20 Most Popular UK Dog Names: Is Your Pet’s Name on the List?

Choosing a dog name can be as trendy as picking out baby names—and it seems like most of us are stuck on repeat. What happened to a bit of originality? Does every cute pup really have to be a Luna or a Bella?

1. Luna

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Luna has taken over both the playground and the dog park. Inspired by the mystical Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, it’s no wonder it’s a top choice. But with great popularity comes great ubiquity.

2. Bella

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Bella – because nothing says “my dog is basic” like a name borrowed from a vampire movie. Elegant? Maybe. Overused? Definitely.

3. Milo

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Milo, the go-to for dogs with a bit of spirit. Cute, yes, but don’t expect your Milo to stand out among the Milos at the dog park. Maybe we can switch it up a bit—how about something less expected, like Monty?

4. Teddy

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Teddy, for the dog that’s more stuffed animal than animal. It’s warm and cuddly, but also predictable. Why not surprise us with a Frank?

5. Daisy

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Daisy is fresh, bright, and cheerful—qualities we love in our furry friends. But with its popularity booming, it’s starting to feel a bit too common. Why not name your vibrant pet after another flower or even a herb? How about Basil?

6. Buddy

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Buddy, the name that screams, “I couldn’t be bothered to think of anything better.” Loyal? Yes. Boring? Also yes. Perhaps a twist with a name like Brodie might keep the friendly vibe without blending into the background.

7. Lola

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Lola has that splash of flair and pizzazz—perfect for a dog with a big personality. However, it’s edging towards being overdone. Looking for something equally lively? How about Lulu or even Pixie for that touch of whimsy?

8. Max

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Max is strong, classic, and… slightly worn out. It’s a safe bet, sure, but it’s also everywhere. If you’re looking for something with a similar vibe but less common, why not go for Rex or Duke?

9. Charlie

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Charlie is friendly, easygoing, and just plain nice—the golden retriever of dog names, if you will. It’s hard not to like, but it’s also hard not to bump into several Charlies on your walks. Fancy a change? Chester has a similar charm but with a bit more individuality.

10. Ruby

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Ruby, full of energy and spirit, is a gem of a name but it’s no longer rare. If you love the gemstone theme but crave something less prevalent, why not Jewel or Opal?

11. Coco

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Coco, oh so chic and sophisticated. It’s a standout name that’s becoming too familiar. If you adore the sophistication but want something unique, consider a name like Cleo.

12. Bailey

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Bailey, sweet as the Irish cream, has become a bit too mainstream. If you’re drawn to names that have a warm, inviting feel, why not go with something like Barney?

13. Rosie

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Rosie is like a walk through an English garden—lovely but quite common. If you love the floral feel but want to keep things fresh, how about Ivy or Violet?

14. Poppy

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Poppy, perky and playful, sure, but it’s on every other dog tag. Want something that still pops but isn’t as played out? Pepper might just have the spunk you’re looking for.

15. Alfie

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Alfie is as sweet as they come and just as popular. If you’re looking for charm but with a twist, how about Archie? Wait, that’s popular too… perhaps Alistair then?

16. Oscar

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Oscar, oh so posh, but it’s starting to lose its lustre with overuse. Looking for sophistication with a unique twist? How about Otto?

17. Archie

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Archie, now royally popular thanks to a certain prince, is cute but incredibly widespread. Maybe Angus could be a nobler choice?

18. Bonnie

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Bonnie, adorable and down-to-earth, yet everyone seems to have the same idea. Looking for something different but with the same friendly feel? How about Bessie?

19. Rex

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Rex, once the king of dog names, has been dethroned by its own commonness. If you’re after something regal but less predictable, consider naming your noble pup Rollo.

20. Tilly

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Tilly is sweet and spunky, but like the others, it’s getting a bit too familiar. Why not try something like Tessa for a change?

Originality in the Dog Park

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Let’s face it, our dogs deserve names as unique as their personalities. Next time you’re naming a new furry family member, think outside the usual list. Your dog won’t know the difference, but it just might start a conversation or two at the dog park!

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