20 Ways Our Pets Drive Us Bonkers (But We Love Them Anyway)

We love our pets to bits, but let’s be honest—sometimes they can drive us absolutely bonkers. Here are some of the most annoying traits in our beloved dogs and cats that test even the most patient pet owners. Recognise any of these in your four-legged friend?

1. Early Morning Wake-Up Calls

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Your cat thinks 5 AM is the perfect time for breakfast. Your dog agrees, but only if it includes a walk.

2. Shedding Everywhere

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Pet hair on the sofa, in your tea, and on your favourite black jumper. Vacuuming has become a daily chore.

3. Endless Barking or Meowing

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Your dog barks at every passing car. Your cat meows incessantly until you feed them, then turns their nose up at the food.

4. Destructive Chewing and Scratching

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Shoes, furniture, or anything left unattended are fair game. No amount of chew toys or scratching posts seems to satisfy them.

5. Bringing in Unwanted Gifts

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Cats proudly drop half-dead mice at your feet. Dogs find the muddiest stick and parade it through the house.

6. Selective Hearing

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Commands like “come here” or “leave it” fall on deaf ears. They hear the treat jar opening from a mile away, though.

7. Counter Surfing

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Dogs jump up to steal food from the counter when you’re not looking. Cats nonchalantly walk across the kitchen surfaces as if they own the place.

8. Over-the-Top Greetings

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Your dog leaps on guests, slobbering everywhere. Your cat hides for hours, only to emerge and demand attention at the worst times.

9. Midnight Zoomies

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Just as you’re drifting off, your cat decides to sprint around the house. Your dog’s late-night need for a bathroom break is equally disruptive.

10. Picky Eating

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They sniff, paw, and finally walk away from the expensive food you bought. But they’ll happily eat garbage off the street.

11. Jumping on Furniture

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Your dog takes over the entire sofa, leaving no room for you. Your cat claims the best spot on your bed, pushing you to the edge.

12. Unnecessary Digging

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Dogs dig up the garden you painstakingly planted. Cats scatter litter everywhere but inside the litter box.

13. Stubborn Independence

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Cats ignore you until they want something. Dogs sometimes refuse to come back when called at the park.

14. Attention-Seeking Behaviour

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They demand your attention at the worst possible times, like during a Zoom call. Ignoring them only makes them try harder.

15. Jealousy

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Your dog wedges themselves between you and your partner. Your cat sits on your laptop, effectively ending your work session.

16. Drooling

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Your dog’s drool ends up on your trousers, the floor, and your guests. Cats, thankfully, don’t drool, but they do find other ways to be just as messy.

17. Sneaking Food

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Cats leap onto counters to steal your dinner. Dogs employ their puppy eyes to guilt you into sharing.

18. Territorial Marking

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Dogs pee on everything during walks. Cats have been known to ‘accidentally’ miss the litter box.

19. Clinginess

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Dogs follow you everywhere, even to the loo. Cats act aloof but then refuse to leave your lap for hours.

20. Ignoring Commands

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You say “sit,” and your dog looks at you like you’ve spoken another language. Your cat, meanwhile, wouldn’t dream of lowering themselves to follow a command.

Love ‘Em Anyway

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Despite these frustrating habits, we wouldn’t trade our pets for the world. Their quirks are part of what makes them family. Sometimes a little patience, and a lot of humour, is all we need to get through the day with our beloved furballs.

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