15 Dog Behaviours That PROVE They Think They’re Human

From nicking your spot on the sofa to giving judgmental glances, dogs often do things that make us wonder if deep down, they think they are just another human member of the family.

1. “The Sofa Is Mine Now”

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Ever noticed how your dog waits for you to get up before swiftly commandeering your warm seat? It’s as though they know just about when you’ll make that tea run and then plot to enjoy the best seat in the house the moment you stand.

2. “I’ll Have What You’re Having”

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Does your dog stare longingly at your dinner plate, especially when it’s something tasty, like roast chicken or sausages? Their refined palate seems to reject the notion of mere ‘dog food.’

3. “Let’s Chat”

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If your dog comes up to you and starts ‘woofing’ softly during your quiet reading time, it might just be their way of striking up a human-style conversation.

4. “This Bed Is Just Right”

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Many dogs reject their own beds in favour of squeezing into yours. If that’s not trying to be human, what is? They seem to follow the mantra, ‘If it fits, I sits.’

5. “Time for My Close-up”

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Watch a dog in front of a mirror or a camera. That pose? It’s as though they grasp the concept of selfies and are ready for their Instagram moment.

6. “Let’s Watch Telly”

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Some dogs don’t just lay next to you while you watch TV; they seem genuinely interested in what’s going on on the screen. Maybe they’re critiquing the latest BBC drama right along with you.

7. “I Understand Every Word”

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That head tilt when you’re talking suggests they’re hanging on your every word, maybe brewing up a response.

8. “I Feel Pretty”

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Whether it’s after a bath or a visit to the groomers, dogs often strut around, seemingly proud of their appearance, much like a human would after a spa day.

9. “Let’s Go for a Drive”

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Jaromir Chalabala

The excitement your dog shows when it’s time to hop in the car could rival any human’s joy for a road trip. Window down, breeze in their face—it’s the epitome of a Sunday drive.

10. “I’ll Just Tidy Up”

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Przemek Iciak

Some dogs pick up their toys and place them in specific spots, mirroring the way a tidy human manages their space. Organised chaos, canine style.

11. “Sofa Forts Are for Me Too”

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Anton Herrington

If you’re making a pillow fort for the kids, be sure your dog will be the first to claim a spot. They know all about the comfort of a well-placed cushion.

12. “You’re Home!”

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Gorodenkoff

The exuberant greeting you receive from your dog at the end of the day—complete with jumping and tail wagging—matches the enthusiasm of a human loved one.

13. “Let’s Celebrate”

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Whether it’s recognising the excitement of Christmas morning or seeming to pose for birthday photos, dogs get into the spirit of human festivities with gusto.

14. “I’ve Got My Favourite Chair”

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Every human has their favourite chair, and so does your dog. They’ll often claim a specific piece of furniture as their own, showing a preference that goes beyond the average pet’s search for comfort.

15. “Sharing Is Caring”

Image Credit: Shutterstock / D K Grove

Dogs who bring you their toys not only want to play but also seem to understand the concept of sharing, a distinctly human trait.

The Human Condition: Canine Edition

Image Credit: Shutterstock / ORION PRODUCTION

With such undeniable evidence, it’s clear that many dogs see themselves as more than just pets—they’re practically human! And honestly, aren’t those quirks the reason we love them so much?

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