17 Pet Sitter Nightmares: Are You Sure They’re Safe?

Leaving your pet in someone else’s care is a big deal. Are you confident they’re in safe hands? Here are some alarming stories and issues that might make you think twice about your choice of pet sitter.

1. Missed Medications

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Imagine your pet needing daily medication and the sitter forgetting it. This can lead to severe health declines or emergency vet visits. Always double-check your sitter’s understanding of your pet’s medical needs.

2. Great Escape

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What if your pet slipped out the door and ran into traffic because the sitter wasn’t careful? This is every pet owner’s nightmare. Ensure your sitter is meticulous about keeping doors and gates securely closed.

3. Wrong Diet

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Feeding your pet the wrong food can cause serious health issues. Some pets have strict dietary needs, and a sitter’s mistake could lead to a sudden illness or worse. Make sure they follow your feeding instructions to the letter.

4. Allergy Ignorance

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Pets with allergies need careful handling. If your sitter isn’t aware, they might expose your pet to allergens, causing dangerous reactions. Ensure they know all about your pet’s allergies.

5. Poor Supervision

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A moment of distraction can lead to accidents or injuries. Pets need constant attention, and a careless sitter can result in harm. Confirm that your sitter will supervise your pet adequately.

6. Emergency Mishandling

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In a crisis, an unprepared sitter can make things worse. Make sure your sitter knows how to handle emergencies and has a clear plan.

7. Uninvited Guests

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Having strangers in your home can stress or endanger your pet. Some sitters might invite friends over, which can lead to mishaps or even abuse. Make it clear that no one else is allowed in your home.

8. Lack of Exercise

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Pets need regular exercise, and neglecting this can lead to health and behavioural issues. Ensure your sitter will keep up with your pet’s exercise routine.

9. Ignoring Instructions

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Your pet’s well-being depends on sticking to their routine. A sitter who ignores your specific instructions can cause unnecessary stress and harm. Stress the importance of following all your guidelines.

10. Inexperienced Care

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Inexperienced sitters can miss signs of distress or illness. Choose someone who has relevant experience with your pet’s breed and specific needs.

11. Exposure to Illnesses

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Taking your pet to unclean or unsafe areas can expose them to diseases. Be clear about where your pet can and can’t go.

12. Handling Multiple Pets

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A sitter who can’t manage multiple pets properly might neglect individual needs, leading to fights or stress. Ensure they can handle all your pets together.

13. Poor Communication

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If your sitter isn’t keeping you updated or responding to your messages, it’s a red flag. Regular updates and open communication are crucial.

14. Animal Attacks

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Leaving your pet with other animals can be risky. There have been cases where pets were attacked by other animals under a sitter’s care. Ensure your pet will be safe from any aggressive pets.

15. Abuse and Neglect

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Unfortunately, there are cases of sitters abusing or neglecting pets. Make sure you thoroughly vet your sitter’s background and seek recommendations to avoid such horrors.

16. Unsafe Home Environment

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A cluttered or unsafe home can be dangerous for pets. Ensure your sitter’s home is pet-friendly and free of hazards if your pet will be staying there.

17. Unsuitable Daycare

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Not all pet daycares are created equal. Some have poor supervision, leading to fights or injuries among pets. Visit the daycare and check their policies before leaving your pet there.

Make Sure They’re Safe

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Your pet’s safety is paramount. Don’t take any chances – make sure you thoroughly vet anyone who will be taking care of your furry friend.

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