Revealed: 18 Things You Cat Gets Up to When Left Home Alone

Think your cat spends its alone time pining for your return? Think again. These clever creatures have their own agenda the moment you turn the key to leave. Here’s a glimpse into the sly world of a cat left to its own devices.

1. The Throne Takeover

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Your favourite armchair? It’s been commandeered as the official royal throne the second you’re out. Your cat knows comfort and isn’t shy about taking the best seat in the house.

2. Counter Surfing Expedition

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Those kitchen counters you keep so immaculately clean? They become a feline adventure park, with your cat defying gravity (and your rules) in a quest for crumbs or just the thrill of being somewhere forbidden.

3. Strategic Knockdowns

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That delicate vase you’ve positioned just so? It’s subject to a strategic swipe, testing gravity and your patience, all in the name of feline physics.

4. Unauthorised Food Tasting

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The moment you leave, your pantry and any unsecured food become part of a taste-testing experiment, where your cat decides what’s worthy of its palate.

5. Drawer Diving

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Your carefully organised drawers? They’re just another landscape for exploration. Your cat’s mission: to burrow and leave behind a trail of fur and mystery.

6. Secret Sleeping Spots

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Your bed, usually off-limits, becomes the prime nap zone, complete with fur on your pillow as a cheeky “I was here” signature.

7. Toilet Paper Shenanigans

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That neatly rolled toilet paper? It’s now a streamer, courtesy of your cat’s claw work, celebrating your absence with every unspooled metre.

8. Personal Item Relocation

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Keys, pens, or anything small and shiny find new homes under furniture or in cat nests. It’s a treasure hunt when you return, whether you like it or not.

9. Plant Life Interrogation

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Houseplants aren’t just for decoration; they’re for batting, nibbling, and uprooting, turning your home into a jungle of feline curiosity.

10. Scent Marking Missions

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Your scent is everywhere, but your cat needs to remind you who really owns the place. Pillows, carpets, and your laundry get the special treatment.

11. Lounging in Forbidden Areas

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The dining table, your laptop keyboard, and other “no-go” zones? They’re now prime lounging spots, flaunting the rules with feline impunity.

12. Mysterious Noises Investigation

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Every creak and shadow is thoroughly investigated and potentially blamed on ghosts, with your cat as the fearless detective (or the instigator).

13. Security System Testing

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Alarms, cameras, or motion detectors? Your cat sees these as challenges to its stealth and agility, often winning the game you didn’t know you were playing.

14. Window Sill Command Center

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The window sill transforms into a command center, where your cat monitors the neighbourhood with a discerning eye and judges all who pass by.

15. Interactive TV Time

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Svetlana Rey

The television isn’t off-limits; it’s a touch screen for paws, with your cat critiquing and pawing at whatever moves on the screen.

16. Linen Closet Exploration

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Cavan-Images

Linen closets are no longer for storage; they’re for deep, investigative dives into softness, with your towels and sheets rearranged for optimum comfort.

17. Toy Redistribution

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Jolanda Aalbers

All those cat toys you neatly store? They’re redistributed throughout the house, creating a landscape of playful obstacles for you to discover.

18. Silent Phone Calls

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Ever find mysterious calls made from your landline or your mobile with apps opened? Your cat’s been dialling the world, trying to order more treats or just to say “meow.”

The Cat’s Out of the Bag

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Svetlana Rey

Next time you leave, remember: Your cat isn’t just waiting; it’s ruling the roost with a velvet paw and a twinkle of mischief in its eye. Welcome to the subtle tyranny of the feline overlord in your home.

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