20 Things Your Cat HATES About You

Dear human, it’s time we address the grievous errors in your ways. I, your superior feline companion, have compiled a list of your most heinous habits. Brace yourself for some harsh truths.

1. Ignoring My Personal Space

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Must you hover like a bothersome bee? A bit of distance goes a long way, especially with someone of my standing.

2. Loud Noises

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The cacophony you call “living” is quite the torture. Your boisterous devices and raucous blathering are most disturbing. Keep the serenity, or be judged harshly.

3. Inconsistent Feeding Times

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Would you dare serve the Queen her tea late? I think not. Timeliness in my meals is non-negotiable. Do try to keep up.

4. Overhandling

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Your incessant need to paw at me with your doughy hands is unbecoming. I am not a common stuffed animal; I am royalty.

5. Dirty Litter Box

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Expecting me to tread through filth? Absolutely barbaric. Maintain my facilities with the diligence they deserve, or I shall take drastic measures.

6. Unwanted Belly Rubs

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Your audacity knows no bounds. My belly is not for your amusement. Touch me there again and feel my wrath.

7. Strong Scents

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Your olfactory offenses are truly ghastly. Must I endure your chemical concoctions? Opt for less pungent choices lest you irritate my delicate senses.

8. Changes in Routine

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Your unpredictable lifestyle is quite vexing. Stability is the cornerstone of any distinguished household. Do not disrupt the order.

9. Lack of Attention

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To ignore me is to ignore the sun in the sky—foolish and futile. Your neglect will be noted and not forgotten.

10. Overcrowded Living Space

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Your collection of trinkets and clutter is unsightly. A clean, open space reflects a clear mind. Please, declutter or I may just assist you.

11. Forced Socialisation

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Introducing me to everyone that traipses through our doors? Unacceptable. My presence is a privilege, not a right.

12. Poor Diet

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The swill you dare call food is barely fit for a rodent. Elevate your offerings to match my exquisite taste or be silently scorned.

13. Not Enough Stimulation

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My intellect requires stimulation beyond the mundane. Provide entertainment worthy of my attention, or watch your curtains pay the price.

14. Ignoring Health Issues

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To overlook my subtle signs of distress shows a lack of breeding. Regular check-ups are a must. Tend to my health, or be deemed incompetent.

15. Uncomfortable Sleeping Areas

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What peasant-like conditions are these? I demand sleeping quarters befitting my regal status. Anything less is a grave insult.

16. Neglecting Grooming

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I maintain my coat with grace, but assistance is required. Neglect this duty at your peril.

17. Overcrowding My Territory

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This is my realm, and I am its sovereign. Additional creatures must be vetted by me—extensively.

18. Not Respecting My Time Alone

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Your constant presence is overbearing. Even a monarch enjoys solitude away from the eyes of the common folk.

19. Lack of Vertical Space

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I was born to rule from high places. Provide adequate elevation, or be subject to my discontent.

20. Rough Play

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Your idea of play is uncouth. Learn the finesse of a gentle touch, or cease altogether.

Paws and Reflect

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Now that you’re thoroughly chastised, do better. Heed my words and elevate your service to meet my exacting standards. Perhaps then you’ll be worthy of my gracious purr.

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