How Fast Can a Pitbull Run? Here’s Their Impressive Top Speed and Other Interesting Facts

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Centuries ago, Pitbulls were famous in dog fighting competitions. They were specifically bred to be aggressive and incredibly powerful.

Today, Pitbulls are popular companions for humans. An inactive, bored Pitbull will wreak havoc in your home. From tearing up the couch and attacking other animals to breaking the fence, many owners are oblivious to the solution.

Little has changed regarding the genetics of Pitbulls. The aggression is still there, but running is the best way for your four-legged buddy to blow some steam off instead of dog fighting.

How fast can Pitbulls run? Read on to find out.   

How Fast Are Pitbulls? Pitbull Top Speed

Pitbulls have an intimidating build with muscles that bulge out and a stern face few people want to mess with. But have you ever noticed that their legs are significantly shorter than those of other standard-sized dogs? This is their well-kept secret to hitting mind-blowing speeds!

The average Pitbull can hit speeds of 25 to 30 miles per hour. Quite impressive for a dog. Pitbulls have an advantage over other dogs because of their build. Physical features like their broad shoulders, large abdominal muscles, short legs, and sharp eyes set them apart and give them an advantage over other dogs.

Not to mention that it helps a great deal that Pitbulls are just as mentally relentless as they are physically able.


Pitbulls have muscles on their chest and shoulder areas that play a massive role in moving their forelimbs when running. Therefore, the dog can achieve high running speeds and keep at it for a while without getting tired.

Other physical features like their long nose mean that your pitbull won’t struggle to breathe when running.

All these, put together, are why a pitbull emerges top in a dog running match.

How Many Miles Can a Pitbull Run?

How many miles can a pitbull run without stopping? The average pitbull weighs between 35 and 60 pounds. It’s unbelievable how such a small dog can run as fast as it does. Thanks to its petite body, most of which is made up of pure muscle, a pitbull can accelerate faster. But don’t get carried away.

Most Pitbulls can hit top speeds within seconds but get tired just as quickly. A Pitbull cannot sustain its best speeds for a long duration.

Your Pitbull can run at top speed for no more than a mile at a time. As a dog owner, avoid overestimating how much strength and endurance your dog has. Choose an ideal route and set the correct distance for your dog’s routine exercise.

Pushing your dog further than necessary risks exhausting or injuring your Pitbull.

How Fast Can a Pitbull Run Compared to Other Dogs?

Few dog breeds can run faster than Pitbulls. However, dogs like the Greyhound hold the title of ‘fastest dog in the world.’

The German Shepherd, for example, is a famous dog that can hit the same top speeds as a pitbull, while the Labrador Retriever can hit speeds of 25 mph.

The Pitbull stands out from other dogs because its features give it an advantage, especially when you want to train your dog for specific purposes like competitions, combat, etc. The American Pitbull Terrier has larger muscles thus, is significantly more powerful and faster compared to other dog breeds.

Are Pitbulls Good Running Dogs?

Running with Pitbulls is one of the most rewarding bonding moments for dog owners. Pitbulls make excellent running buddies because you can run as fast as possible, but you can never outrun your dog—Pitbulls are remarkably fast!

They don’t get tired fast and have the stamina to keep running at the same speed as you. These dogs are perfect running partners because it’s a chance to kill two birds with one stone. You can get your daily workout in and simultaneously ensure your dog gets regular exercise too. It keeps you both healthy and active.

Although Pitbulls are built for speed, they have a breaking point.

Are Pitbulls Good Running Partners?

With the right bait, your Pitbull’s strength and agility are instantly triggered to jump insanely high or run super-fast. Your dog’s adrenalin kicks in when they’ve got to chase something. A perfect opportunity to marvel at how a seemingly quiet dog at home proves a beast on the track.

No doubt, Pitbulls are excellent runners. Here are a few points that make Pitbulls perfect running companions:

They Love a Challenge

Running is a welcome challenge for your dog to keep up with you on the running trail. Whether running at slow or fast speeds, your dog releases pent-up energy by exercising with you.

It Helps Build Social Skills

Running helps your dog enhance manners—improves social skills and mental health. When your dog runs with you frequently, they will learn to focus on the run even when they come across other dogs. 

When you pause to take a water break, your dog will not become aggressive about people petting him or coming close to you because they’re used to it. 

You also become more social as many people will approach you, wanting to spark conversation or compliment you and your dog.


You’ll always have plenty of protection should you face a threat on the running trail. Your Pitbull is ever alert and will swing into action or scare off criminals and wrong-doers lingering around you.


They have the endurance to run and keep up with you without developing complications or needing many breaks. On the other hand, your dog motivates you to keep going because they won’t get tired easily.

Builds a Strong Bond

If you have a busy schedule, routine runs may be the only chance you and your dog spend quality time. Therefore, running with your Pitbull makes you close friends.

Running with a Pitbull: Can Pitbulls Run Long Distance?

Avoid bringing your Pitbull on long-distance runs.  Pitbulls are fast, but like cheetahs and other fast animals, they cannot keep up their top speeds for too long.

How Long Can Pitbulls Run Without Stopping?

A regular 30-minute run or 1-hour jog/walk is perfect for your Pitbull. However, if you’re training for more than 6 miles, your Pitbull may experience difficulty keeping up. Below are some reasons why Pitbulls should stay out of long runs.

Shorter Snouts

Most Pitbulls have shorter snouts which would be fine for a quick run but prove inadequate for long-distance runs. It explains why your dog pants harder or develops breathing issues if you run for many miles without a break.

Shorter Legs

Pitbulls have short legs and smaller feet that cannot handle long-distance running demands.

Easily Distracted

Another reason why it’s not a good idea to bring your Pitbull on a long-distance run is that they get easily distracted. A squirrel, cat, or bird triggers a dog’s natural hunting instincts, forcing him to go off track. 

Not only does this interfere with your need to keep up the same pace and stay on track, but it can also pose a danger to your dog if you’re running on a rough, rocky, steep trail.

Other Ways to Exercise Your Dog

Besides running, there are numerous other safe ways to exercise your dog and explore his capabilities. They include:

Weight Pulling

Having your dog run with weights on is excellent practice for training your dog without jeopardizing his health. Weight pulling allows your dog to build muscle and presents an activity challenging enough to attend to all your dog’s physical and mental needs.

Depending on your dog’s weight and age, start with small weights and work your way up. Set aside at least 20 to 30 minutes daily for weight-pulling exercises.

Agility Training

Take your Pitbull to the dog camp and have him run through tunnels, jump through hula hoops, and maneuver weaving poles, among numerous other challenges.

Agility training tests your dog’s endurance, strength, tenacity, and mental capacity. Your dog dictates how fast it runs and can slow down or stop whenever it wants to take a break.


If you live in the countryside, you should explore your Pitbull’s hearing abilities to keep him fit and occupied. Pitbulls can offer protection for their human companions but have hidden talents like herding animals. These dogs can look after cattle, goats, sheep, and even donkeys!

Pitbulls are super intelligent and will keep your herd from straying away into a prohibited territory and protect them from potential danger by wild animals.

Water Sports

If you own a swimming pool, consider trading your daily run for a few laps in the water. Pitbulls enjoy playing fetch on land, but it’s just as exciting for them in the water. Shallow lakes and swimming holes are also great alternative exercise places for your dog.

It cools them down on a hot summer day and keeps them active for the day.

Search and Rescue

Like a child in a candy store, search and rescue are more like creating a treasure hunt activity for your dog. Even when yours is a small compound, your dog will thoroughly enjoy digging up bones, finding their favorite toys, and tugging at ropes strategically set up or hidden in different locations.

You may also sign up your dog for professional training to help law enforcement officers in search and rescue activities. This includes sniffing for illegal substances, catching criminals, and tracking lost items/people.

Dog-running Competitions

Pit bulls have a huge advantage in some dog-running competitions due to their excellent running talents. If you’re planning a fun and intense dog-running competition, prizes are a must.

Customized medals are common but unique because of their personalization. It’s an exciting moment when award medals. You can choose some representative symbols of dogs to customize medals, such as dog’s paws and images to customize into medals, which will stimulate dog lovers’ idea of participation. Such a medal is not only an honor but also a souvenir between you and your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about Pitbulls and their top speed.

How fast can a Pitbull run at full speed?

Pitbulls can run at a top speed of 30 miles per hour over short distances. On the other hand, Pitbulls can run at a top average speed of 13 miles per hour for long distances.

How long can Pitbulls run non-stop?

A healthy Pitbull that receives regular training can run at top speeds of 13 miles per hour for about 2 to 7 miles without stopping.

What’s the name of the fastest Pitbull in the world?

Louie the Bullet Dog is the fastest Pitbull on record. This is an adventurous dog that lives in the mountains where there’s plenty of physical activity like hiking and skiing alongside its owner.

How fast can a Pitbull run compared to other dogs?

A Pitbull ranks 23 on the fastest dogs list globally. Pitbulls can run at 25 to 30 miles per hour with dog breeds like the Greyhound and African Wild Dog leading the pack.

Why should I run with my Pitbull?

You may barely keep up with your Pitbull on your occasional morning run but running with your dog teaches him other values including following orders, how to avoid other distractions, and much more.

Can I outrun a Pitbull?

A human’s top speed is 10 to 13 mph. So, no, you cannot outrun a Pitbull. If a dog attacks you, avoid running. Instead, back away slowly or climb on top of a car or tree to avoid getting bitten.

What is the fastest dog in the world?

The Grey Hound holds the fastest dog title globally. This dog breed can hit a resounding 45 mph, a whopping 15 miles faster than a Pitbull.

Why are Pitbulls so strong?

The Bulldog and the Terrier are the two dog breeds used to create the Pitbull. The unique features of these two breeds make Pitbulls incredibly strong, intelligent, and athletic.

What commands can pit bulls learn?

Pitbulls are fierce dog breeds used to bait bears, fight other dogs, and herd animals centuries ago. Today, Pitbulls serve as great companion dogs, herd animals, and protect their owners and property. They are eager to please you and can do almost anything you command.

How Fast Is A Pitbull? Final Say

Pitbulls are fast! They may have a bad rep for being intimidating and aggressive, but most of the time, your dog is irritable because it’s not getting enough exercise. Above is everything you need to know about running with a pitbull and its top speed.

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