20 Hilarious Dog Pics, Just Because It’s Monday

Mondays can be tough, but a good laugh can make all the difference. Here are 20 hilarious dog pictures to brighten your day and get you through the week with a smile.

1. The Sunglasses Dog

Image Credit: Pexel / Simona Kidrič

This cool pup is rocking a pair of oversized sunglasses. Its laid-back attitude and stylish accessory are sure to make you chuckle.

2. Derpy Tongue Out

Image Credit: Pexel / Becerra Govea Photo

Caught mid-lick, this dog’s tongue is hilariously stuck out. The goofy expression is pure comedy gold.

3. Wrapped Up in Toilet Paper

Image Credit: Pexel / freestocks.org

This mischievous dog got into the toilet paper and ended up wrapped like a mummy. Its guilty face is priceless.

4. The Sneezing Spaniel

Image Credit: Pexel / Altaf Shah

Captured mid-sneeze, this Spaniel’s scrunched-up face and half-closed eyes are absolutely hilarious.

5. Cone of Shame

Image Credit: Pexel / Rachael Holzman

Wearing the dreaded cone of shame, this dog looks both pitiful and funny. Its dramatic expression adds to the humour.

6. Puppy Pile-Up

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Nejron Photo

A bunch of puppies piled on top of each other is not just cute but also funny. Their tangled bodies and sleepy faces are a delight.

7. Sofa Sprawl

Image Credit: Shutterstock / sophiecat

This dog has taken over the sofa, sprawled out in the most awkward position. Its comfort level is enviable and amusing.

8. Windblown Ears

Image Credit: Pexel / Kampus Production

This pup with its ears blown back by the wind looks like it’s having the time of its life. The comical effect is simply perfect.

9. The Yoga Dog

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Olga Alper

Caught in a stretching pose, this dog looks like it’s doing yoga. The focus and flexibility are both impressive and funny.

10. Cookie Monster

Image Credit: Pexel / Eda Yurtkuran

This dog with its mouth full of cookies looks both guilty and happy. The sheer joy in its eyes is sure to make you laugh.

11. Bedtime Burrito

Image Credit: Pexel / Ryszard Zaleski


Snuggled up and wrapped tightly in a blanket, this dog resembles a burrito. Its snugness is hilariously cute.

12. The Judgmental Look

Image Credit: Pexel / Efrem Efre

This dog’s expression of pure judgment is spot-on. Its raised eyebrow and piercing stare are amusingly human-like.

13. The Zoomies

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Mary Swift

Caught mid-zoomies, this dog’s wild eyes and flapping ears are a riot. The sheer joy of running in circles is infectious.

14. Glasses and Tie

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Reshetnikov_art

Dressed up in glasses and a tie, this dog looks like it’s ready for a business meeting. The serious expression adds to the humour.

15. Bathtub Disaster

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Jaromir Chalabala

A wet dog in the bath with water and suds everywhere looks hilariously displeased. Its soggy, pitiful look is comedy gold.

16. The Head Tilt

Image Credit: Shutterstock / JessicaMcGovern

This dog’s exaggerated head tilt in response to a funny sound is adorable and funny. The look of curiosity is priceless.

17. Caught Red-Pawed

Image Credit: Shutterstock / In Green

This dog caught in the act of raiding the trash looks hilariously guilty. The mess around it and the sheepish expression are too funny.

18. Sunglasses at Night

Image Credit: Pexel / Josip Štiburek

This dog insists on wearing sunglasses indoors, at night. The resulting look is both cool and ridiculous.

19. The Sneaky Stealer

Image Credit: Shutterstock / GoodFocused

Caught mid-sneak, this dog is trying to steal food from the counter. The look of concentration and guilt is hilarious.

20. The Bubble Chaser

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Reshetnikov_art

This dog chasing bubbles with a look of pure joy and concentration is delightfully funny. Its open mouth and wide eyes are a perfect capture.

Monday Laughs for the Win

Image Credit: Shutterstock / OlesyaNickolaeva

These hilarious dog pictures are the perfect antidote to the Monday blues. Whether you’re a dog owner or just a fan of funny animals, these pics are sure to bring a smile to your face.

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