The Best Pitbull Collars To Buy Right Now: The Ultimate 2024 Comparison

🦴 Updated on July 17th, 2023


Pitbull’s are sweet and fun companions and loved by people all over the world. Their stubborn nature can make training a challenge that’s well worth it in the end. One thing that can make training easier is a sturdy collar. 

Strong collars protect you and your dog by ensuring they can’t break free or hurt themselves during training. We’ve researched the best Pitbull collars to help you make an informed decision on which collar is best for you and your companion. 

The Best Pitbull Collars Reviewed and Compared

The goal is to get a collar that helps you train, love, and protect your Pitbull. Being able to love the styling is just a perk.

We have discovered that the best dog collar for Pitbull is the Black Rhino collar. This collar is perfect for large dogs that love to pull on their leash. It achieves the perfect balance of comfort, style, cleanliness, and protection.

Below you will find our reviews of the ten best Pitbull collars. Each review will give you information on style, features, and benefits to introduce you to new collar options that may fit seamlessly into the lifestyle of you and your companion.

The Best Collar for Pitbulls: Black Rhino

The Black Rhino collar is ideal for Pitbull owners because it is adjustable, reflective, weatherproof, and padded. The collar comes in ten different color patterns and four different sizes.

While most dogs grow into their adult size within the first year and a half, Pitbulls tend to have two growth spurts. The second growth spurt typically happens around two years, in which they tend to gain more muscle.

Our Top Pick
Black Rhino

The Black Rhino collar is inexpensive compared to how long it will last and how good the color will look years from now. It is by far the best collar for a solid and active breed.

Our Rating:
We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Black Rhino collar is made of neoprene padding that helps prevent irritation.  Since Pitbulls have sensitive skin, this is an ideal choice. Another great thing about the padding is that it protects your dogs’ neck when pulling against their leash.

It is also odor resistant. The reflective stitching helps keep your dog safe by ensuring that they are visible to others, especially first thing in the morning and late at night.

The Black Rhino collar is our best collar for Pitbull’s because of its rugged look and material. The material is rugged and tough, enabling it to last while not buckling under the pressure of a wild, happy, and powerful Pitbull.

Excellent Elite Spanker

The Excellent Elite Spanker is a tactical dog collar made of nylon. It comes available in four sizes, large to extra-large. What makes this collar unique is the magic sticker ID panel and control handle. 

The magic sticker ID panel provides a Velcro space for you to add magic stickers too. Some of the stickers include “emotional support,” “service dog,” or “do not touch” to alert others that your dog is not just a pet but a companion that assists you in managing your well-being.

Tactical Dog Collar
Excellent Elite Spanker

The control handle gives you the ability to control your dog if they attempt to run away or get very excited because of new company. The lining of this collar has soft padding to enhance your dog's comfort while preventing irritation.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Excellent Elite Spanker is very affordable. It is an excellent collar for teaching your Pitbull how to walk close to you. A control handle comes in handy when training your pit baby. It’s going to show you’re a pal who’s boss while teaching them how to control their energy.

However, it’s not weatherproof or odor resistant. That doesn’t take away from its ruggedness and heavy-duty performance. It is a collar like no other at a price that anyone can afford.


The Blueberry Dog Collar is excellent because it has two D-rings to add more security to keep your dog attached to its leash. The dog collar has a quick-release buckle with a D-ring on each side.

Once the leash is attached to both matte gray coated D-rings, the collar can’t be opened, even if the buckle breaks. If the buckle breaks or malfunctions, you won’t lose your pet or your collar.

The Blueberry collar has 3M reflective threads that increase visibility for you and your pet.

Comfort & Durability
Blueberry Pet

It’s full of style charm that doesn’t leave out any of the essential features needed to provide safety comfortably and the ability to last through inclement weather.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The reflective feature of the collar is ideal for traveling with your Pitbull because it will require you to walk during times where your visibility is compromised. The more visible you and your pet are, the safer you are.

While this collar is not waterproof, it does dry within an hour, making it ideal for active dogs who love swimming, playing in the mud, or just wobbling in anything containing moisture. It’s also machine washable.

A nice feature of the Blueberry dog collar for Pitbull’s is that it has a loop connected to the logo to hold any charms tags or style necessary accessories.

BONAWEN: The Pitbull Spiked Collar

The BONAWEN Leather dog collar with studded spikes is made out of pure grain genuine leather. The inside of the collar is composed of treated soft leather that prevents skin irritation and choking.

Sharp spikes are spread throughout the collar to prevent your dog from serious injury if they are attacked and bitten by another dog. It is a unique and sturdy collar that comes in black, pink, or red. The spiked Pitbull collar is probably the most stylish collar on our list.

Strong & Stylish
Bonawen Leather Dog Collar

The BONAWEN collar won’t break under the pressure of even the strongest dog in the town.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Pitbull‘s are very toned and muscular dogs.  The pitbull spiked collar has the rugged look to complement that. It’s also very sturdy.

The collar is especially ideal if you have two dogs that enjoy pulling off each other’s collars. The only thing to watch out for when using this collar is getting scratched by it. Individuals can get small knicks and scratches when using this collar.

In some cases, the pitbull spiked collar may even poke holes or rip furniture. If this becomes a problem for you, it may be best to take the collar off while in the home.  Opt to put it on when going for a walk or traveling. It is definitely a style charm to love and protect your furry friend.

Bully’s Pitbull Collar

Bully’s Pitbull collar is made of heavy-duty nylon. All of the hardware on the collar is stainless steel.

The Bully collar made it to our list because of its longevity. It also comes in red and black.  The black option is outlined in red. The collar doesn’t wear from washing repeatedly, and its sapphire blue design makes it another excellent style option.

Strong Collar for Strong Dogs

The Bully is a heavy-duty collar that’s meant to be comfortable as well as great for training. It’s adjustable, washable, and has an extra-wide design for enhanced comfort.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The buckle on this collar is very thick to ensure a comfortable and secure hold. Once the collar is secured around your dog’s neck, you never have to worry about them wiggling out of it. If you’ve tried multiple collars that have failed, this is a collar to try.

The Bully’s collar is on the wide side, but it’s still very lightweight. This increases comfortability and prevents your dog from rejecting the collar. The nylon webbing allows your dog’s skin to breathe while preventing skin irritation.

The collar is a little more expensive than the others mentioned before it. However, it is a necessary accessory that you wouldn’t have to replace for years to come.


DezizeusK9’s dog collar with a control handle and quick-release metal buckle is an excellent option for Pitbull training. It is sturdy and dependable. The collar comes in six different colors, all with the Velcro ID tag space.

When you receive your collar, it will have the American flag magic sticker.  However, you can pull off the tag and replace it with one of your likings. Or you can add another patch since the Velcro area is big enough for two stickers.

Sharp Looking Collar

The collar is made of nylon webbing, which is essential to comfortability. Nylon webbing protects your dog's neck from irritation, and it’s soft. You never have to worry about it getting damaged with regular use.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The control handle is the best feature of this collar, similar to the Excellent Elite Spanker. 

It will be your saving grace in the case that someone knocks on the door or if you suddenly need to control your pitty unexpectedly. 

The big difference between these two is that the Dezizeusk9 is fully adjustable. The collar will grow with your dog without you ever needing to purchase another. It adjusts down to 15 inches and up to 25 inches which fits most Pitbull’s. Another feature of this wonderful collar is the extra loop made for customer tags.

Miles Tactical Dog Collar

The Miles Tactical Dog Collar with a heavy-duty cobra buckle for large dogs is specially crafted for active, strong dogs such as the Pitbull. 

The tactical dog collar is considered to be a high-end collar that not only makes the life of your dog more effortless but makes wearing a collar something you never have to worry about anymore. 

Made in USA
Miles Tactical

The collar is made of a genuine cobra belt and able to withstand close to 4000 pounds of force.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The D-ring is constructed large enough to fit a larger leash hook as well as dog tags.  The cobra buckle engineering lets you easily take it off and put it on in seconds.  It is available in black and brown. We love that the Miles Tactical Store stands by its products. 

They offer a one-year replacement warranty in the case that the unexpected happens.  While this collar is made for stubborn Pitbull training, Miles understands that life happens and cares about their customers’ experiences.

They give you the choice of getting a refund or a new collar.   The tactical dog collar may be a more expensive option, but it gives you the flexibility of never dealing with the headache of figuring out how to get a new one.

Military Collar

The Military dog collar from the Bobipaw store comes with a dog control handle, metal buckle, and Velcro magic sticker nametag. The nametag will never fade because it is embroidered into the material, not printed. The collar is a favorite of military and police fans. 

Once again, we have another collar with a control handle best used for gaining immediate control of your friend during training and other activities. 

Name Engraving Feature
Bobipaw Military Collar

Inside the military dog collar is padding made of brie that will prevent your furry companion from choking.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The metal buckle gives you the option of locking and unlocking the collar to ensure it never comes off of your dog’s neck. It is an ideal choice for training aggressive, stubborn, and high-energy pups like the Pitbull. 

Even better, if you have two dogs, you never have to worry about roughhousing injuring the collar, creating the need to buy another one. The material is so thick that it’s almost impossible for your dog to chew through it. 

Available in brown, black, and navy green, the military dog collar will not disappoint.  The 1.5-inch width and rounded corners for extended wear won’t irritate your pal’s skin. It holds steady even when you are training and having to use the control handle vigorously.

Soft Touch Leather Pitbull Collar

The Soft Touch collar is one of the best Pitbull collar options as long as you don’t mind a little maintenance. These leather pitbull collars are made of pure, naturally tanned, genuine leather. 

It may scratch easily, but you can rest assured that it was produced without any harsh dyes or chemicals that could irritate the sensitive skin of your pitty pup. The soft leather won’t rub or chaff your pup’s skin. 

Luxury Real Leather
Soft Touch Collar

Soft Touch Collar is a high-end collar void of the high-end price. The collar even comes with a lifetime guarantee.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

However, the scratches can be easily removed with mink oil. The Soft Touch collar has a ring that can be used to hang your dog tags on. It also comes with a 1.5-inch width for added comfort to fit Pitbull’s with a neck diameter between 18 and 21. 

We consider this collar to be another high-end option because of its ability to hold your active Pitbull and its beautiful two-toned luxury look and feel.

You buy it once, and you are covered for a lifetime. For those of you who prefer leather, simplicity, and security, you get the best of both worlds. Now that’s the kind of faith to motivate you to try out the custom leather collar.  

The W/W Lifetime Gold Dog Chain collar is one of the best dog chains for Pitbulls because it’s sturdy and has an excellent style that’s totally different from the rest. The collar is made of strong stainless steel heavy-duty Cuban links that are coated in 18 karate gold. 

Believe it or not, the Pitbull Cuban link collar can last you for many years. The buckle has a clasp that locks and unlocks easily. Tests show that even with about 700 pounds of force, the collar cannot be pulled apart.

Made to fit pitty’s with a neck diameter between 14 and 26 inches, it’s unchewable and a superb all-purpose style choice. However, the collar is not adjustable, meaning that if your pitty can’t comfortably fit a collar with these measurements, it may not be the collar for you.

This collar has the toughest D-ring out of all of them because it’s welded into the buckle so that it will never break or wear down.  It’s backed by a lifetime warranty to reassure you that you’ve made the best choice with your purchase.

Dog Collars for Pitbulls: The Buying Guide

Choosing the best pitbull collar for your best friend is an individual decision. What works for your pet may not be the ideal choice for a different pitbull. However, you want a safe collar for your animal and works for both of you, especially when you are out in public. 

Be sure to consider these critical elements so you can make the right decision. 


The many styles and types of collars for pitbulls vary depending on their intended purpose. While some owners may have a multi-purpose collar, others opt for different types when doing various activities. 

Do you need a collar or a harness for daily walks? Is your best friend a water lover, and do you need one when you go kayaking together? Does your new pitbull pull on his lead, or do you need to have better control when you are out in public? 

Once you determine why your dog needs the collar, you can further narrow down your choices to types of material and additional special features. 

Material and Durability 

The material that makes up the dog collar should be conducive to the activity your pet does. If you purchase the wrong material, the collar may smell, your dog can develop skin irritations or other health problems. 

A simple nylon collar can hold your dog’s identification tags if they get out accidentally or when you take them out in public on walks. A neoprene style is ideal for dogs who love to spend time in the water, while self-correcting collars can help some dogs from pulling excessively while out on a leash. 

The type of material your dog’s collar contains will also help to determine its durability. You do not want a collar that will fall apart or lose pieces, which could be a choking hazard later. Collars are an investment, and you do not want to spend money on a new one often if you do not have to. 

Remember that you should remove your dog’s collar when they are playing with other dogs. Leaving their collar on during playtime may pose risks of teeth or nails getting caught, dogs choking, or even damaging the collar. 

Special Features 

Some dog collars will offer special features that make them stand out. From breakaway mechanisms with double-rings to models with control handles, owners sometimes select one with unique attributes when choosing between two different brands. 

Other special collar features can include personalization to identify your dog easier and attachment hardware for leashes or other special tags. 

Size and Fit 

Once you decide on the type of collar your pitbull needs, getting the correct size and fit for them is of utmost importance. There are many dangers associated with animals who wear collars that do not fit them correctly. The collar should fit properly to keep your pitbull safe at all times.

Pitbulls will come in many sizes and grow quickly, making the fit even more challenging. If you get your friend as a puppy, you want to ensure you consistently check the collar’s fit as they grow so it will not become too tight. In addition, you should prepare to purchase more than one collar throughout their lifetime. 

Some larger pitbulls, especially those who like to pull on their leads, should have a wider-fitting collar. If the collar width is too thin, it can put extreme pressure on their windpipe and cause damage. Thicker collars will help distribute energy to avoid harm if they pull when out for a walk. 

Your dog’s collar should fit snug on the neck, so it is not too loose or too tight. A good rule of thumb is to place two fingers vertically under the collar comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my dog have to wear a collar all the time?

Your dog does not have to wear a collar all the time, especially when at home. However, state law requires you to have a collar and a leash on your dog if they are in a public place. If this doesn’t happen, you run the risk of getting fined by law enforcement.

What material irritates the skin of Pitbull’s?

Leather, nylon, and neoprene are the best materials for avoiding skin allergies in Pitbulls. Avoid collars without these materials. Your dog will thank you.

How do you train a dog with a control handle?

The control handle is used to stop your dog in its tracks from doing something wrong. Spending time practicing combining commands and the control handle will teach them to listen to you and understand commands. 

For example, setting a treat on the floor in front of your dog and repeating the “stay” command while holding them back with the control handle is a method of training.

Does the Velcro wear out on the magic sticker ID label?

Velcro does wear out over time, but that depends on how much you switch the magic stickers. If you apply magic stickers and don’t remove them for years, the Velcro will continue to work as expected. If you are changing the stickers regularly, the Velcro will begin to wear out. 

Does the width of the collar make a difference?

Thicker collars provide more neck support for your Pitbull. They reduce pressure and discomfort, especially when they have to be pulled to prevent them from running.

There are many lovely collars out there. How do I choose the best one?

Now that you know what the best collars for your Pitbull are, you can choose one based on your personal styling preference and one that will meet and exceed your needs as a pitty parent. Many of them come with a warranty to further protect your investment.

What should I look for in a dog collar?

When shopping for the best Pitbull collar, it is essential to consider a collar made of neoprene, leather, or nylon to protect their skin. Then narrow down the collars based on sturdiness and safety features (buckle locks, reflective stitching, control handle, water, and odor resistance) that you need to train and protect your dog. 

What happens if your dog doesn’t have on a collar in a public place?

It’s important to understand that everyone isn’t a dog lover. Many fear dogs. No matter how well trained they are, a dog running around without a collar will create an uncomfortable situation. Not to mention, it can get you a hefty fine because it violates a law set in place to protect you, your dog, and the general public.

Should I take my dog’s collar off at night?

It is not required, but it is good practice. Taking your dog’s collar off at night will give their skin time to receive oxygen while, in some cases, helping them relax more comfortably.

Why does my dog get excited when I take off his collar?

Dogs always identify an action with a result. If you take their collar off before bed, the excitement is “cuddle time with the master.” When you put it on in the morning, the excitement is “we’re going for a walk or ride.”

Can a collar harm your dog?

Yes, a collar can harm your dog if it’s too heavy or made of materials that irritate the skin. Choke collars inflict pain and shortness of breath to slow down your Pitbull, but unfortunately, in many cases, these headstrong dogs won’t skip a beat with it.

They continue pulling, causing their eyes to water and a struggle to breathe if they have set their mind on pulling to get to another dog or person. That’s why things like the control handle work much better.

Cool Collars for Pitbulls: Wrapping Up

Pitbull’s are sweet but stubborn, muscular but lovable, and one of the best companions in the world.  The best collars for Pitbulls give you the ability to exercise control when needed while keeping them safe. 

Heavy-duty Pitbull collars withstand weather and are easy to clean and prevent your dog from being uncomfortable and experiencing skin irritation and chafing.

The Black Rhino Collar is the overall best collar for Pitbulls.  It has all the features for the best price. It achieves comfort, safety, and style. 

Our Top Pick
Black Rhino

The Black Rhino collar is inexpensive compared to how long it will last and how good the color will look years from now. It is by far the best collar for a solid and active breed.

Our Rating:
We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Comparing the Black Rhino collar to the others proves that it has all the pros without the cons.  Because it’s weatherproof and odor resistant, there’s virtually no maintenance.  You can depend on it to last for years to come while never going out of style.

It’s inexpensive and features reflective stitching that makes you and your dog more visible to oncoming drivers. Last, it’s made of neoprene padding, one of the best materials that prevent irritation to the sensitive skin on your pitty’s neck. It is the heavy-duty lightweight solution to meeting your collar needs.

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