Why Are French Bulldogs So Expensive? Full Guide Outlining Costs of French Bulldogs

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Do you want to adopt a French Bulldog and have the cute puppy be part of your family soon? However, you may have seen the costs associated with buying the breed. So, why are French Bulldogs so expensive? 

There are numerous reasons behind the impressive breed and why the cost is so high.

In the guide below, we’ll outline why the costs are high and what you can do to better budget for the Frenchie breed. You’ll also learn how to cut some of the monthly costs of owning the canine. Let’s get started!

How Much Does a French Bulldog Cost?

The costs depend on the breeder’s reputation and the region where you’re purchasing a puppy. For example, the prices are not quite the same in the United States compared to the United Kingdom. So, how much does a French Bulldog cost? On average, the French Bulldog costs anywhere from $1,850 to $4,500. 

You will want to get a reputable breeder. However, it can cost much less if you choose to adopt a puppy from a French Bulldog rescue organization. A fluffy French Bulldog’s price may decrease when you choose a rescue, but it may take a while to complete the adoption process.

Artificial Insemination and C Section

The main answer to why French Bulldogs are so expensive is that the breeding costs for the canine are high. The breed has a complicated history. These pooches need artificial insemination and c-sections for a mother to properly birth pups (female Frenchies have a narrow hip and birth canal, in contrast to Frenchie puppies with bigger heads)

Insemination and c-sections during the breeding process cost breeders as much as $1,000 to $3,000. There are also other costs to consider. Yet, there are a few other reasons why French Bulldogs are costly.

Why Are French Bulldogs So Expensive?

Another reason why these dog breeds are so expensive is due to the demand for the breed. You’ll find that many people want French Bulldogs to join their families. The more pet owners want to get a certain breed of dog, the more breeders and sellers will increase the price of that particular canine.


Furthermore, the health problems of Frenchies lead to much higher costs to maintain them. The typical health issues French Bulldogs  face are:

  • Deafness
  • Cleft palate
  • Laryngeal collapse
  • Tracheal collapse
  • Allergies
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Greater susceptibility to heat stress
  • Thyroid problems

The Expenses of French Bulldog Puppies

You may find a French Bulldog puppy for as little as $1,800. However, these puppies cost around $2,800 and can go up as high as $4,500 for the most expensive French Bulldog. The costs of taking care of a French Bulldog puppy are about $5,400 during the first year.

After the first month, the costs are about $1,090 per year or at least $90 per month. Research shows that, on average, the cost of owning a Frenchie for its entire lifetime is around $16,300.

The Costs of Different French Bulldog Types

There are numerous types of French Bulldogs (not all colors are recognized by the American Kennel Club) and the prices of these canines vary widely. For example, the typical Isabella French Bulldog price varies from $8,000 to $10,000. The standard Lilac French Bulldog price tag is $6,500 or more. 

The Blue French Bulldog price and the Blue Merle French Bulldog price are also $6,500 or higher.


The Brindle French Bulldog price is usually around $4,000. The mini French Bulldog price varies greatly from $2,000 to as high as $8,000.

Essentially, the costs of Isabella Frenchies as well as the Merle Frenchie price are the highest.

Price Chart for the Breed

Since a French Bulldog’s coat color affects their price, here’s an idea of what to expect, starting with the least expensive and working up to the priciest.

  • Brindle – $4000 
  • Fawn Brindle or Black – $4500
  • White, Fawns, or Cream – $5000
  • Blue Fawn, Blue, or Chocolate – $6500
  • Lilac (sometimes known as Isabella) – $7000 to $8000
  • Fluffy – at least $11000

Note that these are average starting prices for breeders, and rare coat colors are typically only available from professional breeders. You might be able to adopt one from a local animal shelter or rescue organization for less. 

The Monthly Expenses of French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs can get pricey even after purchasing them given the monthly expenses of $450 per month during the first year. 

The costs of managing a French Bulldog’s health problems and veterinary care and check ups can get rather high. However, after the first year, it should cost only around $90 per month to take care of a Frenchie.


Besides vet bills, the expenses of a French Bulldog include purchasing dog food, dog treats, toys and dog training classes. Initially, you’ll also need to buy a dog bed and crate for your pup. 

You’ll also need to consider the size of the French Bulldog you choose since bigger canines tend to eat more. More dog food will end up costing more.

What Other Costs Are Part of Owning a French Bulldog?

Along with a high Frenchie price, some of the other costs that go hand-in-hand with owning this type of canine include dog food, veterinarian care, pet health insurance, dog toys and more.

It can cost as much as $2,200 per year to take care of a French Bulldog. The pet health insurance costs $390 per year with vet visits going up to $155 and an annual health screening costing $52. 

Dog walkers can cost up to $760 per year while toys and bedding cost $90 annually. Essentially, owning a French Bulldog can get expensive.

Is It Worth It To Buy a French Bulldog?

French Bulldogs do have plenty of benefits, such as:

  • They’re great with kids
  • They make great therapy dogs
  • They sleep plenty, so you won’t need to give them tons of your time
  • They are adaptable animals
  • They’re great with other pets

It may be worth it to buy a French Bulldog as long as you have the money needed for the canine. If you have enough money budgeted toward a French Bulldog, then you should have no problem affording the pooch.

If you have enough funds for this pup, then enjoy playing with your furry friend at the local dog park. 

Why Is The Breed So Popular?

The French Bulldog has gained popularity in recent decades due to its friendly and sweet nature. These pups don’t bark too much and have mild temperaments. Further, these canines enjoy spending time around people, so having such a pooch at home will make everyone happy. 

These dogs are low in energy, so pet owners won’t need to spend hours playing with the pup or taking them for long walks. They’re also adaptable to small spaces and even small studio apartments. These are some of the main reasons why the breed is so popular.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Read below some of the most common questions about the dog breed and its costs.

Does the breeder you choose for your puppy matter?

A breeder you pick for the Frenchie puppy matters greatly. Breeders are vital for any dog you choose. The reasoning is due to the health and socialization of the pup. 

The best and most reputable breeders ensure that the dog undergoes all necessary veterinarian care, including all vaccinations based on age and any necessary heart deworming services.

The best breeders have a place for the puppies to play outdoors and may even have the dogs socialize with children and other adults. They will keep careful track of the dog’s parents’ genetics.

What is the most expensive French Bulldog?

The most pricey French Bulldog out there is the Isabella Frenchie, which costs anywhere from $8,000 to $10,000. The next most costly pup is the Merle French Bulldog at anywhere from around $6,000 to $8,000.

In addition, the Lilac French Bulldog costs $6,500 or more. The least expensive Frenchies are white, cream, tan, fawn, pied, and black Frenchies. These pooches cost anywhere from around $2,000 to $3,000.

What qualities should I look for in a good French Bulldog breeder?

The best French Bulldog breeder should have qualities like a vast amount of knowledge about the breed and transparency about their practices. Good breeders should also ask you questions about your home, work life, and family.

The breeder should also socialize their puppies with other dogs, children and adults. You’ll also need to sign a contract before purchasing the puppy. Lastly, reputable breeders do not let you take home the puppy before it reaches eight weeks of age.

If these qualities aren’t met, you should avoid the breeder since puppy mills are more likely to lack these characteristics.

Before You Go

So, do you have the funds necessary to purchase a French Bulldog and take care of one? If you’ve budgeted enough money for the puppy, then enjoy the many benefits of Frenchies, including their friendly, quiet nature and their adaptability. 

They’re also low-energy, so you won’t need to spend hours exercising the dog.

Once you’ve brought the pup home, spend some time playing fetch or enjoy going for a run with the pooch at the local dog park. 

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