Meet the Boss: 14 Signs Your Dog Calls the Shots

It’s their world, and we’re just living in it. Dogs can sometimes act like they’re in charge, and their actions often prove it. Here are fourteen signs that your dog thinks they rule the household.

1. The Best Seat Belongs to Me

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Your dog consistently chooses the prime spot on the sofa, often sprawling out so there’s no room for anyone else.

2. Dinner Time Is When I Say

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They don’t wait for meal times; they tell you it’s dinner time with persistent barking or nudging you towards their bowl.

3. I Decide the Wake-Up Time

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Forget your alarm clock; your morning starts when your dog decides it’s time, often with a wet nose to the face or a paw on the bed.

4. Walks on My Schedule

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Your plans don’t matter. If your dog starts bringing you their leash or staring at the door, it means walk time is now, according to them.

5. I Supervise All Cooking

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Every time you’re in the kitchen, there they are, monitoring each move you make—especially if it involves food preparation.

6. All Toys Are Mine

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Whether it’s their toys or the children’s, in your dog’s eyes, everything that squeaks or rolls belongs to them.

7. I Inspect All Guests

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No one gets a free pass into the house. Your dog insists on greeting everyone at the door with a thorough sniff and a critical eye, making sure they approve of each visitor.

8. Bed Space Is on My Terms

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At night, your dog doesn’t just share the bed; they dominate it. You’re often left clinging to the edge while they stretch out luxuriously in the center.

9. Attention on Demand

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Your dog doesn’t care if you’re in the middle of something important; when they want cuddles or play, they expect immediate attention.

10. I Lead, You Follow

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During walks, your dog is always a few steps ahead, pulling confidently on the leash. They’re clearly the one leading the expedition.

11. I’m the Guardian of the Realm

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Your dog takes their role as household protector seriously, barking at every passerby, squirrel, or leaf that dares to venture too close to their domain.

12. The Treats Cabinet Is Mine

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They know exactly where the treats are kept and aren’t shy about reminding you when it’s time for a snack—often standing guard by the cupboard until their demands are met.

13. I Choose My Grooming Times

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Try scheduling a bath time for your dog, and you’ll quickly learn they have their own ideas about when and how grooming should happen.

14. My Comfort Comes First

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Whether it’s adjusting the heating to suit their comfort or giving up your favourite blanket to their nesting whims, your dog’s comfort always seems to take priority.

Who’s Really in Charge?

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With such a list of demands and behaviours, it’s clear who really rules the roost. Living with a dog that thinks they’re the boss can be challenging, but it’s also filled with moments of joy and laughter that make every day interesting.

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