21 Ways You’re Bugging Your Dog (And How to Stop!)

Oh, dear human, how splendidly you manage to muddle through pet ownership with your unique flair for irritation. It’s quite a skill you’ve honed. Let’s trot through the litany of ways you vex me, but don’t worry, I’ll be as gentle as a best friend can be..

1. Skipping Our Walks

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Choosing another telly binge over our stroll? My legs aren’t just for show, you know. They need a proper stretch, preferably daily.

2. Confusing Commands

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One day ‘sit’ is straightforward, the next it’s seemingly optional? Pick a lane—I can’t decipher this level of whimsy.

3. Too Much Alone Time

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I get that you’re not the Queen and have places to be, but consider this: a dog walker might just keep me from reupholstering the sofa. Again.

4. Yelling in the House

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Is this EastEnders, or just another day at home? Keep the shouting for the football pitch; I prefer my ears un-ruffled.

5. Neglecting My Water Bowl

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Old water? What am I, a fern? A splash of fresh water occasionally doesn’t require a trip to the Thames.

6. Not Enough Social Life

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Turns out, you’re not my only mate—shocking, I know. A few rounds at the park with the local pack could do wonders for my social diary.

7. Overfeeding Me

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Equating treats with affection is a charming notion, but let’s not make every glance a cue for a biscuit. Keep the snacks as snacks, not a full course.

8. Missing My Signals

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When I paw at the door, it’s not for my health. It’s either that, or you’ll be cleaning up an unwanted indoor puddle.

9. Uncomfortable Gear

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That latest collar might be high fashion, but comfort it is not. Something less like a noose would be splendid.

10. Irregular Grooming

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I appreciate a natural look, but there’s a fine line between tousled and tangled. A brush wouldn’t go amiss.

11. Fearing Loud Noises

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Fireworks might be a blast for you, but for me, they’re a nightmare. Perhaps we could do without the explosions?

12. Skimping on Playtime

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Play isn’t merely a diversion; it’s essential. Cut back on it and see your favourite shoes become my new chew toy.

13. Rough Discipline

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I’m all for learning, but let’s keep it civil. Positive reinforcement? Treats work wonders, better than any scold.

14. Poor Sleeping Quarters

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That bed you picked up from a car boot sale isn’t cutting it. I require something a tad more luxurious for my kips.

15. Ignoring My Dental Health

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Neglect my teeth and both of us will regret it. A little dental care can prevent a future of gum-shielding grimaces.

16. Strong Smells

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Your fondness for pungent scents is your prerogative. Keep the heavy fragrances away from my sniffer, please.

17. Neglecting My Nails

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The click-clacking of my nails on the floor should not be the norm. A quick trim here and there would spare us both.

18. Inadequate Bathroom Breaks

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I’m not a camel, and I’d prefer not to hold it like one. More frequent outs are most appreciated.

19. Marathon Walks

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There’s a stark difference between a brisk walk and an odyssey. Let’s aim for the middle ground.

20. Not Keeping Up with My Health

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A nip to the vet for a quick check-up can save us from a world of hassle. Proactive care is the ticket.

21. Feeling Unloved

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Remember, a bit of fuss goes a long way. A good scratch behind the ears never went amiss.

Tail Wagging Advice

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I know this list might be a bit much, but it’s all in good spirit—or so I hope you see it that way. Here’s to improving our splendid life together, with fewer sighs and more tail wags. Thanks for listening, and chin up—it’s not all that bad!

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