The Kindness Dilemma: 18 Signs You’re Overly Generous

Do you love spoiling your dog with treats? It’s time to face the truth: overfeeding is dangerous. If you care about your dog’s health, you need to recognise these signs before it’s too late.

1. Excessive Weight Gain

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Notice your dog getting chunkier? That’s on you. Overfeeding is the direct cause, and it’s putting your pet’s health at serious risk.

2. Difficulty Breathing

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If your dog is panting heavily after minimal activity, it’s because you’ve fed them too much. Their extra weight is straining their ability to breathe.

3. Lethargy

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Is your dog lazier than usual? It’s not just a phase. Overfeeding leads to lethargy, stripping your pet of their natural energy and joy.

4. Bloating

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Feeding your dog too much can cause dangerous bloating. This isn’t just uncomfortable; it can be life-threatening.

5. Diarrhoea

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Constantly dealing with runny stools? That’s your overfeeding at work, disrupting their digestive system.

6. Vomiting

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Your dog’s vomiting after meals is a direct result of you stuffing them with more food than they can handle. This isn’t love—it’s negligence.

7. Increased Flatulence

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Notice your dog’s room-clearing gas? That’s a sign their digestive system is overloaded, thanks to your excessive feeding.

8. Constant Begging

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Think your dog’s begging is cute? It’s a learned behaviour from overfeeding, not actual hunger. You’re feeding the habit, not the need.

9. Obsession with Food

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Your dog’s obsession with food isn’t natural; it’s your doing. Overfeeding has trained them to crave food constantly.

10. Poor Coat Quality

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A dull, unhealthy coat is a sign of nutritional imbalance caused by overfeeding. You’re literally taking the shine out of their life.

11. Unwillingness to Exercise

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Is your dog refusing walks and playtime? That’s because their extra weight makes moving painful and difficult.

12. Laboured Walking

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Struggling to get your dog to walk? Overfeeding has likely caused joint pain and discomfort. This is on you.

13. Increased Heart Rate

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A rapid heart rate in your dog is a sign of strain from carrying extra weight. Overfeeding is stressing their heart.

14. High Blood Pressure

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Think your dog is immune to high blood pressure? Think again. Overfeeding leads directly to this serious condition.

15. Snoring

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Your dog’s loud snoring isn’t cute; it’s a symptom of excess weight from overfeeding. It’s causing serious breathing issues.

16. Heat Intolerance

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If your dog is struggling in the heat, it’s likely because their extra weight is making temperature regulation difficult. Your overfeeding is to blame.

17. Joint Pain

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Your dog limping or showing signs of pain? Excess weight from overfeeding is stressing their joints, causing pain and suffering.

18. Shortness of Breath

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Is your dog breathing heavily even when resting? Overfeeding and the resulting obesity are taking a toll on their lungs.

Overfeeding is Neglect

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It’s time to wake up and take responsibility. Overfeeding your dog is not an act of love but of neglect. Recognise these signs and change your habits before it’s too late. Your dog’s health and happiness depend on it.

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