Licks, Humps, and Yawns: What’s Your Dog Trying to Tell You?

Ever wondered what your dog is trying to tell you? From quirky habits to endearing gestures, here’s a funny and positive guide to decoding your furry friend’s behaviour.

1. Licking Your Face

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When your dog licks your face, they’re not just trying to clean you up. This affectionate gesture is their way of showing love and seeking attention. It’s like a canine kiss!

2. Humping

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Humping can be awkward, but it’s usually not sexual. It’s often a sign of excitement, playfulness, or even a way to assert dominance. So, next time your dog gets frisky with a cushion, just know they’re feeling energetic and playful.

3. Yawning

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Seeing your dog yawn? They might be mirroring your actions or feeling a bit stressed. Yawning is a way for dogs to calm themselves. It’s their version of taking a deep breath.

4. Tail Wagging

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Not all tail wags mean the same thing. A fast, wide wag usually indicates happiness and excitement, while a slow, stiff wag can be a sign of caution or uncertainty. Pay attention to the wag’s speed and direction!

5. Bringing You Toys

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When your dog brings you a toy, it’s a sign of affection and trust. They’re not just asking you to play; they’re sharing their prized possession with you.

6. Tilting Their Head

Jack Russell Terrier
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That adorable head tilt means your dog is trying to understand you better. They’re focusing on your words and expressions, making sure they catch every bit of communication.

7. Rolling Over

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If your dog rolls over and shows their belly, it’s a sign of trust and submission. They feel safe and comfortable around you, inviting you to give them a gentle belly rub.

8. Chewing Shoes

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Chewing on your shoes or other items isn’t just about being destructive. It’s often a way for dogs to relieve anxiety or teething discomfort. Provide them with appropriate chew toys to save your footwear.

9. Leaning Against You

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When your dog leans against you, they’re seeking comfort and security. It’s their way of hugging you, letting you know they trust and love you.

10. Digging

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Digging can be a natural instinct for dogs, rooted in their need to create a comfortable sleeping area or to hide treasures. It’s their way of being industrious and playful.

11. Barking at the Door

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Barking at the door is your dog’s way of alerting you to potential visitors or intruders. They’re taking their role as the household guardian seriously.

12. Sniffing You

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Dogs use their sense of smell to gather information. When they sniff you, they’re getting a read on where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing. It’s their way of staying connected to your daily life.

13. Pawing at You

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If your dog paws at you, they’re looking for attention or trying to tell you something. It could be a request for petting, food, or simply to say they need a bathroom break.

14. Howling

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Howling is often a form of communication, especially if your dog hears sirens or other high-pitched noises. It’s their way of saying, “I’m here, where are you?”

15. Chasing Their Tail

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When your dog chases their tail, it’s usually a sign of boredom or playfulness. It’s a way to entertain themselves, and sometimes, it’s just for the fun of it.

Understanding Your Canine Companion

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Decoding your dog’s behaviour can strengthen your bond and improve your communication. Pay attention to these signs, and you’ll better understand what your furry friend is trying to tell you. Your dog is always communicating; you just need to learn their language.

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