Earning Your Cat’s Respect: 20 Keys to a Happy Coexistence

Living with a cat can sometimes feel like a battle for dominance. Tired of being ignored, disrespected, and walked all over? Here are 20 ways to demand the respect you deserve from your feline overlord.

1. Set Boundaries

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Establish what’s off-limits and enforce it consistently. Your cat will probably ignore these boundaries and continue doing as they please.

2. Be Consistent

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Stick to your rules without wavering. Your cat will take advantage of any inconsistency, so don’t expect immediate results.

3. Use Positive Reinforcement

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Reward good behaviour with treats and affection. Your cat might just take the treat and continue with their usual antics.

4. Establish a Routine

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Feed, play, and cuddle at the same times each day to create a stable environment. Your cat will likely ignore the schedule and demand attention whenever they want.

5. Provide Proper Training

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Teach your cat basic commands like “sit” and “stay.” Your cat will probably pretend to learn and then do the exact opposite.

6. Ignore Demands

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Don’t jump to their every meow. Your cat will simply find a louder, more annoying way to get your attention.

7. Offer Quality Time

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Spend quality time playing and cuddling with your cat. Your cat will enjoy it on their terms and walk away when they’ve had enough.

8. Use Firm, Calm Commands

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Speak to your cat in a firm but calm voice. Your cat will likely respond with indifference and continue their mischief.

9. Don’t Tolerate Biting or Scratching

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Firmly discourage biting or scratching. Your cat will act innocent, only to scratch the sofa the moment you turn away.

10. Provide Stimulating Toys

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Give your cat plenty of toys to keep them entertained. They’ll probably ignore the toys and find more fun in your belongings.

11. Create a Safe Space

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Magui RF

Set up a cozy, safe area for your cat to retreat to. They’ll still prefer to nap in inconvenient places like your favourite chair.

12. Respect Their Space

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Allow your cat to come to you when they’re ready. Your cat will come over just to knock something off the table and then leave.

13. Keep Feeding Areas Clean

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Maintain a clean feeding area. Your cat will still manage to make a mess and look at you to clean it up.

14. Groom Regularly

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Brush your cat to keep their coat healthy. They’ll likely squirm away and give you a disdainful look.

15. Monitor Health Closely

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Pay attention to any changes in behaviour or health. Your cat will likely hide any discomfort until it becomes a major issue.

16. Encourage Clawing on Posts

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Provide scratching posts to save your furniture. Your cat will use the posts sometimes but prefer your new sofa.

17. Use Gentle Correction

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Correct bad behaviour gently but firmly. Your cat will give you a blank stare and continue to do as they please.

18. Offer Varied Diet

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Provide a balanced and varied diet. Your cat will turn their nose up at the food one day and devour it the next.

19. Respect Their Independence

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Allow your cat to be independent. They’ll still demand attention at the most inconvenient times.

20. Love Them Unconditionally

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Show your cat unconditional love and affection. They’ll occasionally reciprocate, but mostly they’ll do as they please.

Cat Owners: The Eternal Struggle

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Trying to demand respect from your cat is a never-ending battle. Despite your best efforts, your feline friend will always have their own way of doing things. Embrace the chaos and love them for who they are.

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