12 Ways Your Dog Is Secretly Judging You

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but that doesn’t stop them from having their own opinions about our choices. Here are twelve signs that your dog might be giving you the side-eye more often than you think.

1. “That’s Your Third Biscuit, Isn’t It?”

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When you reach for another treat, notice the subtle eyebrow raise from your dog. It’s their way of counting calories for you.

2. “This Walk Was Barely a Walk”

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If your dog stops pulling on the lead and starts staring at you halfway through what you claim is your ‘big walk’, they’re likely unimpressed with the effort.

3. “You Call That Throw?”

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When you toss the ball and it barely makes five metres, the look of disdain as they trot over to retrieve it says it all. Your throwing arm needs work.

4. “Oh, Another Day of Sweatpants?”

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The sigh your dog gives as you pull on the same old sweatpants could be their way of suggesting it might be time to dress up—or at least wash those.

5. “Are We Really Watching This Show Again?”

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Notice how your dog decides to nap or leave the room when certain TV shows come on? That’s their review of your viewing choices.

6. “That Date Didn’t Smell Right”

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Dogs are excellent judges of character. If they growl or seem wary around your new romantic interest, they might be sensing something off.

7. “You Missed a Spot… Again”

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Watch your dog stare pointedly at the same spot on the floor you just ‘cleaned’. It’s their silent way of hinting at your subpar housekeeping skills.

8. “Is That Supposed to be Music?”

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Your dog’s howl isn’t always about joining in; sometimes it’s a critique of your singing or choice of music. Perhaps less of the ’80s power ballads?

9. “That DIY Project Is Still Not Done?”

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The way your dog eyes that half-finished DIY project in the corner is a clear sign they doubt your follow-through.

10. “You’re Not Really Working Out”

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Doing a few stretches on the yoga mat while mostly scrolling through your phone does not fool your dog. They know a half-hearted workout when they see one.

11. “Who Are You Trying to Fool With That ‘Healthy’ Snack?”

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If your dog turns their nose up when you open a bag of kale chips, they’re not just rejecting the offer to share—they’re judging your snack choices too.

12. “We Both Know I’m the Only One You’re Fooling With That ‘Talking to My Dog’ Thing”

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Whenever you use them as an excuse to talk to yourself about your life choices, your dog’s knowing look might suggest they’re on to you.

The Silent Critic

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With their keen observations and candid reactions, our dogs not only offer companionship but also keep us grounded—often reminding us to lift our game, one judgmental glance at a time.

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