Can a Pitbull Kill a Wolf? The Beast Who Wins May Shock You!

🦴 Updated on July 20th, 2023


If you are like me, chances are that you have been to several animal fights. These animals come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments, but they can also have a wide range of skills and abilities that can surprise us even today.

One canine species that has always sparked interest is the pitbull, which can often be considered dangerous or deadly by many people. But can these smaller dogs stand up against much larger predators, such as wolves, in the wild? Can a pitbull kill a wolf?

This article will explore this potential match-up between two very different canine species, pitbull vs. wolf, and what factors determine who will win in the end.

Wolf vs. Pitbull: Who Would Win?

It is difficult to say who can come out victorious in a pitbull fighting a wolf situation. However, wolves usually have the advantage due to their strength, intelligence, and pack mentality. They can also use their larger canines and stronger jaws to overpower pitbulls.

On the other hand, pitbulls can be more agile and use speed and ferocity to take the wolf by surprise. However, in a pitbull and wolf fight, the pitbull is bound to lose.

Pitbull vs Wolf: Physical Differences

Before considering whether a pitbull can take down a wolf, it’s important to understand more about the two canines and their physical differences.


The most obvious and important physical difference between these canines is size. Wolves can weigh up to two times more than pitbulls and reach heights of over two meters when standing on their hind legs.

While pitbulls weigh between 35 and 6o pounds, wolves weigh between 70 and 145 pounds. In the same way, the average height of pitbulls is between 17 and 21 inches, while the smallest wolves can reach 26 and 32 inches.


The teeth of both animals can also vary greatly, with wolves having much larger canines reaching up to two inches long! While both animals have 42 teeth, pitbulls have four fangs that aren’t as long, sharp, or strong. On the other hand, wolves have 2.5-inch fangs, which can easily puncture and kill prey.


pitbulls can reach speeds of around 30 miles per hour, while wolves can gallop up to 40 miles per hour. While the difference in speed may not seem that much, it can be crucial in a fight and give wolves an edge when chasing prey since they can outrun pitbulls.


This feature is a critical determinant of who can win in a fight between the two canines. Pitbulls can run at high speed and maintain it for up to one hour non-stop, but wolves have much better stamina. As a result, wolves can keep running for hours, while pitbulls can tire out after some time.

Can a Pitbull Kill a Wolf: Natural Traits & Behaviors

Another important factor to consider when determining if a pitbull can kill a wolf is its natural traits and behaviors.

Aggression & Scent-marking

A pitbull and wolf go toe to toe in aggressiveness. They have been conditioned to show aggression towards other animals or humans.

Pitbulls are known for their very strong bites that can be difficult to break away from, and wolves can use their large canines to puncture and kill prey. They can also use scent-marking or mark their territory with a special scent that can be very hard for other animals or humans to enter in.

Hunting & Stalk Prey

Both canines have the natural ability to hunt and stalk prey from far away, but wolves can do this more effectively due to their larger size. Wolves can also be more successful hunters since they can use teamwork when chasing down prey, while pitbulls usually operate alone.

Pack Mentality

The primary difference between the two canines is their pack mentality. Pitbulls are usually solitary animals and rely on themselves for protection, while wolves live in packs that can be very strong and can attack as one if threatened.



This trait can significantly help determine the outcome of a fight between these canines. pitbulls are known as the 48th smartest dog, but wolves are generally smarter than all dogs. As such, they can use their intelligence in a fight and plan accordingly to outsmart pitbulls.

Fighting Instincts

Pitbulls can be very aggressive and fight ferocity, while wolves can use their intelligence and pack mentality to outsmart pitbulls. However, pitbulls have a more game instinct, while wolves are predators. This difference makes a difference in a fight and can give one canine or the other an advantage.

For instance, a pitbull can lure a wolf into a fight, whereas a wolf can use its intelligence and pack to outwit the pitbull.

Biting Power

Normally, wolves have a fighting power of about 400 pounds per square. But during a fight, this power can rise to 1,500 pounds.

On the other hand, pitbulls can have up to 235 pounds of biting power per square inch. This can make it difficult for a wolf to take down a pitbull, but the wolf can still win due to its larger size and strength.

What Dog Can Kill a Wolf?

While wolves are stronger than pitbulls, some dogs hunt and kill them. Here are some dog breeds that can potentially kill wolves:

  • The Kangal
  • Caucasian Shepherd
  • Cane Corso
  • Armenian Gampr
  • Alabama
  • Tibetan Mastiff

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions on whether a pitbull can kill a wolf.

In what instance can a pitbull kill a wolf?

A pitbull can have a chance to kill a wolf if it can outwit the wolf and use its speed, agility, and ferocity to take the wolf by surprise. This is also possible if the wolf is old, sick, or injured.

Do pitbulls have any chance against a wolf in a fight?

While it can be difficult for a pitbull to defeat a wolf, there can still be some chances if the pitbull can lure the wolf into battle and use its speed and agility to take it by surprise.

Which one has more fighting experience: pitbull vs. wolf?

Wolves usually have more fighting experience than pitbulls since they can use their pack and intelligence to outsmart canines. Also, wolves can hunt in packs, while pitbulls usually operate alone.

Can a pitbull defeat a german shepherd?

Yes, pitbulls can defeat a german shepherd in a fight. This is because pitbulls have strong jaws and can use their agility to outwit larger canines. Also, pitbulls can take advantage of their smaller size and easily maneuver around the german shepherd.


From all the above traits, wolves have a considerable advantage over pitbulls in a fight. A wolf can overpower and outrun pitbulls with their larger canines, stronger jaws, and better stamina.

Pitbulls can have the upper hand if they lure the wolf into a fight and use their speed to take the wolf by surprise. 

While a pitbull can kill a wolf, it isn’t very likely due to all of these factors; even in instances where two pitbull attack a single wolf, the wolf can still come out victorious if it can use tactics and strategy.

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