21 Lessons to Learn From Your Pet on Judging People at First Sight

As a street-smart dog who’s seen it all, let me give you some tips on sizing up humans the way I do. Ever wondered how to tell if someone’s trustworthy right off the bat? Here are 21 lessons from yours truly on judging people at first sight.

1. Trust Your Gut

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If something feels off, it probably is. Always go with your initial gut reaction when meeting someone new.

2. Watch Their Body Language

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Check out how they stand and move. Relaxed posture and open gestures usually mean they’re friendly.

3. Listen to Their Voice

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It’s not just the words, but the tone. A calm, steady voice is usually a good sign.

4. Look for Consistency

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People who say one thing and do another? Avoid them. Consistency is key in knowing someone’s true character.

5. Observe How They Treat Others

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Watch how they interact with waiters or other dogs. How they treat others says a lot about them.

6. Notice Their Entrance

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Do they walk in with confidence or sneak in quietly? Confidence can be good, but arrogance? Not so much.

7. Eye Contact

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Avoiding eye contact can mean they’re nervous or hiding something. Steady eye contact usually means they’re confident and honest.

8. Sense of Smell

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Alright, you can’t smell fear like I can, but you can sense it. Nervous people might not be reliable.

9. Sense of Humour

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A good laugh goes a long way. Someone who can joke around is likely good company.

10. Check Out Their Friends

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You’re known by the company you keep. Look at their friends to get a sense of who they are.

11. Gut Reaction

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First impressions matter. How do you feel about them in the first few seconds?

12. Shared Interests

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Do they light up when you talk about your favourite things? Shared passions can be a good foundation.

13. Personal Space

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Do they respect your space or get too close too fast? Respecting boundaries is important.

14. Compassion

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See how they react when someone needs help. Compassionate responses are a good sign of a kind heart.

15. Energy Levels

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Do they match your energy or seem off? Being on the same wavelength is important for compatibility.

16. Tone of Voice

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Listen to the tone when they speak. Genuine people have a warm and steady tone.

17. Follow-Through

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Do they do what they say they will? Reliability is a big deal in any relationship.

18. Handling Stress

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Watch how they deal with stressful situations. Staying calm under pressure is a good trait.

19. Patience

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Are they patient, or do they get annoyed quickly? Patience is a virtue, my friend.

20. Openness

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Do they seem open and honest, or are they guarded? Transparency is a good indicator of trustworthiness.

21. Intuition

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At the end of the day, trust your intuition. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Trust Your Instincts, Just Like I Do

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Take it from me, a dog who’s seen it all—trust your instincts and watch closely. You’ll be a great judge of character in no time.

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