions from destruction but offers a safe, cozy space for dachshunds to curl up. The high, vegan-furred sides recreate that womb-like environment without destroying the structural integrity of your other furniture while helping your dachshund feel secure. 

Our Top Pick
Best Friends by Sheri

Sheri is one of the most comfortable dog beds. It's machine washable and the bed comes with full use and care instructions to help maintain its quality.

Our Rating:
We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Additionally, this dachshund bed includes a dachshund blanket for the dachshund that loves to burrow.  

But Sheri is more than a relaxing bed. Dachshunds, in addition to their stubbornness and waddle, are famous for their long backs. While sweet to look at, that shape poses all kinds of orthopedic problems as your dachshund ages. 

Sheri’s dachshund bed maximizes: 

  • Joint and muscle health
  • Head and neck support 

That means better back support and long-term health for your beloved dachshund. 

Still not convinced? Both bed and blanket are machine washable, a feature dachshund owners everywhere will welcome. The wee doxie might pride itself on its smell, but when that transfers to their favorite sleeping spot, it’s hard not to wrinkle your nose. 

Finally, both the dachshund beds and blanket are highly portable, meaning your dachshund can dig, burrow, and stay cozy wherever you take him. 

Furhaven Orthopaedic and Memory Foam Bed

The Furhaven Orthopaedic and Memory Foam Bed is a dachshund bed geared towards supporting that wonky, elongated back. 

Due to the memory foam insert, your dog can get neck, back and hips support. This is particularly important since long days of carrying their heads aloft can stress dachshund necks.

Not only that, but dachshunds are prone to develop luxating patella. This condition can escalate to arthritis in older dachshunds, making the pressure-relieving element of this bed a must for more senior dachshunds.

Certified Orthopedic Memory Foam
Furhaven Orthopedic Bed

The cover is super easy to clean. The memory foam insert helps alleviate pressure on joints, improve body alignment and also support neck, back, and hips.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

In addition to memory foam, this dachshund bed includes a faux fur surface. It doesn’t lend itself to burrowing but is ideal for dachshund sleep digging and pre-sleep digging.

The Furhaven dachshund dog bed comes in various sizes and colors to suit your tastes. It’s also machine washable. Simply remove the cover and trust that dashie not to eat the memory foam. 

In our experience, these slipcovers can be challenging to get on and off. So if washing is a concern, consider draping a dachshund comforter over the bed. 

Otherwise, we commend the bed for its durability and comfort. It can easily hold more than one dog, making it perfect for dachshund duos that love a cuddle. 

Caspar Dachshund Dog Bed

The Caspar Dog Bed is another of the best dog beds for dachshunds. It combines memory foam with low walls to enclose your sleeping dachshund. It also has a layer of excess fabric for the dachshund that loves to dig. 

Sturdy & Well Made
Casper Dog Bed

Casper Dog Bed is made of a microfibre that prides itself on being rip-resistant, a bold claim when confronted with your dog, but one the proud dog owners appreciate.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Consider, however, that when a dachshund decides to eat something, not even rip-resistant material stops it. So take some time to sit with your dachshund and the new Caspar Dachshund Dog Bed until your doxie has acclimatized to it, or at least got it smelling just right. 

The bed keeps its shape in the face of hearty dachshund burrowing and digging attempts. They add that it supports various dachshund sleeping positions effectively. 

The foam probably isn’t genuine memory foam. This point might raise your concern over product quality and the long-term health of their dachshund.  

True memory foam or not, the dachshunds vote from their most comfortable sleeping position, and they aren’t giving this bed up.  


PetFusion is another orthopedic dachshund dog bed that strives to improve health and comfort while your dachshund sleeps. 

Because of the bolster pillows, PetFusion helps relieve anxiety by creating a safe, enclosed space for your dachshund to sleep in. It comes in various sizes and colors. The bolsters are made of recyclable material, and the rest of the bed is a polyester and cotton blend. 

Great Value for the Price
PetFusion Orthopedic Bed

Another of the best beds for your doggie. It combines memory foam with bolster pillows for a bed that alleviates joint pain, supports the spine, and improves mobility.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Typically customers combine this with a dachshund comforter such as the PetFusion premium blanket. This product adds extra comfort for dachshunds that dig, burrow or pad down their bed before sleeping. 

We say it’s worth the price, especially for senior dogs in need of extra support and pampering. We add that it washes easily and that the foam is dense, soft, and has plenty of giving when tested.

We might also add that while the bed was durable, the zippers wore out quickly. 

Overall, this dog bed is comfortable and good value for money.

Sealy Lux Dog Bed

This is another of the best dachshund dog beds. It uses memory foam to offer your dachshund a comfortable and supportive sleep. 

It also includes a layer of cooling gel to help regulate your dachshund’s temperature. This feature is particularly beneficial for dilute coats like blue or lavender dachshunds that struggle with heat intolerance. 

Quad Layer Technology with Memory Foam
Sealy Lux Dog Bed

The bed features a pro-charcoal HD foam base to provide additional support and absorb odors. While you’ll doubtless still have to wash this dog bed, you won’t have to do it as often as you would with other dog beds.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Sealy’s dachshund bed features a non-slip base, ensuring that even the most dedicated digging doesn’t dislodge your dachshund. And the orthopneic foam helps distribute pressure evenly across your dachshund’s body, reducing the stress on his spine. 

The cover though never fully expanded as promised, remaining wrinkled at the center. We could not find anything about cooling gel in the instructions and noted that the bed isn’t cool to touch. 

However, while cooling gels help regulate your doxie’s temperature, they aren’t cold per se. Instead, they absorb and redistribute body heat to keep your dashie cool in hot weather or while burrowing. 


Perhaps the most distinctive feature of Joyelf’s dachshund bed is the inclusion of a squeaker toy. It’s a gift, meaning it doesn’t cost you any extra, and that’s good because, as any doxie owner will tell you, dachshunds love nothing better than ripping the still-squeaking heart out of a good chew toy. 

There’s no need for a dachshund blanket with this bed because the sleeping area features a fleecy lining. It’s the perfect material because it’s slippery enough that your dachshund can dig at it for hours but soft enough to guarantee comfort. It’s also heavy-duty, which is a must for any dachshund bed.

Comfortable All Night Long
Joyelf Orthopedic Dog Bed

JOYELF’s bed's main features include the non-slip base, memory foam, soft-textured sleeping surface, and removable, washable cover.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The cover includes a liner to protect the memory foam from liquids, and both the liner and cover can be easily removed and washed as necessary. 

The four bolsters offer safety and comfort to the anxious dachshund while giving their necks the support they need when sleeping. 

However, we found that dogs who dig cause the JOYELF dachshund bed to shed, a problem for any dachshund that likes to knead its sleeping area into submission. 

Others expressed concern that the somewhat high front bolster might make accessing the bed trickier for senior or arthritic dachshunds. 

Overall, the bed is comfortable, and even the small size can comfortably and securely hold two small dogs at once, allowing your dachshund duo to cuddle closer than ever without jeopardizing their safety. 


The defining feature of K&H’s raised dachshund bed is its elevation. Whereas other beds sit directly on the floor, this dachshund dog bed has elongated legs that help keep your dachshund cool by allowing air to circulate underneath them. 

There’s some assembly involved to set this dachshund bed up, but you can do it efficiently and without much effort from you, and almost certainly with generous help from the interested dachshund.

Excellent and Easy to Assemble
K&H Elevated Bed

This bed is ideal for a dog that likes to sunbathe. The bolsters support your dog’s neck while also resisting the most determined efforts to gnaw on them.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The netting fabric is high quality and the bolsters keep their shape when dogs use them as dachshund pillows. 

We also advise lining the legs with felt pads if you plan to use this bed indoors, as you otherwise risk marking the floor. This consideration is especially true if your dachshund is an enthusiastic leaper. 

It’s also noteworthy that because this is a raised dachshund bed, it may be worth considering a ramp for long-term dachshund health since jumping can be hard on their backs. Without a ramp or steps, your dachshund may find it hard to leap onto the bed, especially if older or arthritic. 

Big Barker

Since the manufacturer’s built this dachshund bed with large dogs in mind, you probably won’t be buying it for your miniature dachshund

But if you own a standard dachshund, this may well be the bed for you. The Big Barker is covered with a micro-suede cover that washes easily and, unusually for a dachshund bed, adds a touch of elegance to your home. 

Headrest Edition
Big Barker

Clinical trials back up the Big Barker claim to improve dog mobility and decrease pain in under a month. If something does go wrong, this bed includes a ten-year warranty.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

It’s one of the pricier dachshund beds on this list, but that’s because it caters to larger dogs and is built to last. In addition to the soft covering and sturdy, therapeutic foam, it comes in a range of colors and several sizes. For extra comfort, this model includes a headrest to cushion your dachshund’s neck.

Note that whereas other dachshund beds on this list use memory foam, Big Barker’s dachshund bed uniquely uses furniture-grade foam for extra support for your standard dachshund. 

But because this bed is for larger or heavier dogs, a standard dachshund at a healthy weight may not sink into the foam. Consequently, they may be uncomfortable for your dachshund since the foam should mold around the dog as they sink into the bed while increasing support.  


This Furhaven dachshund bed includes cooling gel and memory foam. The bed also uses an ergonomic design that maximizes comfort and support. It lacks the bolsters of other dachshund beds we’ve discussed, but this allows for variety in your dachshund’s sleeping positions. 

Ergonomic Contour
Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed

It has a memory foam top that helps cushion your dog when sleeping and a comfy, faux-fur dog blanket top that begs to be dug or burrowed into.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Whether they’re prone to curling up in a doughnut or melting, in the manner of a non-Newtonian-liquid over the side of the bed, all things are possible and orthopedically sound.

However, it’s not ideal for dachshunds with a penchant for chewing their beds while drifting off, as it won’t hold up to excessive gnawing. 


The Laifug dachshund bed features a three-inch dachshund pillow to support your dachshund’s neck and first-rate memory foam to support them when sleeping. 

Its contrasting colors give it a bold, striking look that your dachshund won’t notice, but we consistently appreciate the unexpected elegance the bed brings to our home. 

Smart Design
Laifug Memory Foam Bed

The bed is low to the ground, meaning your dog can hop up onto it with minimal effort or risk to their wonky backs.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

It has a non-slip liner on the bottom that ensures the bed stays put, however aggressive a digger your dachshund is. It also has a waterproof lining, making it ideal for the senior dog with toileting difficulty or the excitable puppy. 

The dachshund pillow offers crucial neck support, while the lack of bolsters frees your dachshund to sleep comfortably in various positions. 

We call it one of the best dachshund bed we’ve bought, though some people may say it isn’t as waterproof as claims suggest. Others may say it can be challenging for smaller dogs to lie on and recommend coupling it with a dachshund comforter or blanket for a more enjoyable dachshund sleep experience. 

Hot Bonus: Banana Dachshund Bed  

While not fancy, this dachshund bed is charming. What it lacks in orthopedic support, it makes up for in coziness.

Soft, Functional, and Cute
S-Lifeeing Fashion Bed

The high walls of the bed give your small dog a sense of security and can help reduce anxiety.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you’ve got multiple dachshunds, there’s ample room for them to pile on top of one another. After all, dachshunds and personal space have never been concepts that mix well. 

Moreover, this is a bed your dachshund can climb into without effort, guaranteeing less stress on their backs from the reduced need for jumping. The only concern would be that the faux fur looks tasty for a peckish dachshund to resist. We hear dachshund blankets go down a treat after a light dinner, and this one is no exception. 

Dachshund Bed Buying Guide   

So, that’s a roundup of some of the best dachshund beds. But there’s still a lot from which to choose. So, what do you need to consider when buying a dachshund bed? 

Why Do Dachshunds Sleep So Much? 

First of all, why does your dachshund sleep so much? 

Dachshund means ‘badger dog.’ They’re natural hunters, and that means their instinct when not routing badgers is to conserve energy. If they are down a badger den, their instinct is to bark like fury and possibly kill the badger. 

What To Look For in a Dachshund Bed 

Since you probably don’t have any badgers on hand, your dachshund will spend a lot of time sleeping. 

But dachshunds have particular needs when it comes to sleeping. You want a dachshund bed that:

  • Supports your dachshund’s spine and neck
  • It is easy to access 
  • Allows them to dig or burrow 

Supports the Spine

Dachshunds have abnormally long spines, and they’re prone to slipped discs. Slipped discs are painful in mild cases and risk paralysis for your dog. That makes it crucial you choose a dachshund bed that removes stress from the spine. 

You also want to give their hips a break since they work overtime on long afternoon walks. Memory foam and orthopedic beds play a vital role in doing this. 

Easy Access

Because of their susceptibility to slipped discs, you want to minimize how much they jump. 

Avoid dachshund beds that require your dachshund to leap into bed. Placing the bed on a ground level or carrying them upstairs also helps.

Encourages Digging and Burrowing

Why do Dachshunds burrow under blankets? Dachshunds dig because of their history as badger hunters, and they burrow because it ensures safety. 

Think about a dachshund’s strange sausage build, and then think about how compact it can become in sleep. Dachshunds learned to fit themselves into all kinds of unlikely places to eschew those angry badgers, and they’re still doing it.  

Dachshund Blankets and Comforters 

With that in mind, the other thing to consider when picking out a dachshund bed is the need for blankets and comforters. 

Bolster arms on dachshund beds provide a certain degree of safety and neck support, it’s true. But dachshunds love a thorough, immersive burrow, and the softer and warmer, the better. 

Not only that, if your dachshund fancies a munch on their blankets after dinner, they’re much easier to replace than a bed. 

Help! My Dachshund Is Eating the Bed!

They say dogs don’t eat their beds, but only because these people haven’t met dachshunds. 

Our dachshunds averaged one bed every three months until we cured them of it. The trick? Spray the bed with bitter apple or lime. 

The spray won’t hurt your dashie, and with enough blankets in there, it won’t put them off the bed, either. But it will discourage them from gnawing the bed into next year. 

Final Thoughts: What Bed Is Best For My Dachshund?

We’ve discussed various dachshund beds and what makes them suitable for your doxie. But our favorite is the Sheri Calming Doughnut.

Of all these beds, the Sheri Comfort Doughnut bed for dachshunds is affordable and comfortable while also considering your dachshund’s health. The high walls support the neck and demonstrably reduce anxiety in an infamously anxious dog breed. 

Our Top Pick
Best Friends by Sheri

Sheri is one of the most comfortable dog beds. It's machine washable and the bed comes with full use and care instructions to help maintain its quality.

Our Rating:
We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The bed lends itself to a range of dachshund sleeping positions, and the soft surface encourages digging. It’s an excellent choice all around, and your dachshund will thank you for this bed.

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