12 Red Flags of Pet Heat Stroke: Quick Responses to Save Your Pet!

When temperatures rise, your pet is at risk of heat stroke—a life-threatening condition that requires immediate action. Are you vigilant enough to spot the warning signs and act swiftly? Here are the red flags you must watch out for and how to respond urgently.

1. Excessive Panting

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Is your pet panting heavily and rapidly? This is often the first sign of heat stroke. Move them to a cool area immediately and offer small amounts of water.

2. Drooling

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Unusually thick or excessive drooling can indicate overheating. Wipe their mouth and provide a cool, damp cloth for them to lie on.

3. Red or Pale Gums

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Check your pet’s gums. Are they bright red or very pale? This is a critical warning sign. Contact your vet immediately while cooling your pet down.

4. Rapid Heartbeat

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Feel your pet’s chest. Is their heartbeat much faster than usual? Keep them calm and get them to a vet as quickly as possible.

5. Vomiting or Diarrhoea

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Have they started vomiting or having diarrhoea? These symptoms can rapidly lead to dehydration. Begin cooling measures and seek veterinary help immediately.

6. Lethargy

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Is your normally active pet suddenly lethargic? This is a major red flag. Get them to a cool place and monitor them closely.

7. Uncoordinated Movements

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Is your pet stumbling or unable to walk straight? This could be a sign of heat stroke affecting their central nervous system. Seek emergency veterinary care.

8. Weakness or Collapsing

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Has your pet become weak or even collapsed? This is a dire emergency. Cool them with wet towels and get them to a vet without delay.

9. Glazed Eyes

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Do your pet’s eyes look glazed or unfocused? This indicates severe distress. Begin cooling them down and contact your vet immediately.

10. Seizures

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Is your pet having seizures? This is an extreme sign of heat stroke. Use cool water to dampen their body and rush to the nearest vet.

11. Heavy, Laboured Breathing

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Is your pet struggling to breathe? Heavy, laboured breathing is a critical sign. Move them to a cool area and get emergency veterinary assistance.

12. Lack of Urination

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Has your pet stopped urinating? This can indicate severe dehydration. Offer small amounts of water and get them to a vet as quickly as possible.

Act Fast, Save Lives

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Heat stroke can kill quickly, but your swift action can save your pet’s life. Recognise these signs and respond immediately. Your vigilance and prompt response can make all the difference. Are you prepared to act fast and protect your pet from the dangers of heat stroke?

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