Secret Lives: 20 Ways to Spot if Your Cat Has a Second Residence

Cats are known for their independent streak, but what if your beloved feline is living a double life? Here are 20 tell-tale signs that your cat might just be sneaking off to a second home.

1. Suspiciously Full Belly

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Has your cat been skipping meals or showing up looking suspiciously plump? It might be dining elsewhere.

2. Glossy Coat

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If your cat’s fur looks glossier than usual, consider whether someone else is grooming your kitty with premium cat products.

3. Unexplained Gifts

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Finding unfamiliar toys or collars among your cat’s possessions? These could be gifts from another admirer.

4. Disinterest in Treats

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When your cat turns up its nose at the treats it used to love, it might be getting spoiled with fancier fare elsewhere.

5. Overly Familiar Strangers

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Does your cat seem unusually friendly with strangers or particular neighbours? It might recognize them from its other home.

6. Random Tags

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If your cat comes home with a new collar or tag that you didn’t buy, that’s a pretty clear sign it’s been adopted by another family.

7. Odd Hours

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Is your cat disappearing for hours or overnight, only to return as if nothing happened? These are classic signs of a second home.

8. Less Affectionate

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If your cat seems less interested in cuddling with you, it may be getting its emotional needs met elsewhere.

9. Different Behaviours

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Noticing new habits or behaviours? These could be picked up from interactions at another home.

10. Avoiding Home

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A cat that suddenly seems to avoid spending time at home may feel equally comfortable, if not more so, elsewhere.

11. New Smells

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A whiff of unfamiliar perfume or aftershave on your cat can be a clue that it’s been cozying up to someone else.

12. Lack of Interest in Play

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If your cat shows a decreased interest in playing with you, it might be because it’s using up its energy playing elsewhere.

13. Knowledge of Unknown Spaces

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Seeing your cat navigating neighbour’s yards or houses with too much familiarity? It’s likely been there before.

14. Extra Scratches or Petting Marks

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If your cat’s fur shows signs of recent petting (like being brushed the wrong way), someone else might be showing them affection.

15. Social Media Sightings

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Ever stumbled upon a picture of your cat on social media where it’s hanging out in unfamiliar territory? Time to investigate.

16. Unusual Litter Box Habits

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A decrease in the use of the litter box could indicate your cat is doing its business elsewhere.

17. Neighbours’ Comments

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When neighbours mention seeing your cat frequently, or even feeding it, the jig might be up.

18. Reluctance to Come Inside

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If your cat hesitates or outright refuses to come inside, it might not want to leave its other home.

19. Increased Sleepiness

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Appearing more tired than usual could indicate your cat is active elsewhere, exhausting itself at its other residence.

20. Bringing Home Other Animals

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If your cat starts bringing home other animals, like other cats or even wildlife, it might be more comfortable in its second home.

Betrayed by Whiskers?

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Discovering your cat’s double life can be quite the shock, but it’s just another proof of their independent nature. Maybe it’s time to consider setting stricter boundaries—or just getting a GPS tracker!

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