BBQ Season Warning: 15 Serious Risks to Your Pet

Summer’s here, and it’s time for BBQs, fun, and frolic with family and friends. But while you’re enjoying the party, are you unwittingly putting your pets in danger?

1. Toxic Foods

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It starts with someone innocently dropping a piece of onion or garlic on the ground. These can be toxic to pets, leading to severe health issues like anaemia.

2. Alcohol Spills

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A spilled drink here and there seems harmless, but alcohol is extremely dangerous for pets. Even small amounts can cause alcohol poisoning.

3. Skewers and Bones

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Pets might find discarded skewers and bones irresistible. These can cause choking or severe internal injuries.

4. Hot Surfaces

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Your curious pet might wander too close to the BBQ grill. Hot surfaces can cause painful burns and severe injuries.

5. Corn Cobs

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Someone hands your dog a corn cob as a treat. Corn cobs are a choking hazard and can cause intestinal blockages.

6. Chocolate Desserts

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A guest accidentally leaves a chocolate cake within reach. Chocolate is toxic to pets and can lead to severe illness or death.

7. Fatty Foods

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High-fat foods like burgers and sausages are tempting to pets. These can lead to pancreatitis, a painful and potentially deadly condition.

8. Garbage Hazards

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Overflowing rubbish bins are an invitation to curious pets. Ingesting rubbish can lead to poisoning, choking, or internal injuries.

9. Fireworks and Loud Noises

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Fireworks might add excitement to your party but terrify pets. The loud noises can cause anxiety, stress, and even escape attempts.

10. Leftover Food Scraps

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Leaving food scraps unattended can be dangerous. Many BBQ foods are toxic to pets and can cause serious health issues.

11. Insect Bites

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Pets roaming the yard are at risk of insect bites and stings. These can cause allergic reactions and, in some cases, be fatal.

12. Toxic Plants

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Decorative plants around your BBQ area might be toxic. Ingesting these plants can lead to severe poisoning in pets.

13. Hot Coals

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After the BBQ, hot coals left on the ground can be a serious burn hazard. Ensure they are properly disposed of to prevent injuries.

14. Plastic Utensils

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Pets might chew on plastic utensils left around. These can splinter and cause choking or internal injuries.

15. Escape Routes

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With guests coming and going, gates and doors might be left open. This increases the risk of pets escaping and getting lost or injured.

Party Safe, Party Smart

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Your summer BBQ should be a fun and safe event for everyone, including your pets. Stay vigilant and prevent these common risks to keep the party from turning into a disaster.

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